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Which Cell Phone Signal Booster Is Best for My Truck, Car, SUV?

Watch the following video where we help illustrate few a good cellular amplifiers to help you decide which cell phone signal booster is best for your truck, car, SUV or any type vehicle you own. Scroll down to bottom to read about the new premium advanced technology kit that is NOT discussed in the video below.

You can also review our other relevant detailed blog post, best automotive cell phone signal booster selection guide for a look at a larger selection of vehicle cellular amplifiers. If you feel lucky, you may skip all of this and head straight to our auto cell phone booster recommendation tool and buy the one suggested simply based on your vehicle type choice.

A look at few good cell booster options for your vehicle.

Let us examine few cellular booster options to solve dropped class and slow data speeds in your vehicle.

We know you're here because you're tired of dropped calls and bogged down data speeds. You may be ready to solve the problem, but which booster do you choose? Today, we will show you few good options you have available to you so you can pick the best vehicle booster for you. Now, before we get into the individual boosters we want to talk about how a cell phone signal booster works.

How do they work?

When you're in an area of weak cellular reception, boosters capture that weak cell signal, amplify the signal strength and rebroadcast the improved signal within your vehicle. They also boost the signal going back to the cell tower, allowing you to get farther away from the cell tower and still stay connected. Boosters not only enhance the signals you use for your phone's conversations, but they also improve the signals you use to send texts, stream data, and run applications.

Which brand are we going to talk about today?

SureCall is a brand that has been rising in popularity due to word of mouth. Simply put, they work. It also helps that their kits are priced more competitively than other leading brands. Surecall manufactures cellphone signal boosters for vehicles that work for cars, trucks, RVs, fleets, and any other vehicle you might drive.

They are carrier agnostic. This means that all of these boosters improve voice, text, 4G, LTE, 5GE data for all respective North American cellular carriers.

Secondly, they are device "brand" agnostic. This means that they also work with all devices, so whether you're using an iPhone, Samsung HTC, or Android, there's no need to worry about compatibility.

Now that you understand how these work and what they deliver, let us identify the right booster for you. Let us check and examine which is the right booster for you?

Boosters for single device users:


The SureCall N-Range is the first booster of its kind because of Surecall’s extended range tech. What is unique about extended range technology or ERT is that it boosts a cell signal at maximum power and feeds a signal directly to the cell phone that needs the boost. N-Range fits in the palm of your hand and is simple to install. That makes it a grab-and-go type of solution that can be transferred between vehicles. Installation can take less than a minute. Simply place the N-Range antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Then attach the phone mount inside antenna to an air vent. Then finally, connect the booster to power.

N-Range is designed to boost one device at a time. It delivers more reliable calling, texting and faster data speeds for internet browsing and applications. Because your phone receives the strong cell signal directly from the phone mount, N-Range can provide big results using a very compact streamlined design. Plus, it provides an easy secure place to store the phone while driving. N-Range is best suited for single users in any environment who need a powerful cellular signal booster in a compact, shareable package.


The SureCall Fusiontrek is an incredibly easy to setup booster. It can be completely installed and ready to go in a matter of a minute. Fusiontrek is unique because it does not require an outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Therefore no need to run a cable from roof of the vehicle through the rubber door seal or rubber moulding. It uses a streamlined magnetic cradle, which you can use with any phone or device.

First simply install the booster unit in the rear window of your vehicle. Then run the cradle to the front of the vehicle. Then mount it on any vent. Power it up, and you're good to go. Fusiontrek is designed for a single cellular device that can have its signal boosted at a time. It provides faster data, better speed text messaging and clearer calling. Fusiontrek is best suited for single users who don't want outside antenna but who need a signal boost when commuting in urban and suburban areas that have spotty cell coverage.

Simultaneous Multiple Cell Device Boosting Options:

Surecall has three categories of multi user cell phone signal booster options that will support more than one cell phone at a time.

Fusion2Go 2.0

The first is the Fusion2Go 2.0. It is a very strong signal booster that comes at a great price point. The Fusion2Go 2.0 package comes with three components. Mount outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Then run the cable inside to the booster. Finally, connect inside antenna and place it where you need the strongest signal. This is an ideal solution for weekend warrior families and cost-conscious companies who have spotty coverage on the outskirts of town and are looking for a solution that will keep them connected in difficult to reach areas. It can be installed in any type vehicle.

Fusion2Go 3.0

The second is the solution for those who work in or visit very difficult to reach areas. Fusion2Go 3.0 delivers more output power and faster data speeds than any other booster on the market. The primary reason for dropped calls is your phone isn't strong enough to send a signal all the way back to the cell phone tower. With more than two times the output power of its closest competitor, the Fusion2Go 3.0 keeps you connected to a reliable cell signal even farther from the cell tower. The Fusion2Go 3.0 boosts signals for multiple users in any type vehicle.

Like the Fusion2Go 2.0, the Fusion2Go 3.0 is also quick and easy to set up. Only three components to install. Mount outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Then run the cable inside to the booster. Finally, connect inside antenna, and place it where you will need the strongest signal. It works with multiple users so this booster is great for fleets, carpoolers, families, truck drivers, or anyone who has multiple users or devices in the vehicle at the same time. It is also good for those who get way out there in difficult to reach areas.

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV.

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV uses the same powerful booster as the Fusion2Go 3.0 to deliver the industry's best cellular and data performance for multiple users. This booster is installed in the same manner as the Fusion2Go 3.0 but comes with a special omnidirectional outside antenna that is specifically designed for use in RVs.

To install, mount omni antenna on a pole or to the roof of your RV to capture the outside signal. Then connect inside antenna. Then place it where you need the strongest signal. Whether you're exploring in Alaska, vacationing by the beach, or venturing into the desert or tundra, this kit will provide you and your friends or family with strong and reliable cell signal everywhere, on all cellular networks.

Fusion2Go Max - Premium Best Technology Signal Booster.

While Fusion2Go Max uses the same powerful booster as the Fusion2Go 3.0 to deliver the industry's best cellular and data performance for multiple users, it also includes built-in Extended Range Technology System (ERT System). This SureCall proprietary patented ERT system helps it perform even better by enabling connectivity with farthest tower possible than any other booster on the planet.

The way it does this is through its aerodynamic outside antenna with built-in pre-booster which amplifies signal right at the source, in addition to further signal amplification performed when it reaches the Fusion2Go basestation (main signal amplifier unit).

See installation sketch below for illustration of this new cell phone signal booster technology that no other cellular amplifier brand has imbedded in their kits. This booster is installed in the same manner as the Fusion2Go 3.0 except that it has an aerodynamic outside antenna, and has built it ERT system as stated above.

Fusion2Go Max Signal Booster with ERT System

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