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Signal Booster for Pokemon Go Helps Improve GPS Through Mobile Internet

Jun 19, 2018

Signal Booster for Pokemon Go Helps Improve GPS Through Mobile Internet

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. People playing it while driving in automatic self-driving cars (is that even allowed?)! As of this date, more than 800 million users have downloaded the game. It is estimated that 65 million users play Pokemon Go daily. In perspective, that is 5 million more people than the total population of Italy or only 1 million less than the total population of the United Kingdom. Because of the globalization of the game, there have been different levels of efficiency from the users. Primarily, users may find that weak GPS signals coupled with weak wifi and weak cell phone signals cause lags or full disruptions in the game. Additionally, when a new or a rare character is released, it is usually done so in a targeted location. The "rush" of people to obtain the rare character has been known to overload networks and data streaming (consider a network that usually gets 1000 hits in an hour suddenly getting 5k). Using a cell phone signal booster could increase the playability of the game by maximizing the cell signal strength up to 32x which would help serve as backup when Wi-Fi and GPS signals get weak.

What causes disruptions to your Pokemon Go game?

Because Pokemon Go is a game that relies upon your GPS and Clock as well as real world locations, there're a few things which could cause your game to have disruptions. Firstly, GPS functionality is based upon the strength of the GPS signal in the phone. When in rural areas, the phone is apt to enter a state of "recalculating" on the GPS. That, or the GPS will not update information, leaving the user fumbling for the character (as appearance is again based upon real time software). GPS mapping needs info either from GPS signals or Internet access through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Secondly, this game is based in augmented reality. This means that the real world settings have to update continuously, using the data as well as the elements of the environment to deliver the characters to you when found.

The data speed as well as the signal strength is paramount to being able to play the game properly. In most instances, urban playing has more success then those who play in rural areas. Why is this? Primarily, the lack of cell tower relays causes the phones to use the data to seek out other signals/towers in which to use for the game functions when GPS signals are blocked due to concrete buildings, etc. Keep in mind that when people use their smartphones playing the game in areas where the GPS network is not typically at the strongest, that the roaming and mobile data use of the phone may kick in. This allocation of data is then split between the various functions of the phone (game, clock, GPS, incoming calls, email, other apps etc).

The third factor which can cause disruptions to your Pokemon Go game is the interior to exterior environment. Again, because the game is augmented reality and works in real time, real world places should be considered a factor to the signal strength. Interior buildings which are primarily composed of concrete and steel (aka major retail stores) tend to diminish GPS as well as cell phone signal reliability and strength. Generally, the further back into a store like this you go (or closer to the warehouse), the weaker the signal will become.

How does a cell phone signal booster increase the playability of the game?

By using a cellphone signal booster, the phone is given the opportunity to maximize the mobile 3G. 4G, and LTE signal strength and the rate with which mobile data is processed in the smartphone. This optimization of the phone's basic functionality makes it possible to maximize the bars on the phone to full range, even when the phone would typically be considered in a dead zone. While the technical boost is in the dBs, most people will find that the visual representation (the bars) is maximized, making playing more fluid.

Using a Car, Truck, RV cellphone booster to play Pokemon Go!

There're a few options for the avid Pokemon Go player to boost signal strength. Depending upon how much you wish to spend, you can purchase either a booster for a single device or for multiple devices. Prices range from as low as $199.99 up to over $600. An option for the single user would be the Phone Holder & Cell Booster Kit for Cars, Trucks or RVs. If you want a bit more power and ability to boost several cell devices simultaneously in a car, you could choose the Wireless Signal Booster Kit for all types of vehicles. There's also one available exclusively for use in RVs - The RV Cell Signal Booster.

Will Passive Cellular Repeater Help?

If you just want to amplify the signal of your cellphone in the vehicle, but do not wish to spend more than a few dollars on enhancing your device, you could use a Passive Cell Signal Repeater Antenna. One of the benefits of the cell-passive repeater is that it is an external glass mount antenna and repeater. It works for all cell phone brands and is designed for vehicles, not requiring an internal connection. It is ideal for the Pokemon Go player as it does not require batteries or an AC/DC power supply. Theoretically, you could use this without a vehicle (though it is not the intent of the booster) to gain an increase on your signal.

