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Best Nationwide Wilson Pro Installer

Sep 21, 2014

Best Nationwide Wilson Pro Installer

Get Certified Wilson Pro installer for your in-building installation service.

Submit Wilson Pro installation questionnaire and we will promptly respond with a quote if it is a straightforward installation, or contact you to schedule a suitable time for performing site survey to determine cost and timeframe for WilsonPro cell phone signal booster system installation. This Wilson Pro installation service by is available nationwide so you need not worry about your location in United States and Canada. If we don't have certified Wilson Pro installers in your local area, city, state/ province, we will promptly dispatch our trusted Wilson Pro install team for site survey at a moments notice.


Looking for the best Wilson Pro cell phone signal booster installation service? A Wilson booster installation requires a comprehensive process to be done right. With you won't go wrong because our certified Wilson Pro installation team has many years of experience and a solid reputation for cost-effective, high quality installations of cellular booster systems. Our Wilson Pro amplifier installers are certified and have gone through training on installations as well as on safety. Our customers trust our expertise in handling all types of mobile service amplifying equipment. Give us your requirements and we will provide a quote to do a survey, design, and installation of a genuine Wilson Pro signal boosting system for your business.

What are the benefits of using has a nationwide installing team that consists of insured, licensed and certified installers for cellular signal boosters or repeaters. They can install any booster system you need professionally. Signal enhancing equipment can be installed in both USA and Canada. Our Wilson Pro certified installers have the skills needed to install boosters properly and professionally while minimizing disruption to your business' processes. They have experience in designing cellular boosting systems that enhance reception to different area types that have signals that are either limited or blocked. With the team's knowledge and experience, their skill and expertise is unique in the wireless industry.

Besides doing proper site surveys, determining the correct installation required, and troubleshooting installation problems, the team is familiar with the full range of Wilson Pro products including antennas, amplifiers connectors and cables, and will install solutions that are able to achieve the best performance. These professional installers are only certified after extensive training and testing.

Cleaner Installs.

Once a survey has been done, the right solution can be found by using the information of the site survey to design the best boosting solution needed to rectify wireless reception problems in the building. Our certified cell phone signal booster installers will identify the best location to locate the cellular booster(s), provide for occasional access for maintenance and also determine AC power requirements. Once the quote is approved, installation time will depend on the size of the area where signal has to be boosted and the installers will ensure signal boosting is accomplished in the required areas. Installations are done in a clean manner with wiring being blended and camouflaged to maintain the original aesthetics.

Site surveys done in the USA and Canada.

Site surveys can be performed nationwide across the USA and Canada. The manufacturer highly recommends that site surveys for commercial applications always be done before the booster solution is purchased. This means customers can rest assured that they will receive the appropriate cellular booster and that it will be installed professionally and effectively. The goal is to find out where to place external antennas, identify the types of internal and external antennas required, and select the appropriate commercial or industrial booster for the project. It is always recommended that customers first complete the Commercial Installation Questionnaire to ensure that the right information is provided for the location.

Nonetheless, customers with small areas that have to be covered can easily be shown how to perform a site survey correctly. If the building to be covered is however bigger than 10,000 sq. ft., our manufacturing partner recommends that the site survey be done professionally by a certified installer at your home or office in either the USA or Canada.

Post-Installation Care.

After the installation has been completed, carrier compliance and acceptable signal transmission will be ensured, and remote monitoring implemented where applicable. provides a prior stated guarantee with the quotation and Bill Of Materials (BOM) on all cell phone signal booster installations performed by us.

If you use certified installers, you will be using boosters manufactured by leaders in the industry. Wilson Pro supplies boosting equipment approved and certified by Industry Canada (IC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Once the installation is complete, you will receive full access to our technical support team.

We Get The Job Done Right, Every Time.

Being one of the leading Wilson Pro installers, we have performed countless installations. Our long list of satisfied customer reviews and case studies prove our dedication and expertise in solving the most complex wireless signal reception problems nationwide. Feel free to call Wilson Electronics, the manufacturer itself, for our excellent reference. Wilson Electronics' Wilson Pro commercial signal booster division refers clients to us on a regular basis because our trusted WilsonPro installation experts go above and beyond the extra mile to perform their task diligently and to the complete satisfaction of clients. We offer turnkey solutions from start to finish. Along with wall to wall coverage guarantee, we provide swift installations at low cost - thanks to our highly experienced installation team. Are you ready to get the job done? Contact us today.

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  • This may sound funny but when I saw this, I thought, that guy looks familiar. Is he the best nationwide Wilson Pro installer? Stock photo but he does look familiar. Getting back to the article, it’s good to know that there are so many options for buying signal boosters, but options on whether you get one installed by a certified professional or you go ahead and install it yourself.

    Michael Blanding on

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