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Best Automotive Cell Phone Booster Guide for USA Vehicles

Aug 15, 2021

Best Automotive Cell Phone Booster Guide for USA Vehicles

Although signal boosters for vehicles are already a type of their own as opposed to signal boosters for buildings, there are a number of different types within this group that are more specialized. But which is the best vehicle cell booster on the market? As signal boosters normally only work or are certified for use with cellular carriers in a specific country, note that the models described in this article are specifically designed to work with carriers in America. We offer best prices on auto cell phone boosters listed below:

  1. For Cars, SUVs, Vans, Minivans.

The smallest (and cheapest) cell phone signal boosters only support a single cellular device rather than many. Such boosters are called cradle cell boosters. One example of such an auto booster unit is the FusionTrek 4G. This plug and play cell phone signal booster for vehicles does not require an outside antenna & cable, making it very easy to install or moving it between vehicles if this is required. Any cellular device placed on or attached to cradle of this signal booster kit will get boosted. That mobile device can be smartphone, or a mobile hotspot device such as Mi-Fi, Jetpack, etc.

The Fusion2Go 3.0 and the newer SureCall Max is purpose-built for mobile users who often find themselves on the edge of their cellular network. To cater for these conditions, it is extremely powerful and provides TWICE higher amplification power to access faraway cellular towers better, keeping you connected further into the fringe of the network. Almost TWICE more uplink power is handy for urban environments that present many challenges for cellular devices, allowing your device to make more with less to keep calls connected, texts deliverable, and data at your fingertips.

Discontinued Drive 4G-X replacement weBoost Reach is a Multi-User Cell Booster for vehicles and it boosts signal of multiple cell phones or cellular devices with SIM cards simultaneously. All cellular devices being used in car will get simultaneous signal boost. These have been purchased by many police officers who have trusted this specific model in the past to use in their patrol cars and SUVs to enhance cell signals.

Although the N-Range is only suitable to handle one device at a time, it features an industry-first Extended Range Technology (ERT). This revolutionary new technology has been developed by a team of industry's most innovative engineers who re-imagined the potential for cellular booster performance. ERT provides stronger signal boost in remote & rural areas with built-in Exterior Antenna & Signal Amplifier in one unit, eliminating cable loss.

  1. For Trucks, 18 Wheelers, Freightliners, Vans, Lorries.

The Drive Sleek OTR features a longer truck-top external antenna that is different from the version used for cars that has a smaller exterior car-top antenna. It has an adjustable height antenna which is ideal for various types of larger vehicles. This model can only boost the signal of one device at a time.

The Drive 4G-X OTR (new custom version Drive Reach OTR) and Fusion2Go 3.0 Trucker have also been trusted by first responders for use in their EMS ambulances and fire trucks to improve cell reception. Designed specifically for larger trucks, this model features a 4G Trucker Mirror-Mount Antenna, Low Profile Antenna for Inside Truck and a 3-Way Mount with Spade Stud. This professional model has 30% to 60% stronger reach to cell towers and features Maximum Allowed Antenna Reception Gain Per FCC Guidelines: +50 dB. It will boost the cellular signal of multiple devices in the vehicle.

  1. For RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, Campers, Mobile homes, Buses and Caravans.

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV and custom Fusion2Go Max RV is currently the most powerful RV cell phone signal booster in the market. It is trusted by first responders for use in emergency medical service (EMS) ambulances' large cabins with multiple paramedics to improve their cell reception. The version 3.0 FusionToGo RV signal booster kit is designed for use in oversized vehicles such as buses and recreational vehicles. It provides 50 db. 5-band signal boosting for voice and text messages, and improves data and connectivity for all mobiles and cellular devices within the vehicle.

The powerful Drive 4G-X RV is now entry level Drive X RV. It is the standard RV cellular amplifier kit that enhances cell signals wirelessly for up to 4 cellular devices including tablets, smartphones and Kindles. With a gain of up to +50 dB, it delivers a stronger signal, resulting in a clear connection from nearest cellular tower to your mobile network connected cell phone, tablet computer, etc. This unit is ideal for vehicles when moving/ in-motion OR parked. A more powerful new version with higher uplink power is custom kitted antenna style, Drive Reach RV.

  1. For Boats, Yachts, Ships.

If you need a large coverage space signal booster that is weatherproof, the Marine Cellular Signal Booster is the unit for you. This powerful in-vehicle up to 5000 sq. ft. coverage signal amplifier boosts cell reception on all wireless devices such as air cards or personal hotspots/ cell spots, Android & iPad tablet computers, and all smartphones.

Enjoy clear and consistent coverage because it is designed for use in marine vessels that venture up to 50 miles off the coast from the nearest cell tower. It best for boosting cell phone reception around oil well sites and other on-water platforms and constructions.

