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Difference between Cellular & Public Safety Band Signal Amplifiers

Mar 27, 2017

Difference between Cellular & Public Safety Band Signal Amplifiers

It is important to understand that Cellular and Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) boost different types of signals. Know the major differences. All signal boosters or amplifiers boost a signal. However, Public Safety BDAs or Public safety signal boosters strengthen the signal to first responder’s two-way radios. On other hand, BDAs that enhance cell phone signals are typically known as Cellular Signal Boosters.

Public Safety Signal Boosters.

Cellular Signal Boosters.

Each group of BDA’s or Signal Boosters offer different solutions: Public safety band signal boosters ensure that during emergencies, firefighters and police are able to achieve seamless mission-critical communications, while cell phone signal boosters are used to reduce dropped wireless phone calls in homes, large buildings, and cars or trucks. Some of our cellular signal boosters such as Fusion 7 (consumer signal booster) and Force 7 (commercial signal booster) also have capability to improve weak Wi-Fi and HDTV reception indoors.

The Main Differences between the Two Bi-Directional Amplifiers or Signal Boosters.

Cellular Signal Boosters.

Cellular signal boosters enhance cell signals in “dead zones” by locating a wireless signal, amplifying it, then rebroadcasting it through entire coverage area. Businesses, hospitals, universities, hotels, and other large buildings use cell signal boosters to increase productivity by providing reliable cell coverage to tenants and visitors for all carriers.

Public Safety Band Bi-Directional Amplifiers or Public Safety Signal Boosters.

As with Cell Signal Boosters, Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifiers also boost signals. However, public safety band amplifiers boost signal to first responder two-way radios. These public safety amplifiers only transmit across public safety bands and frequencies. Where reception is poor, Public Safety BDAs provide extended radio coverage in buildings and other facilities. They have the bonus of being able to withstand certain conditions, such as high heat and lack of electricity.

Around the world, we’re seeing just how important it is for first responders to receive reliable radio coverage. In fact, as of the year 2009, the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association have included first responder radio coverage requirements to their Fire Codes, mandating that certain minimum levels of reliability, performance, and quality are maintained. In addition, we’re now seeing many states and municipalities requiring public safety signal boosters in both new and renovated buildings.

Using In-Building Technology for Public Safety.

The challenge in ensuring public safety is two-fold:

  • Effectively bringing public safety band signals inside a building.
  • Enabling reliable signals to be sent from inside the building.

Using bi-directional amplifiers together with distributed antennas can effectively solve these problems. However, it is vitally important that the BDA you select for your requirements is FCC certified. Consumers should be aware that products not meeting FCC specifications are illegal.

New SureCall Guardian3 QR Public Safety Signal Booster.

The latest, most advanced, and highly intuitive public safety signal booster is the new SureCall Guardian3 QR that is FCC certified. This future-proofed NFPA National Fire Protection Association compliant Public Safety Bi-directional Amplifier has been specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions experienced by first responders during emergencies. Its long list of features and benefits are not included in other competing public safety band amplifiers from other brand manufacturers. Please visit this latest public safety signal booster's product listing page to learn more about its outstanding features including its unique remote monitoring capability that is second to none.

Cell Phone & Public Safety Signal Booster Installation Service.

Need help with cellphone & 2-way radio public service signal booster installation? We provide professional cell-phone & fire department two-way radio public service signal booster installation service by certified installers across United States and Canada. Call for FREE consultation: 1(855)846-2654. To get started right away, simply submit location details and requirements for mobile & public safety signal booster installation service. It will be installed to boost wireless signals indoors precisely to meet federal requirements for fire fighters. It will be approved by relevant cellular service carriers. We will obtain all certifications required per the local county and state/ province fire department.

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  • Informative insight into public safety signal amplifiers and how they differ from cellular signal amplifiers. There are many articles at about public safety signal amplifiers but this is one of the most thorough.

    Keith Rowley on
  • It’s important to know the difference between these two devices, but personally, I think anyone who owns a business or apartment complex should install both. Cell phone signal boosters are important to your tenants and employees while public safety boosters are vital to everyone. You should be able to increase your cell phone signal strength and the first responders’ ability to communicate.

    A.C. Meyer on
  • I’m so glad I read this. I was just reading an article on new apartment buildings being fitted with cell boosters and I said more cities are requiting proper boosters for first responders. I didn’t know there was a difference between cell boosters and first responder boosters. It makes sense to have boosters for both in my opinion. The first responder boosters for obvious reasons, and the cell signal boosters for adding extra perks to your apartment or business.

    Bob D'Acosta on

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