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Should you wait for 5G to buy cell phone signal booster?

May 18, 2019

Should you wait for 5G to buy cell phone signal booster?

No need to wait around for 5G to buy a 5G cell phone signal booster. Here're several reasons and considerations why buying a 4G & 5G-E signal booster now instead, makes total sense:

  1. 5G cell phones will fallback to 4G coverage mode when no 5G signal is detected (just like 4G defaults to 3G when no 4G signal detected). This will happen quite extensively because: A) 5G coverage area is going to be limited to very few cities initially. B) 5G frequencies have much weaker penetration power than 4G frequencies so in-building coverage will mostly fall-back to 4G LTE. Therefore, current 4G signal boosters will continue to help provide needed coverage inside buildings and vehicles.

    5G Service Problems In Buildings

  2. 5G will become a reality in most places atleast one year from now and there's no need to go through the frustration of weak signals in your home, office, or car for that long.
  3. You will not need faster 5G, based on the way you use your phone today. We won't really require the faster data speeds 5G will offer. Today's 4G networks are fast enough for all practical video and music streaming purposes.
  4. There aren't many compelling reasons to buy a 5G phone yet, anyway. The 4G enabled things we now take for granted already include high-quality video chat, stream movies anywhere, and blazing fast download speeds.
  5. The current LTE, 4G Advanced or Plus and true 4G frequencies that the cell carriers operate today will continue to be used well into the future for their 4G LTE backup network rendering the current 4G signal boosters very useful for a long time to come.
  6. No consumer grade "true" 5G signal boosters available in the market today. If you see a consumer 5G booster marketed, it is a gimmick pertaining to "5G E", or 5G Evolution - All 4G boosters we currently carry will work on "5G E" anyway.
  7. Only an industrial 5G signal booster has been announced in the market, as arriving soon. It requires professional installation by certified installers and explicit permission from respective Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Per FCC guidelines, it is not going to be sold in a retail box for end users to install on their own. 
  8. will offer generous trade-in discounts for trading in 4G cellular amplifiers purchased from us in exchange for newer consumer "true" 5G consumer grade retail kits, when they become available (not until atleast 1 year from now).

Therefore, go right ahead - we recommend buying a 4G signal booster without any hesitation. Enjoy better reception now, and the fantastic benefits it provides for personal use, or business. Read more about 5G and AT&T's 5G-E and learn everything else there's to know about 5G.

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  • From what I’ve read, anyone who spent money on a signal booster and a 5G phone made a smart decision. 5G is great in some situations but in others it needs help from a signal booster to take advantage of its capabilities. The good thing is that the boosters are usually backwards compatible which means you can use them on 4G phones (I’m not sure about 3G but if you have a 3G phone you need to upgrade anyways).

    José Alves on
  • The statement “5G frequencies have much weaker penetration power than 4G frequencies so in-building coverage will mostly fall-back to 4G LTE” surprised me because you figure 5G is better than 4G so it must have better penetration power. Is this true? Is there documented evidence to support this or is this something people are saying in order to sell cell phone signal boosters? I’d like to know whether or not this is true because if it is true, it’s a big deal.

    Megan Blansett on
  • There’s been a ton of promotion about 5G and all it can do, but you make it sound as if the technology isn’t delivering what it’s promised to do Why on earth would you get a 5G phone then? Even if 5G delivered everything promised, you’d think you wouldn’t need a 5G cell phone booster since 5G is so wonderful. I’ll stick with my 4G phone and wait until 5G has been around for another 1-2 years. I’m more or less content with my phone’s performance so why pay more for something that doesn’t offer much than the “prestige” of owning a phone operating on a 5G network?

    Cyndi Meeks on

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