It provides 50 db 5 band signal boosting off-shore for voice and text messages, and improves 3G, 4G, and LTE data and connectivity for all mobiles and devices within its range. Please note that the strength and coverage area boost provided will solely depend on available signal outside the RV or marine ship, boat, yacht, etc.

Similarly, a smaller version of this is for small open boats, Shakespeare Stream, works amazingly well with its helm antenna where other kits shut down due to oscillation caused between exterior and interior antennas. However, larger the separation, the better will be the signalboost.

  1. For ALL types of fleet vehicles (cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, etc.) that require a fixed roof antenna.

The discontinued Drive 4G-X Fleet and the new replacing latest weBoost Reach Fleet is the new Wilson Electronics cellular signal booster uniquely designed with permanently installed rugged exterior antenna. NMO mount antenna can be mounted on almost any vehicle strategically including cars, SUVs, vans, minivans, buses, and trucks.

Unlike most other vehicle cell phone signal boosters we carry, this Fleet cell phone signal booster does require professional installation. You can also have this vehicle cellphone booster kit installed at a local automotive repair or auto accessories shop that has experience with installing NMO antennas drilled through the roof or trunk.

Examples of commercial fleet vehicles where this 4G NMO drill-mount antenna signal booster for cell devices is suitable for are government vehicles, police patrol cars, vans, delivery cars or trucks and any kind of mobile fleets out there. The Drive Fleet cellular booster kit amplifies mobile reception of any carrier cell phone service network in North America. Auto boosters such as this one gives the staff perfect and much needed cell phone coverage to remain in contact and connected with the rest of their team while on the road across the vast terrain of United States.

Need video illustration?

Would you like to see video illustration of a few cell phone signal boosters mentioned above? Then checkout this video titled, which cellular amplifier is best for your vehicle?

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  • I’m debating whether or not to get a single user car cell phone booster or a multi-user guide so this article helped a lot. I also learned something new as this is the first time I’ve read about a vehicle cell phone booster that requires professional installation.

    Travis Hillshire on
  • There are a lot more cell phone boosters for cars and trucks than I thought there were. There’s also a big change in prices. I remember I looked at cell phone boosters a couple years ago and they were out of my price range. Some of the ones now are affordable and well within what I’d like to pay.

    Frank L. on
  • A cellular amplifier is what I want for my car. I’d like one for the house too, but I can’t have both so the car is a priority because I’m in it so much. I’d like to know if there are packages where you can get a cellular amplifier plus installation. They have them for home amplifiers so I’d imagine they do. Anyone know?

    Cory Smithers on
  • This is cool. I like that there are 4G cell phone signal boosters for car. My view on this is that more people are going to get cell phone signal boosters for their cars because they use their cell phones as much in the car as they do at home. I’m always seeing people using their phones whether it’s drivers using GPS, Pandora, etc. or passengers doing their thing while they ride along. I’ve heard that multiple users can slow down signals so a cell phone signal booster for a car will be a big help.

    Kirk Cranston on
  • It looks like there are a lot more cell phone signal boosters for vehicles now. This is no shock since more people use their cell phones wherever they go whether it’s passengers or drivers. I have some questions: 1) do cell phone antenna boosters work? 2) what are the best cell phone signal boosters for cars? 3) does AT&T have cell phone boosters for cars? If the answer for the first question is yes, I definitely want to know. I like using my cell phone when I’m driving, but it’s hard to get a good signal when I’m driving through rural areas.

    Felicity Hogan on
  • “Do you think we’ll ever see a day when cell phone signal boosters are optional or even factory standard for vehicles?” I don’t think so just because auto manufacturers wouldn’t know what generation booster would be the most marketable. I think you could see a lot of after-market sales of cell phone boosters for vehicles once the public becomes more aware about cell phone boosters. Then again, they’re so easy to install that once people familiarize themselves with the technology, they’ll know they can order it and install it themselves.

    Bobby Henshaw on
  • With more people doing telecommuting and working out of the office, I think these same people are looking for the best cell phone boosters for their cars. Over time, there’s been enough proof that cell phone boosters for home work, so why shouldn’t ones for cars? With that in mind, people have a lot of car cell phone boosters to check out. Myself, I’d only need one for one phone (mine) as I’m usually the only person in the car. However, some people might want a cell phone booster for multiple phones as they want their family to have strong signals for trips.

    Joshua Brown on
  • That’s a lot of different cell phone signal boosters for your vehicles. I’m starting to think there are just as many ones for vehicles as there are cell phone signal boosters for home. While I haven’t seen any portable cell phone signal boosters, these are still impressive. Do you think we’ll ever see a day when cell phone signal boosters are optional or even factory standard for vehicles?

    Ryan Stanford on

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