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weBoost Drive Reach Technical Video Showing Uplink and Downlink Power

May 16, 2019

weBoost Drive Reach, a powerful in-vehicle Phone Booster.

weBoost Drive Reach clearly stands apart among multi-user in-vehicle phone boosters.

A powerful Vehicle Cellular Signal Amplifier.

weBoost's Drive Reach always gives your smartphone the strongest mobile signal possible. It is capable of up to 50 dB max gain, the maximum allowed by the FCC. More significant is the game-changing industry-leading uplink power of transmitting 29.5 dBm in signal output back to the tower. This is more than double the coverage area than our next most powerful non-stationary wireless repeater. This means when you find yourself in a remote location, you can be 60% farther from the closest cell tower than was once possible, yet experience even greater signal strength.

Where can this wireless amplifier be used?

It is designed for use with any cell phone or mobile SIM connected devices inside any passenger vehicles such as a car, truck, van or SUV. It is also compatible with all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. With its many cosmetic upgrades as evidenced by its sleek metallic red exterior, the far reaching driver connecting kit clearly stands apart among multi-user in-vehicle cell phone signal boosters on the market today. But it is one of a kind look isn't just for show!


This Car Driver or Trucker cell phone to cell tower connecting high tech device incorporates a unique thin design to increase its surface area to displace excess heat and maintain peak performance. It is also designed for intuitive, tool-free installation. The booster itself fits perfectly inside its custom mounting bracket, featuring a Velcro backing for secure placement inside your vehicle. The bracket allows for several installation options based on personal preference. Reliable SMB connections on the repeater base make secure antenna installation a snap. An easy to install mini magnet antenna allows for optimal placement on any type vehicle. For non-magnetic aluminium rooftops, simply place the adhesive disk on the antenna's base to stick it firmly on the vehicle roof.


The Drive Reach is also equipped with a plug-in car charger, one that features its very own 5 volt 2.1 amp USB A port to rapid-charge a smartphone or cellular device as you run apps, stream music, or map out your route, all while the Drive Reach is in use. The built in car charger's on/off button help us prevent unwanted battery drain when you're away from the vehicle.

Like all weBoost products, the Drive Reach comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, fully backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee. It is fairly easy to install using provided instructions manual. However, we do offer professional service cell phone booster installation in vehicles nationwide.

For professional installation, call:


Or request quote by expert vehicle cell signal booster installers.

weBoost "Drive Reach" Model 470154 Installation Video: (Not "Drive Reach Fleet" Model 470254)

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  • Uplink and downlink are key terms everyone can easily familiarize themselves with. They help you understand how your cell phone receives and transmits signals. It also can help you find the right cell phone booster if you’re interested in buying one. Speaking of cell phone boosters, I like the ones for your car/truck that have a built-in charger.

    Shawn Ripley on
  • The problem with taking a device in your car is that there are never enough power outlets! What do you do if you have a cell phone booster running off your car’s charger unit and you need to charge your phone? This booster takes care of that problem, looks sleek, and it sounds like it does a great job. Yeah, I’m a bit taken back by the nearly $500 cost, but it looks good. Maybe a sale will come along soon.

    Michael M. Dionisio on
  • I’m always concerned about where cell towers are near me when I’m driving, the problem being that I’m often out in the country and get poor signals. A car cell booster has been on my mind but I wasn’t convinced until I read this blog. I like that this booster will get you a signal 60% further from a cell tower than previously possible. I like the way cell booster tech is advancing.

    Margie Walter on
  • This one does look sleek and I like the added features such as the charging port. The $499 price tag is a bit too much for me but I plan on getting this if it goes on sale or when the price comes down. I imagine at some point people will see car dealers selling cell phone signal boosters as add-on’s and eventually, they’ll become standard for cars and trucks.

    Rafaela González on

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