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New Signal Booster Breakthrough Technology Discovery

Aug 16, 2021

N-Range has revolutionized the vehicle cell signal amplification standard to keep drivers connected more consistently to very distant and hard to reach cell towers in remote & rural areas. SureCall nRange eliminates external antenna and cable requirement by combining exterior antenna and signal amplifier in one sleek unit that is placed on top of vehicles.

This external antenna and signal booster in one single unit provides fast, highest quality clearest and strongest signal directly to the cellphone cradle inside using Extended Range Technology (ERT) and by eliminating cable loss that occurs in other vehicle cellular booster kits. We carry more ERT cell boosters as well as boosters with Double Power Technology (DPT). Both these have the latest and most advanced cell boosting technology built into them.

SureCall N-Range Benefits:

Clear & Consistent Signal

Powerful Coverage

Reduce Dropped & Missed Calls

Clear & Consistent Signal

Clear & Consistent Signal
N-Range boosts voice, text and 4G LTE data for all North American carriers– including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Powerful Coverage

Powerful Coverage
N-Range has revolutionized the vehicle signal booster to keep drivers connected to very distant and hard to reach cell towers.

Reduce Dropped & Missed Calls

Reduce Dropped & Missed Calls
N-Range booster kits reduce dropped & missed calls and extend battery life for a single cellular device inside any car, truck or SUV.

How it works:

Extended Range Technology

Install Diagram

Hands-Free Cradle

Extended Range Technology

Extended Range Technology
Extended Range Technology (ERT) allows the N-Range to deliver more power than any other single user vehicle booster by eliminating the signal loss in between the external and internal antenna.

Install Diagram

Install Diagram
All kit components are included for a simple DIY install that takes 3 easy steps. Kit includes: N-Range antenna, interior phone-mount cradle, 12V DC power supply and quick setup guide.

Hands-Free Cradle

Hands-Free Cradle
The convenient hands-free phone cradle with magnetic phone mount and built-in vent clip delivers improved signal directly to your mobile device.

How is it unique?

Only Two Components:

SureCall's N-Range cell phone signal booster for vehicles installs in 3 easy steps and increases voice, text and 4G LTE for a single user inside any car, truck or SUV. With just two components N-Range outside antenna and air-vent phone mount with built-in antenna, N-Range has revolutionized the vehicle cradle signal booster to keep drivers connected to very distant and hard to reach cell towers.

Extended Range Technology:

Using Extended Range Technology, N-Range captures the signal outside of the vehicle, strengthens it to overcome cable loss and feeds the improved signal to the vent mount cradle designed to fit any size mobile device.

Strong Magnetic Base:

Stay connected anywhere with the N-Range antenna that is equipped with a strong magnetic base that attaches directly to the roof of your vehicle. N-Range antenna also includes adhesive tape for direct mounting to a non-metallic surface.

Hands-Free Cradle:

N-Range's convenient hands-free phone cradle rebroadcasts boosted cellular signal directly to any cellular device. Includes built-in vent clip and easy-to-install magnetic mounting hardware for your mobile device.

A New Evolution in Cellular Reliability for All Vehicles.

This is the latest and most innovative technology available for boosting reliable cell phone connectivity in trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

With vehicle technology continuously changing and improving, and manufacturers using materials like aluminum and steel which reflect cell phone signals, it became imperative to develop a signal booster system to ensure drivers of all vehicles have access to faster data speeds, clear calling, and uninterrupted texting. Therefore, this new evolution in booster technology was devised by SureCall engineers. N-Range is a revolutionary vehicle signal booster designed to keep drivers connected to hard-to-reach and distant cell towers.

Using (ERT) Extended Range Technology, it successfully captures, amplifies, and transmits the improved cell signal more efficiently than any vehicle signal booster on the market today. Boosting signals for all North American cell carriers, it delivers top performance by eliminating cable loss prior to receiving or transmitting to the cell tower.

Step by Step Explanation of How Extended Range Technology Works.

Before the signal is fed directly to the device, ERT boosts the signal at maximum power by amplifying the signal immediately at its strongest point. By using hard to reach or distant cell towers, ERT can quickly receive a signal from the cell tower, connect the cell phone or other device, then send the signal back to the tower for enhanced 4G LTE data, calling, and texting. By eliminating signal loss before the signal is amplified, it capably maximizes performance in both suburban, urban, and rural environments.

How Does This New Cellular Enhancing System Kit Work?

Utilizing just two components has enabled developers to revolutionize this vehicle cellular enhancing system, ensuring all drivers have the ability to stay connected to hard-to-reach and distant faraway cell towers. Besides being compact and streamlined, it is very easy to install. It attaches magnetically to the vehicle's exterior, with the air-vent cradle antenna delivering enhanced cell signal directly to the device; thus providing the user with a hands-free, secure hold. The result is that drivers can run applications, use data, call or text without having to handle the device.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosts 4G LTE data signals, text, and voice for all North American cell carriers.
  • Simple 3-step installation in just minutes.
  • Booster is transferable to any vehicle.
  • Booster is equipped with ERT, today's most powerful system for achieving reliable cell signal in all vehicles.

There's no doubt that ERT design is a huge step forward in reliable cellular connectivity for all vehicles, and users can certainly expect to achieve more reliable cell reception.

From the manufacturer:

SureCall introduces N-Range: Exciting New Technology Providing Reliable Cellular Connectivity in All Vehicles. It is a cellular signal booster designed specifically to deliver reliable cell phone connectivity in all kinds of vehicles.

Frankie Smith, Vice President of Sales at SureCall, stated recently that vehicle technology today is continually improving, and while materials like steel and aluminum are more commonly used, they adversely affect cell phone connectivity. To overcome the challenge of unreliable cell signal in vehicles, SureCall has developed exciting new technology, capable of improving in-vehicle connectivity by amplifying cell signal at its strongest point.