Please note that a cell-passive repeater works differently than a cell phone signal booster. Generally, you will get more amplification of your signal from a DC 12v powered cellphone signal booster than you will from a passive cell repeater antenna that uses no power. It is merely an antenna that gathers stray signal and transmits it inside vehicle. It has no battery, DC, nor AC current powered "signal amplifier" which amplifies the signal exponentially. Therefore, a passive antenna will not yield results anywhere close to a 12 volts car power outlet plug-in cell phone signal booster kits suggested in above cellphone booster section.

An important note about using a booster in a vehicle to play Pokemon Go.

Using a cellphone while operating a vehicle is illegal in 38 states. Hands free devices are allowed in several states. However, you should not play Pokemon Go while operating a vehicle, as this distracts from driving substantially. Use the cell booster for passengers and for when the vehicle is not in operation. Reports from U.S. News have shown that at least 3 serious car accidents have occurred from drivers playing the game while driving. The first, the man hit a tree, the second resulted in a 15-year old being hit by a car, and the third was when two people backed into a Canadian police cruiser.

Use common sense and caution when playing Pokemon Go. Safety for yourself and for others in the vehicle is priority.

Please note that a cellphone signal booster will not disrupt parental safety applications such as DriverID which block app usage while driving.

Using a home-based smart phone signal booster kit.

If you prefer to play Pokemon Go at home as well as use the GPS/real world exploration functionality of the game, you may need to use a home cellphone signal booster if cell reception is too weak in your home. Cell phone signal boosters for home will increase the data processing speed as well as the signal strength of your phone while in the house. It will not increase the signal of your phone for an indefinite radius from an interior antenna. Therefore, choose a cellular phone signal booster that offers appropriately required signal boost coverage area.

The home cellphone signal boosters are sold based upon the overall square footage of the house within which coverage needs to be boosted. For example, a basic yet Strong Signal Booster is intended for homes up to 2500 square feet if there's good signal strength outside the house. If signal strength outside is weaker, the coverage area where signal is boosted indoors will be substantially less than stated. Therefore, a stronger signal booster would be recommended in such instances. Consumer residential grade strongest signal booster can boost signal over up to 7000 sq. ft. with very good signal outside but poor or no signal indoors inside the home.

What will you find?

With over 151 characters in locations spread out around the globe, Pokemon Go continues to grow in popularity. Now that you know how to increase your signal strength for best playing without buffering, hangups, cut-offs or interruptions, the only question is which character will you find next?

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  • I don’t know how much the COVID stopped people from playing Pokemon Go during the quarantine but apparently Pokemon Go is coming back in July with a Pokemon Go Fest. This might be a good time for hardcore players to consider a signal booster if they’ve had problems playing before due to a weakened signal.

    Miguel Rodriguez on
  • I hope I don’t sound like a grumpy old man but I don’t understand people’s fascination with games for their mobile devices whether it’s Pokemon Go! or some other nonsense. However, I can see someone getting a gps booster for their Android. Who doesn’t want to learn how to improve their gps signal on their Android? I know I use gps and I need it to work throughout the entire trip. Getting a gps signal booster not only helps the gps but the cell phone in general. Forget Pokemon. I just want a better signal.

    Arn Perkins on
  • I guess you’d have to be a pretty hardcore gamer to get GPS signal booster for your Android in order to improve your Pokemon Go game. However, some of those people get pretty involved in collecting the various characters. From what I’ve seen, one of the biggest headaches for Pokemon Go players is when they get a “gps signal not found 11 Pokemon go” error message. Thus, GPS plays a big role in the game’s mechanics. Myself, I want a good GPS because I’m trying to save money and just got rid of a monthly GPS service, which means I use my cell phone exclusively. Thus, I’ll need a reliable GPS signal in my vehicle.

    Eric Littleton on
  • I’ve heard about cell phone boosters making life easier for people using cell phones. I’ve also heard of Pokémon Go (I thought it was passé, but I guess not). I didn’t know you could get gps booster antenna or how important a gps booster could be for people who play Pokémon Go. It sounds like there are some advantages to having a stronger gps signal, so I supposed everyone will want to know how to improve gps signals on iPhones and how to install a gps booster for Android. I’ll have to ask my friends if they still play this and let them know about improving their game via signal boosters.

    Evan Chesterfield on

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