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Signal Boost in Natural Gas Producer's Remote Metal Siding Office

Apr 24, 2017

Signal Boost in Natural Gas Producer's Remote Metal Siding Office

zBoost Increases Signal Strength for a Natural Gas Producer's Remote Metal Siding Office Location.

Case Study.

A natural gas producer’s remote office location in an ATCO office type of trailer characterized by metal siding recently had zBoost YX545 installed to enhance voice and data networks in an area with a weak cellular device coverage.

Customer Details.

The natural gas producer with diverse remote locations that need cellular voice and data service to perform had one remote office location with extremely weak signal for cellular devices. The ATCO office trailer type of building required a cellular solution allowing them to receive calls, accept and transmit data inside their offices and not inside their cars and trucks that had signal boosters.

Major Concern.

Install a new solution to deal with the weak cell phone signal to allow data and voice services to work efficiently inside the remote office.

Proposed Solution.

The metal siding and the construction of the ATCO office trailer tremendously affected effective use of cell phones inside the office. To enhance the voice and data signal reception, zBoost 545 signal amplifier kit was proposed. The antenna was installed towards the roof’s edge with the signal booster at the center of the building. The office needed the zBoost YX545 to allow multiuser exploitation of the signal booster, including all types of devices within the 800-1900 MHz frequency bands.

About the Natural Gas Producer Customer.

The client was a natural gas producer with very remote locations where internet and voice services were required. The problem was that the architectural integrity of the ATCO office trailer, metal siding and remoteness of the location meant there was a very weak cellular signal seeping through.

About zBoost

For 15 years, zBoost has been a top commercial and consumer cell phone signal boosters maker. The award winning company offers a line of cell phone signal boosters for diverse uses from the car, office, home to Machine to Machine solutions. zBoost products enhance the cellular strength improving data and voice without interfering with the network of the carrier.

Post Installation Results.

  • From zero to minimal signal to an increase of -77 dB inside the remote office.
  • Download speeds reached 6.5MB/s and 2.5MB/s upload speeds.
  • No more missed calls or dropped calls.
  • Indoor cellular coverage reached 3000 sq. feet.
  • All U.S. & Canadian carriers and cell phones covered.
  • Phone battery life extended.
  • Patented technology protected carrier network.


Facing similar signal problems and challenges in your building? Need a better signal booster for use at home, or business? is an authorized zBoost installer, dealer and retailer. Give us your requirements and location details and we will get you the best mobile signal booster system design you deserve. The quote will include installation and equipment in the proposal to deal with poor cellular reception in your business, home or industry expeditiously and within the agreed installation period.


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  • I was somewhat amazed that a metal building could get a cell phone signal, even with the help of a signal booster. I know metal buildings are very hard on cell signals as they weaken and often block them, making phone calls impossible. This installation made some people very happy.

    Dave Farris on
  • This is the second time I’ve seen something that discusses how cell phone signal boosters can lengthen your phone battery life. I knew boosting cell phone signals was their main purpose, but it’s nice to know they have other benefits too. It’s something worth checking into, whatever your situation may be.

    Oliver Jordan on
  • I thought this was amazing how the metal proved so troublesome for the business. It’s easy to see how all that metal would wreak havoc with your cell phone signals. No wonder the business was looking how to improve its cell phone signal strength. I like reading these case studies to see how businesses cope with technology challenges like this.

    Simon H. on

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