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N-Range: Powerful, Yet The Lowest Price Cell Phone Signal Booster

Apr 22, 2019

N-Range: Powerful, Yet The Lowest Price Cell Phone Signal Booster

Driving through areas where there's little or no cell service can be very disconcerting to say the least. In fact, it can be quite frightening to think that if something should happen to you, your family, or your vehicle in a weak or intermittent-signal area, you could be stuck without the ability to contact anyone for assistance. What if it was an emergency? Those days should be long gone, but the truth is that even today with all our modern technologies there are still areas out there where cell service is non-existent, or patchy at best. Feeling so vulnerable in remote areas or areas with little or no signal can be very unnerving.

But now your worries are over, because at, we have got you covered!

Lowest Cost Cell Phone Booster For Vehicles.

With the SureCall N-Range vehicle cell phone booster, weak signals on the road are turned into strong, reliable connectivity. It increases 4G LTE, text, and voice for a single device inside your truck, SUV, or car. In just three simple steps, the it can be installed in your vehicle, boosting signal for all major cell carriers in North America. Despite this and more as stated below, it is the lowest price cell phone signal booster at only $199.99.

En-range uses Extended Range Technology (ERT) to capture, amplify, then efficiently transmit the enhanced signal to your device. The added benefit of In-range cellular amplifier is that it eliminates signal-loss prior to enhancing the signal, thus maximizing performance in all environments.

How Does the N-Range Vehicle Cell Booster Work?

This simple signal boosting technology consists of just two components:

  • An air-vent phone mount with integrated booster; and
  • An external antenna.

It falls in the category of our cradle boosters. To ensure the enhanced signal goes direct to your mobile device, the Enrange hands-free phone cradle includes a built-in vent clip and magnetic phone mount. The phone mount of Inrange booster attaches to the vents on the inside dash, while the external antenna affixes to the roof. With this mobile repeater, you will have the freedom to stream data, and text or call from any location. Perhaps the greatest bonus of this wireless booster is the added security in knowing that you can access outside assistance should the need arise.

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  • I’ve read about N-Range and I know it’s not some cheap piece of junk you’d find from unscrupulous sellers on Amazon or a third-party site. It also is a cradle signal booster which is nice because I can get my driving directions and keep my phone where I need to see it.

    Michael H. Wells III on
  • Your article stated the biggest reason I’d want to get a cell phone booster for my car—the piece of mind of knowing I’ll have a quality signal in case someone needs to reach me or the opposite. When you travel as much as me, a reliable signal is a must. I don’t know if I’m going to buy this booster, but I do admit the price is attractive.

    Carmen Scott on

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