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Differences Between Nextivity Cel-Fi GO-X, GO-M, GO+ (Plus)

Oct 21, 2019

Differences Between Nextivity Cel-Fi GO-X, GO-M, GO+ (Plus)

What are the differences between Nextivity's Cel-Fi GO-X, GO-M, and GO+ (Plus) models? One seems to have a part that other doesn't and so on. Basically, the Cel-Fi GO-X amplifier comes with AC power supply for home electrical outlets. The Cel-Fi GO-M comes with DC power supply for vehicles. The Cel-Fi GO+ (Plus) comes with both power supplies - AC power cord and DC power cord. Another difference is that the GO-M cellular amplifier comes with magnet mount vehicle roof antenna as well as inside vehicle server antenna and 13 ft. cable. Here're more details with part numbers of each:

  • Cel-Fi GO-M cellular amplifier SKU 590NG32GWUS6VZUS6TF1 and model number G32-2/4/5/12/13MK includes magnet mount donor antenna, and server patch antenna that has 13 ft. cable with connector. It includes 12V DC power supply adapter.
  • Cel-Fi GO-X cellular amplifier SKU 590NG32GWUS5VZUS1TF1 and model number G32-2/4/5/12/13X includes AC power supply adapter.
  • Cel-Fi GO+ (Plus) cellular amplifier SKU 590NG32GWUS5VZUSBTF1 and model number G32-2/4/5/12/13P or G32-2/4/5/15/13P includes 12V DC power supply adapter and 110V AC power supply adapter.

If you see different SKU #'s for GO-M & GO-X, they simply vary because they have been flashed or programmed for use with a particular mobile carrier. Above we listed GO-M and GO-X SKU's for units programmed for Verizon Wireless but once you purchase them, you can change the Carrier in seconds on your own using the Cel-Fi WAVE App.

For Example, here's the full list of SKU #'s for Cel-Fi GO-M (they all have same model # which is G32-2/4/5/12/13MK):

Here's the full list of SKU #'s for Cel-Fi GO-X (they all have same model # which is G32-2/4/5/12/13X):

These're the differences between Nextivity Cel-Fi GO models GO-X, GO-M, and GO+ (Plus).

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  • All these crazy model numbers seemed intimidating but you explained things well. Just a reminder of why reading comprehension is so important whether you’re working with gadgets or baking a cake.

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