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SureCall Signal Booster chosen by Connecticut Fire Department.

May 01, 2017

SureCall Signal Booster chosen by Connecticut Fire Department.

A Case Study.

Guilford Fire Department Headquarters recently chose SureCall multi-user, 3G Voice and 4G Data signal booster system for updating and replacing an outdated limited system.

Customer Details.

Guilford Fire Dept. in Guilford, CT, wanted to replace the cellular booster for the firehouse because it was not working as advertised and they had outgrown the dedicated Sprint/ Nextel version they had in place. They needed a new signal amplifier system that supported voice and data for all major carriers - Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Major Concern.

Replace a limited system with a 3G voice and 4G data solution supporting all carriers and multiple, simultaneous users, including use as an Emergency Operations Center, or EOC.

Proposed Solution.

After receiving an email with information on SureCall Force 5 cellular amplifier, Jay Leatherman, Systems Administrator and Fire Chief Herrschaft knew the cell phone booster met their present and future requirements. With three first responder departments crammed in one building, all with different cell carriers and different voice and 4G data needs, the Force5’s multi-user, all carrier, 3G voice and 4G data signal booster was the solution the department needed.

The firefighters at Local 4177 easily installed, what they called a “cookie cutter” solution that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Leatherman also commented that he used a SureCall signal meter to measure outside and indoor cell signal to transmit the best cell reception possible. Guilford Fire Department Headquarters are now ready for almost anything!

About Guilford Fire Department.

Guilford Fire Department provides the highest quality fire protection, emergency medical services, fire prevention, safety education, community services, mitigation of emergency and non-emergency incidents for the citizens and visitors to the town of Guilford.

About SureCall.

SureCall is the multi-patented industry leader and manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters. They combine high quality technology with innovative designs to create award-winning boosters. SureCall signal boosters dramatically improve voice, 3G, and 4G cell phone reception. They are used in homes, cars and businesses to improve wireless reception.

Post Installation Results.

  • Increased cellular reception for a 35,000 square feet fire station.
  • Transformed firehouse to regional emergency operations center utilizing multi-carrier support.
  • Cost-effective cell solution for budget conscious local public agency.


Do you have a similar cellular reception concern within your building? Contact, an authorized SureCall retailer, dealer, and installer. Provide location details & requirements and we will prepare the perfect mobile signal amplifying system design. The proposal will include equipment and installation quote to resolve the lack of reception in your establishment at a the most affordable cost within expedited installation time-frame specified.

SOURCE: Originally posted at SURECALL.COM. Modified to highlight SureCall signal boosting products were used for installation. was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.


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  • Case studies and videos are always helpful to myself due to them being real-world examples. Anyone can say a cell phone signal booster helps do this or that, but when you read about it improving someplace like a fire department, it’s more tangible. I would like to see some videos on YouTube showing these systems along with a before and after scenario.

    Scott Claypoole on
  • Sounds like SureCall saved the day for these heroes. Anyone looking for a way to make their cell phone’s signals stronger need to look at getting signal boosters. They really can do a lot based on what I’ve heard.

    T.J. Danvers on
  • Hmmm. I didn’t know fire stations used these devices. I guess everyone is using cell phones and radios so it’s a hybrid where you want to know how to improve cell phone signal strength. I’m sure firefighters don’t want to tie up a landline when they’re waiting for a call. I wonder if my local volunteers know about this.

    Connor McMillan on

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