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How to boost cell phone signal in car, truck, or RV?

Nov 10, 2017

How to boost cell phone signal in car, truck, or RV?

We get asked a lot the question, "Can the cell signal in my RV be boosted?". The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV, for example, has been designed specifically for a RV. The wireless signal is blocked from reaching the interior of the RV because they are made from metal. This booster will improve coverage in your RV or boat. The only requirements are a signal outside strong enough to place a call and AC power. The unit can be installed in any location where wireless service has to be improved.

Staying connected. For many of us, there's never a good time to be disconnected from your family, friends or workplace even when you're on the road. Distance from cell towers, topography, as well as your car's metal roof and tinted windows play a role in weak cell reception resulting in dropped calls and slow data rates. Now there's a solution. SureCall's line of cell phone signal boosters for car, truck, RV, boat. Configurable for all vehicles, Sure Call's mobile boosters enhance voice and text with models covering 4g LTE data as well.


You will enjoy improved strength and clarity of voice calls for multiple users. Here's how they work. Signals sent from a cell tower are received by the outside antenna, amplified by the booster, and then sent to your phone via the inside antenna. You can install the components where you most need them. When your phone transmits, the signal is sent back through the booster to the cell tower. This makes staying connected easier than ever. Installing the booster is easy with no programming required.

Simply place the magnetic mount antenna on the top of your vehicle. Then, run the antenna cable under the car door's insulation strip for a wireless look. Connect the other end of the cable to the booster which can be placed under one of the car seats.

Connect the cable from the inside antenna to the booster. And to fix the inside antenna to the driver or passenger seat or headrest. Connect the power cord to the booster with the other end plugged into the DC power adapter. Then, turn on your booster and enjoy your calls and streaming data.

With the SureCall cell phone boosters, you can stay connected to all of the people and events that are important in your life.

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  • You can get cell phone signals booster anywhere. Cars, trucks, RV’s, boats (and of course homes). The only time you can’t (from what I know) is when there is no signal present to boost. If that’s the case, there may be other technology you can use. I don’t know about that so I’m not going to comment on it.

    Mia Cortez on
  • Cell phone signal extenders are fantastic. You don’t have to concern yourself with buying the latest upgrade for your phone just to make sure you can make calls without being dropped or enjoy fast data speed (although some people like buying new phones as soon as they are released). Instead, get yourself a cell phone signal extender and your phone will become superphone, able to take the weaker signals and power them up so the phone works the way it’s supposed to. You can also get extenders for your car, truck, or RV so you can drive through areas with weak signals and your extender will help strengthen the signal. One thing, if there’s no signal, the extender can’t create a signal. You need some sort of signal to get started with.

    Carl Murray on
  • While people know about cell phone signal amplifiers for home and cell phone signal amplifiers for cars, they might not know there are ones for RV’s as well. One of the problems with RV’s is that since many RVs are metal, the wireless signals coming from the cell phone tower get blocked from reaching the interior of the RV. This results in dropped calls, slow data speeds, poor call quality, etc. However, a cell phone signal amplifier for an RV will help boost the signal in your RV, strengthening the signal it gets so you can make calls with a stronger signal. This means less dropped calls, less problems with call quality, and faster data speeds. The only thing you need in your RV is AC power and a signal outside (cell phone signal amplifiers don’t create signals out of nothing). These units can be installed in virtually any location that wireless service needs improvement, which makes them a great addition to your RV.

    Ernest Stockwell on
  • I’ve always wondered why it can be difficult to get a good cell phone connection in my car. When I think about dropped calls, I think about the car. I have a decent phone, but now that I think about it, I travel in areas that are probably distant from a cell phone tower, which means the reception is going to be poor. From what I know, cell phone signals weaken the further away you are from the tower. You can also run into problems with weather conditions and terrain further weakening a signal. That explains why I have trouble getting a good signal. Putting a cell phone booster in my car should help and I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. They sometimes have the same problems with getting good signals while they’re driving.

