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In-Building Wireless Coverage Solution |

Aug 15, 2014

In-building wireless coverage solutions by Cellular and Wi-Fi signals may get very weak inside buildings causing communications to fail. Cell phone signal booster or wifi repeater / amplifier installation can alleviate inconsistent signal strength problems across multiple floors and within interiors across offices and apartments. In addition to Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for mobiles such as smartphones and tablets (Mobile DAS) or wifi (WiFi DAS), we offer Public Safety DAS that boosts first responder radio signals within large structures such as skyscrapers. Contact us for more details.

Cell phone signal booster building

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  • Looking at this 2014 article, I wonder how many businesses have decided to have a distributed antenna system installed to boost their building’s cell phone signals. I’m also wondering how many of these people who installed DAS also installed public safety systems.

    Mary M. on

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