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Fusion2Go Max: Next Generation Cell Phone Booster Tech for Vehicles

Jul 15, 2019

Fusion2Go Max: Next Generation Cell Phone Booster Tech for Vehicles

What is unique about this kit?

With ERT technology, the signal is boosted in exterior antenna and boosted again in signal amplifier (see image above, or at bottom of this blog post). With ERT, exterior antenna captures cell signals at their strongest point outside the vehicle, improving signal quality to help maintain calls and better data performance inside the vehicle. Extended Range Technology (ERT) adds 2X the power over ALL OTHER wide band vehicle signal boosters to help stay connected where others simply cannot. It offers the strongest uplink signal resulting in maximum vehicle-to-tower connection even in the weakest of signal areas.

Enjoy Cell Phone Signal Boosting On The Go With This Patented New Booster Kit For Vehicles. has long been the industry leader in the provision of cell phone signal boosting solutions for large industrial, commercial, and residential clients who simply weren't able to get the best results from their connected and smart devices due to unreliable or weak signals.

Now, a new product by SureCall is allowing clients to enjoy the same level of reliable, high-speed cell phone signals in their car as they already enjoy in their homes and offices. The Fusion2Go Max is a patented, industry-leading cell phone signal boosting product for SUVs, trucks, and cars, allowing everyone to benefit from reliable high-speed signals while on the go.

The result of six years of meticulous design, engineering, and testing, the Fusion2Go Max is a cell phone booster kit for vehicles that allows multiple users to benefit from boosted signals at the same time while the vehicle is in motion. Using patented technology that simultaneously improves data speeds and operational reach between cell phone towers and moving vehicles, the Fusion2Go Max is powerful, reliable, and has a greater reach than any other signal boosting product for vehicles on the market.

Last year SureCall introduced its SureCall N-Range signal boosting product for single device users in vehicles. While clients were delighted with the improved cell phone signals they were able to access while driving, the team at SureCall knew they could take the technology even further. By combining the lessons learned while creating the N-Range, the best engineering knowledge in the industry, and the highest quality materials, the SureCall Max was born. Now, no one has to sacrifice cell phone signal quality, speed, or reliability while in a moving vehicle.

The patented technology in the Fusion2Go Max cell phone signal booster for vehicles features the following benefits:

  • Superfast connection for in-vehicle usage.
  • Uplink power of 29 dBm to facilitate the longest reach between cell towers and moving vehicles currently on the market.
  • Full compatibility with all data carriers and all devices throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • Full simultaneous support for as many as five devices on one network, allowing for multiple users to enjoy reliable, high-speed cell phone signals.
  • Simple, tool-free magnetic mount allows for easy DIY installation without the need for software, tools, or professional installation fees (in-vehicle installation service available, if needed).
  • Boosted 4G LTE data, text, and voice signals while in a moving vehicle.
  • Patented technology which accesses the signal closer to the source than any other product on the market, facilitating ultra-fast data speeds at the best possible quality.

With twice the uplink power of any other in-vehicle cell phone signal boosting product, the Fusion2Go Max gives users the freedom to travel farther away from cell signal towers than ever before, without compromising on signal strength or quality.

Fusion2Go Max utilizes ground-breaking new technology that will revolutionize the way people use their smart and connected devices in moving vehicles. To find out more about this exciting new product, contact the friendly team at today or visit SureCall Fusion 2 Go Max product listing page.

SureCall Fusion2Go Max Cell Phone Booster Kit Components

Video with Product Illustration:

Fusion2Go Max - Most Powerful Vehicle Signal Booster for Car, Truck, or SUV.

The Surecall Fusion2Go Max features the latest patented cell phone signal booster technology and is built with the highest quality components.

You can't put a price on the safety and happiness of those you care about. This is why SureCall designed the Fusion2Go Max to keep you connected in the city or off the beaten path. It features the latest patented cell phone signal booster technology and is built with the highest quality components. This gives you a better signal in more places than ever before and makes Fusion2Go Max the number one in vehicle cell phone signal boosters. Like all of our other boosters, the Fusion2Go Max operates on all cell signals across all North American carriers. Designed from multiple simultaneous users, it supports all signals, including 4G LTE devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi hotspots, delivering the peace of mind of having the best booster on the market.


The Fusion2Go Max is the first multi user booster to utilize Surecall's patented extended range technology or ERT, offering better performance than any other booster by amplifying your cell signal where it is received. The result is unprecedented performance that keeps you connected in some of the most challenging environments.


Fusion2Go Max can also be installed within minutes without the need for technical know-how. First, place the magnetic antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Then run the antenna cable under the doors insulation strip for a wireless look. Connect the other end of the cable to the booster, which can be placed under one of the car seats. Next, take the cable from the inside antenna and connect it to the booster, while fixing the inside antenna in the area closest to where you will be using your phone. Finally, power up the booster by plugging in the power cord from your DC adapter and turning it on. Now you're ready to enjoy fast and reliable calls and data, no matter what the road may throw at you.

Installation Video:

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  • Safety is the primary reason I would purchase a cell phone booster, but a cell phone booster like the Fusion2Go Max has the added benefit of providing strong signals for everyone in your vehicle. The days when families went on trips and didn’t need gadgets to keep everyone entertained is long over but I admit it’s nice to have something to keep everyone entertained (cell phones and tablets) and a multi-user cell phone booster is the way to do this.

    Shirley Lowe on
  • I think I experience more problems getting reliable cell phone signals when I’m in my car than I do at home. Now that I think about it, way more problems. This next generation booster is the one I’d want, largely because I want something with staying power. I don’t want to pick up a Fusion2Go Max and have to get a new booster one or two years down the road.

    Colleen Paulson on
  • Look. I want a cell phone booster for my car because I’m always driving (and always talking ha ha). Here’s my conundrum-should I get an older model (I’ve seen them run as low as $300) or spring for one of the newer generation ones? Anyone care to comment. I have no problem paying more if it works much better.

    Frank Vinison on

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