    Noah McFarland on
  • Imagine this: I was talking about getting a 4g cell phone booster for my car and someone asked me why I would want to boost my cell phone for my car. It’s a no-brainer for me. I travel a lot and I get a good amount of calls when I’m driving. However, as anyone who travels fairly regularly will tell you, cell phone coverage can be spotty, whether you’re driving through rural areas or downtown in the big city. The problem is the cell phone towers may be too far away in rural areas for you to get a good signal. That’s why you start running into problems like dropped calls or poor call quality. Now you wouldn’t think this would be a problem in the city as there should be lots of towers nearby, right? From what I’ve read, the problem is due to the terrain—in this case, the tall buildings which may block signals, resulting in the same problems as in the country, i.e., dropped calls, etc. That’s why a cell phone booster is necessary for me. The booster takes a weak signal and turns it into a strong one, leading to clear audio quality, strong signals, i.e., no dropped calls, and fast data speeds. That’s why I want a booster for my car. I do considerable talking in it, but the phone’s no good if it’s constantly dropping calls or I can’t hear the person on the other line.

    Freddie Saunders on
  • So, you’re ready to hit the road in your RV and explore the wonderful country around you. You have all the conveniences of home and you park your RV and settle in for the night. Although you don’t have your home phone, you have a cell phone. The problem is your cell phone reception is crummy. You can call, but the voice quality sounds like what Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call must have been like. You try to go online and it’s like having dial-up. Your phone is working fine, but the closest cell phone tower is far away and/or you have terrain weakening the signal. You need a strong signal or your phone will have issues like dropped calls and the ones I mentioned. However, a cell phone booster will strengthen any cell phone signal you’re getting many times over, resulting in clear audio quality, faster data speeds, and less (or no) dropped calls. It’s something anyone who travels in an RV will want to have. Cell phone boosters make a big difference and round out the home away from home experience.

    Nelson Whitman on
  • I am getting a 4G cell phone signal booster for my car. I’ve been talking about it for months and I think it’s the most affordable way to improve my call power and audio quality (I’d say data speed, but I don’t do much stuff like video or Spotify in my car). It’s frustrating when I’m driving and hours later I get a text someone sent hours before. From what I know, this happens when you have a weak signal. Not only does it take time to get a text, but it might take time to get a voicemail. I’m a business person so I need to keep in touch via my cell phone. A signal booster means a big jump in my phone’s signal power so I’ll be able to get texts, emails, and voicemails much quicker. It would cost me much less to get a booster than to get a new phone and hope it is better. There’s no guarantee with a new phone (especially if you run many apps) so I’d rather get a booster.

    Kurt Walruszak on
  • I’m not a big RV fan to begin with, so when I went camping with my parents and found it next to impossible to go online or call my friends, you can imagine my disgust. I’m glad I discovered cell phone boosters, particularly cell phone boosters for RV’s. Talk about a good gift to get for anyone who likes to take their RV out to the wilderness. I’d feel better with my loved ones having a cell phone booster so they can reach someone for help in case of some emergency. Plus, you figure people who go camping to be sociable can pass the time on their phone.

    Perry Crowley on
  • I am looking for the best cell phone booster for cars because I am in my car A LOT and I want something to make sure my calls go through without people saying WHAT? Or worse, the calls getting disconnected. I want a 4g cell phone booster for my car but don’t know if I should get a cell phone booster for my car at Walmart or if I should get a cell phone booster for my car at Best Buy. Anyone have any ideas which way to go?

    Denny Eubanks on
  • The concept of having a cell phone in your car is fantastic. You can call home if you’re running late, handle business transactions while driving, or just get directions. The problem is when the phone drops calls or has trouble downloading data. So I’ve had this problem and I’m looking for the best 4g cell phone booster for my car so I don’t have these problems any more. I don’t care if I need a car cell phone antenna or not, I just want something that’s going to make my phone work like I’m right next to a cell phone tower.

    Jordan Anthony on
  • I went on this website looking to find out how to make my cell phone stop dropping calls and increase the cell phone signal strength. I saw these devices enhanced the signal strength, but I didn’t realize they improve calls AND text. I never thought of texts being improved, but it makes sense now.

    Mort Anthony on
  • It looks like there are a lot of devices here if you’re looking how to increase cell phone signal strength. The video offered some insight and I liked that the article included a number of related products to review. All things considered, these aren’t expensive purchases if you figure they’re going to last you a long time and improve cell phone service. I estimate $30 a month with a no-interest card and it’s paid for.

    Gerry Darrow on

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