It provides connectivity and safety for all drivers.

It is an easy-to-install, hands-free booster that delivers improved reception to all drivers right across United States and throughout Mexico and Canada. Using patent-pending ERT (Extended Range Technology), this innovative booster was developed by SureCall’s experienced engineers who decided to completely re-engineer how booster technology in vehicles works.

The result is N-Range, today's best single device technology for signal boosting devices in vehicles. With Extended Range Technology, it is a signal booster system capable of delivering what the engineers described as signal boosting technology that is "as good as it gets".

Innovative Technology for Vehicles.

Hongtao Zhan is the founder and CEO of SureCall. His team of industrial design engineers, who already have several patents to their credit, has worked hard to deliver technology that produces brilliant performance, together with a simple yet iconic design. Hongtao Zhan said that the new ERT design signifies a giant leap forward in vehicle cellular connectivity and that consumers can certainly expect to achieve much more reliable cell reception in their vehicles with this kit.

In addition, it is very easy to install, which means it can be quickly transferred from one vehicle to another.

How Extended Range Technology (ERT) Works.

Extended Range Technology is unique to SureCall. ERT works by capturing and amplifying a signal at its strongest point, then uses maximum power to boost the signal prior to feeding the signal direct to the mobile device. ERT offers the ability to receive a signal from a cell tower, use that signal to connect the user's mobile device, then return the signal back to the cell tower. The result is that a driver can stay connected to a tower in areas where they previously would have experienced slow data speeds, undelivered text, and dropped calls. With Sure-Call's new N-Range, drivers will get faster data speeds, uninterrupted texting, and clear calling for a single device in weak signal areas.

New Signal Booster Breakthrough Technology Discovery For Cars, Trucks, in Fact – All Vehicles!

When we are out on the road we're not always within range of a cell tower. The new N-Range cellular signal booster by SureCall is the most efficient, simple-to-use, and powerful single-user cellular signal booster on the market today, ensuring drivers are always safe and connected. N-Range has been specifically designed for drivers seeking reliable cellular connectivity whilst in their vehicles. This is indeed a new breakthrough discovery in cell phone signal booster history.

With a N-Range Cell Signal Booster, drivers will receive the following:

  • Top-of-the-range cellular reliability, servicing one device at a time, allowing drivers to achieve faster data speeds, continuous texting, and clear calling in areas of weak cell signal.
  • Vastly improved cell signals for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Bell, Sprint, Rogers, Telcel, Telus, and all other North American carriers.
  • By placing the device on the air-vent phone mount antenna of the N-Range cellular signal booster, drivers will receive support for any cellular powered device.
  • Passengers or drivers can run applications, use data, call or text without handling the device because hands-free support is included for all signals including 4G LTE data, 2G, 3G, and more.
  • Installation is fast and easy, making it a simple task to transfer it to another vehicle.
  • Its extended range facilitates its use in urban as well as remote rural areas.

How to Install N-Range.

Installing it will typically take less than one minute - yes, it is that easy! Place antenna of N-Range on the roof of your vehicle, then place the magnetic phone mount with the passenger who needs the boost, or on the air vent. Then simply power up the booster.

It fits neatly into the palm of your hand, and N-Range can very quickly be moved between vehicles.

What is in the Box?

One of the bonuses with N-Range is that this entire booster kit is so compact that it can be held in the palm of your hand. The kit comprises of the following:

  • N-Range exterior antenna.
  • 12V DC power adapter.
  • Interior phone mount cradle.
  • An installation guide.

Availability and Pricing.

It is available for purchase right now for $199.95 (CND $249.95). And, similar to all SureCall boosters, you will receive a 3-year parts warranty, lifetime 24/7 technical support, and an industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

A Message from always advocates for road safety and requests that operators of motor vehicles follow all applicable laws, including storing mobile devices whilst driving. Many industries in the hospitality, oil and gas, technology, automotive, and other sectors rely on and trust FCC-approved cellphone signal boosters we carry to achieve enhanced cellular reception whilst in their vehicles.

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  • I’ve been going back and forth on whether I want a cell phone booster for my car. The prices have come down a lot and I think I’d use it a lot. However, I’m a bit skittish about having to put in something with a large number of parts in my car so this looks perfect for me.

    Neville Gordon on
  • Surecall makes many different cell phone signal boosters and it looks like they continue to work on advancing the technology. I use my cell phone a LOT when I’m driving (hands-free) so I’m looking for the best products out there. However, there’s something else I need—good support for the product. How is Surecall tech support? If I do buy a cell phone signal booster I want to know I can call a reliable and knowledgeable staff member for technical support. That’s a major concern for me.

    Joyce Andrews on
  • Hugh asks, “I was wondering if any cell phone signal booster company has their products in a brick and mortar store like a Best Buy or Wal-Mart?” Yes, Hugh there are brick and mortar stores. In fact, if you click the contact section on the bottom of the page (under “customer service”), you’ll see the address. You can also cut and paste this link: How easy was that?

    Ike Richardson on
  • Are there any signal booster stores? I know you can buy cell phone boosters through websites but I was wondering if any cell phone signal booster company has their products in a brick and mortar store like a Best Buy or Wal-Mart? I’d like to check them out in person and see what they look like.

    Hugh L. Dawson on
  • This looks excellent and cutting-edge. I could buy a cell phone signal booster for my vehicle that boosts any phone in my car (I’ve seen them), but I just want something for when I travel and/or do business calls in my car. The price is affordable, especially with its new developments. I just want to see some reviews for this cell phone signal booster so I know it’s as good as it claims to be.

    Byron Eldridge on

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