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OTC 2017 Related Offshore Signal Booster Technology Discussion.

May 04, 2017

OTC 2017 Related Offshore Signal Booster Technology Discussion.

Offshore Technology Conference 2017 held in Houston, Texas ends today, but advancements in offshore technologies will continue be discussed and harnessed for months until next year - When even more advancements will be revealed! Despite the slump in gas & oil exploration industry, we believe there're many areas where newer and better technology can help offshore industry improve their efficiency, safety, and their bottomline. One new technology that we provide at this website is our 3G & 4G marine signal booster for use in offshore platforms, vessels, and vehicles.

It improves voice, 3G, 4G, and latest LTE signal reception offshore, many miles from the coast line where oil drilling rigs exist. It boosts wireless reception on all bands used by all cell service providers in USA & Canada such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers, Telus, and Bell Mobility. Our previous version was the 3G marine cellular signal booster which is still a good value for those that only require 3G voice and data reception enchancement. For example, a worker at an oil rig in the petroleum oil and gas industry may only need clear cellular voice talking to speak to his or her family, or to communicate with a supervisor on land.

Critical Offshore Wireless Communications.

Oil mining platforms with drilling towers are located in the open sea. They are set on Earth's crust section containing oil fields. Offshore jack up drilling rig platform crews must be able to communication with supply boats in the middle of the ocean. We have equipment for oil drilling cell phone improvement in areas as large as 80,000 square feet. With such expansive coverage areas, our industrial cell phone amplifier kits can provide mobile coverage inside ships as well. Contact us for a quote or submit estimate questionnaire completed as best as possible.

Rigger teams perform rigging and lifting preparation for spool pipes via crane with background fire flares in the middle of the sea. Construction workers install scaffolding at offshore construction platform for production of oil and gas. All these offshore working personnel and engineers require mobile consulting with highest level engineers when things don't go as planned during rig construction and operation.

Offshore drilling ships, oil tankers, floating crane vessels, diving ships, oil transfer stations and accomodation platforms in ocean also require a maintenance team that can communicate wirelessly 24/7. They need to connect with on-shore teams equipped with ability to dispatch specialized electric and instrument repair teams in specialist ships with heavy crane systems for specialized electrical, electronics, and mechanical repairs.

Process engineers have to climb up to the top of gas dehydration vessels to inspect and check abnormal conditions of process in the oil and gas central processing platforms. They require ability to contact supporting team below or onshore. Construction of production process of power energies of the world is not an easy task. Employees need the wireless phone communication support they need to effectively complete their assigned tasks on top of deep seas.

Few offshore oil and gas processing platforms of oil and gas industry treat raw gases and send to onshore refineries, petrochemical and power generation plants. Communication from point A to B is absolutely critical because miscommunication can result in an absolute mess including oil leaks resulting in expensive and environmentally damaging water pollution.

If reception is weak, wireless conversations between team workers can be choppy and incoherent. This can possibly cause misunderstandings and serious mistakes which can also compromise safety of the crew and all workers onboard. An offshore cell phone signal booster system installed in every marine vessel carrying personnel can combat such possibly avoidable scenarios with boosted mobile signals on-board.

Leisure Travels.

One of the joys of taking a trip on a new ship on a cruise journey or normal shipping trip is the delightful experience of the pleasures that come with it. From sliding glass doors, spacious rooms and additional bathrooms the satisfaction is immeasurable. Those who know something about the fulfilling experience, lots of comfort and intimate effects of a river cruise aboard the newest cruise ships anywhere in the world within United States or Canada know the significance of the historic waterways.

Sharing the same space on a ship or boat with hundreds of passengers, across sheltered harbors, protected waterways and clean rivers of the continental USA is a unique and pleasant occurrence to crave for. The premier and significant nautical engineering and luxurious comfort as you enjoy comfortable observation decks and lounges are a perfect way of relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and fellow voyagers. It is a superb way of beholding the charm of small towns along the coastlines, gracious ports and sections of the country you probably have never dreamt about.

Entertainment can be dynamic and fabulously fantastic with interactive performances and scintillating excursions. The cuisine made from locally sourced foods, panoramic views of the virtually everything from any angle, entertainment from naturalists, fellow travels mean you have an exquisite and exceptional taste of what an inland water cruise, boat ride or houseboat adventure, can be. Think about the maritime Baltimore spirit, historical landmarks of Charleston, Beaufort's step into the past and exploration of Savanna with lots of preserved opulence and wealth of the last few centuries.

Any waterway adventure, for business or pleasure, inside the rivers and waters of North America is a captivating journey blending historical landmarks, antebellum architecture, and great escapade with fascinating sites. Sharing all this wirelessly in real-time, perhaps even through Facebook Live with your family, friends and co-workers from wherever they are - Would enhance such pleasureful experience. However, a weak or no reception on your iPad or iPhone would be a bummer.

Marine Signal Challenge.

