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How to install RV, Truck, Car N-Range Cell Phone Signal Booster

Apr 23, 2019

How to install RV, Truck, Car N-Range Cell Phone Signal Booster

How To Install SureCall N-Range Cell Phone Signal Booster.

The photo shown above shows installation of the SureCall N-Range cell phone signal booster in a truck but the process is going to be the same whether you're installing this in a car, truck, SUV, minivan or pretty much any other vehicle.

Install the N-Range antenna.

To start off, we're going to install the in range antenna. It has five powerful magnets on the bottom that will attach to any metal surface and keep it really secure. Now, if your truck has a non-magnetic body like aluminum or fiberglass, you can use the adhesive patch. Just peel back the backing, stick it on, and it will adhere to any truck. Stick it on the truck where you think you want it and then run the cable through over into the door.

Magnetic foam mat antenna.

Next, place the magnetic foam mat antenna on any vent using the adjustable vent clip. You can also install the antenna in a cupholder, center console or anywhere else for that matter. Just make sure you keep it out of your hands while you're driving for your safety and to observe laws governing its use.

Installation steps.

Run its antenna cable into the vehicle through a door. Run the two cables towards each other and connect the two together. We suggest running these under the seats and floor mats to hide the cables. Plug in the power adapter and attach the power cable to the phone mount antenna. Switch on the power adapter and look for a red light on the power adapter and a green light on the phone mount antenna. Take one of the metal disks in the package and either adhere the circular one to the back of your phone or place the rectangular one inside your phone case. This will keep your phone securely attached to the inside antenna for a safe secure and hands-free hold.

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  • I’ve watched a few installation videos and read blogs at on signal boosters. Some of the residential ones look complicated while others don’t. That being said, the ones for cars and trucks seem simple and they don’t take long to install either. I don’t think I’m good enough to be a pro installer, but I sure could install one for myself.

    Todd B. on
  • There are some cell phone boosters that come with installation in a combo package, but I don’t see any need for help installing one. I’ve watched DIY videos and not to brag, but I’m good at following directions, even the basic picture ones with little writing on them. I shouldn’t have any problem putting a cell phone booster in my car.

    Austin Page on
  • There are more RV’s on the road than ever before and I’m curious how many people know about cell phone boosters for cars, trucks, and RV’s. I don’t know if I’d get one for my SUV but I would buy one if I owned an RV, especially for when I’m traveling through remote areas. It’s always good having the peace of mind that you can reach someone in the event of an emergency. The only bad thing is people reaching me when I’m on vacation.

    George Reyna on
  • Electronic devices have gotten so easy to install over the last 25 years. I remember when PC’s were a pain to piece together and now plug and play makes them as easy to install as a gaming console. It looks like these cell phone boosters for cars are equally simple to install which is good because I don’t like paying an installer unless I really have to. I also like that there’s no drilling in the vehicle.

    Sheila M. on

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