As you might have noticed, North American cellular carriers are expanding their coverage into diverse areas almost daily. Millions of dollars worth of on-shore cellular signal technology is being rolled out on land and the coverage has improved a lot even in the remotest of areas. Conversely, carriers consistently face the challenge of pushing signals offshore into the oceans on to water crafts to ensure there's a cell phone signal on a marine vehicle, ship or boat. With an offshore cellular signal booster, this problem is perfectly dealt with right away.

How does the signal booster solution work?

Signal amplifier systems work bi-directionally. They send and receive signals to, and from cell towers far away on land because service providers have not been able to erect cell towers in waters off the coast. An exterior antenna draws the weak signal from outside which arrives in a very weak form from the distant cellular towers tens of miles away! It is amplified by the signal amplifier and broadcasted into your mobile device on the boat or ship via an interior antenna. The marine cell phone signal booster essentially takes the weak signal, and amplifies it giving your Smartphone or Tablet lots of reception bars.

In comparison with land, the cell phone signal booster system works in reverse. It means from the deck or lounge in the yacht where you're using your Smartphone and calling home - the signal is relayed from your device to interior antenna. It is then passed into the amplifier from where it is broadcasted from external antenna to the cellular carrier towers in the distance.

Immediately as this happens, the data speeds and calls will be clear, consistent, and speedier as you make data requests or receive/send texts or make calls. The only thing that the offshore cell phone signal booster requires is a very low signal. If too far from the coastline cell tower over 50 miles away with no signal at all, it may not work.

Quality of the Cell Phone Signal.

The quality of the cellular signal on the ship, yacht or boat is vital - Especially as it is nearing the coast within 50 miles. Tourists and offshore workers that have relatives living in coastal cities start to make contact to apprise those on coast about their impending arrival. Without reliable cell phone signal strength, it will be impossible to talk, share pictures, videos, emergency messages, broadcasts, video calls, voice calls and SMS on your Smartphone, Tablet or mobile phone with your boss, friend or loved one out there.

Whether you're in a tug, yacht, ship or boat just like persons in vehicles on dry land, you can now enjoy an improved cell phone signal on water. With a ship cell phone signal booster such as SureCall Fusion2Go 4G boat, yacht, ship cell booster - All cellular signals from the various USA and Canada cell carriers will be boosted, from voice, text and 4G LTE to 3G data networks.

As you cruise through sundry waterways, ports and expansive waters inside the different waterways in North America, missed and dropped calls are a constant phenomenon. Mobile internet speeds are also highly affected such that uploading a photo or video might take you forever if you're successful at all.

An offshore signal booster technology is made exactly for such a scenario. It ensures 4G LTE and 3G data networks, text and voice signals are boosted for all carriers across North America in Canada and U.S.A. The missed and dropped calls are greatly reduced even as mobile data speeds are promptly improved.

At the same time, a signal booster such as 4G Fusion2Go & 3G Flex2Go boat signal booster kit increases the signal strength, it ensures that your Tablet or Smartphone's battery life is greatly extended. With tens or hundreds of people in a boat or ship, the need for multiple boosting capabilities is everything. The offshore signal booster technology ensures multiple users are supported simultaneously through a quick and simple plug and play cell phone signal booster installation.

Works Miles off the Coast, on Surface of Deep Oceans.

As you move from land, the reality is that the cell phone signal will weaken. The marine cellular booster we provide gives you a chance to boost the low signal tens of times over from the closest cell tower off the coast up to about 50 miles. With a 50 dB five-band signal, connectivity for all mobile devices within the water vessel will receive a huge boost to up to 50 dBm.

This happens through a blend of different items in the booster kit, from the cell signal amplifier, interior Panel antenna, Omni directional roof-mounted all-weather antenna, power standard adapter and typical wall-outlet. The signal booster kit is simple to install. No docking station is required for the different mobile devices to be enhanced.

It is important to note that the marine cell phone booster does require atleast a very faint signal. If too far from the coastline cell tower over 50 miles away with zero signal outside the marine vessel, it will not work.


Whether working on an oil rig, traveling on an inland river cruise, business trip on a ship, yacht or boat, our off-shore signal booster for marine vessels will guarantee the greater convenience of constant connectivity that we all crave from time to time. Emergency situations in water will be well covered, including any data usage or voice call that needs to be completed to communicate for over-the-phone assistance, and/or summon help wirelessly.

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  • After watching a YouTube video on offshore rig disasters, I’ve come to the conclusion that once they happen, your chances of survival are slim. Having said that, this blog raises a good point—you don’t want communications problems to lead to any minor or serious accidents. Communication is so important and if you can’t report a problem, what are the chances you’ll stop it from becoming a disaster?

    Tony Romero on
  • This was a fascinating article because it brought back memories for me. I took a cruise several years ago and I didn’t even bother turning my cell phone on, because I figured there was no way to get a signal between the distance and the ship’s hull. Now, it looks like there are effective ways how to boost cell phone signal strength which opens the door for being able to take your phone. As the article says, this means you can share your experiences with your friends via social media. Excellent news.

    Devon Reynolds on

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