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Drive Reach (470154) Strongest weBoost Cell Phone Booster for Vehicles

May 16, 2019

Drive Reach (470154) Strongest weBoost Cell Phone Booster for Vehicles

Drive Reach is the Strongest weBoost Phone Booster for Cars, Trucks, RVs.

When cellular connectivity is an issue and the situation demands the strongest in-vehicle multi-user cell phone signal booster on the market today, your passengers will instantly experience fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster network speeds, improved audio and data streaming, and greater hotspot capability throughout North America.

Amplifier uses the latest technology by Wilson Electronics.

No matter where you go, or which provider you use, using the latest wireless amplifier technology, the weBoost Drive Reach always makes the most of existing cellular reception conditions, even in remote locations on the road where wireless towers are few and far between. This amplifier universally boosts network coverage by AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless. The radio repeater fills your automobile with up to twice the wireless reception strength of weBoosts next most powerful cell phone booster. It also stands apart for its sleek metallic red exterior and stylized fin design that dissipates heat better.


Of course, there's more to appreciate about this mobile repeater kit than what you see on the surface. For one, it comes with everything you need right out of the box. It can be easily installed in just minutes, all without the need for tools. Helpful features include a power supply with a USB A port for rapid cell phone charging and an on/ off button to prevent unwanted battery drain only add to its user friendly appeal. It includes a two-year manufacturer's hassle-free warranty fully backed by's 60-days money-back guarantee. Say goodbye to dropped calls and get on the road to better cellphone coverage.

Among multi-user automotive cellphone boosters, the Drive Reach by Wilson Electronics' weBoost stands apart. With a game-changing 29.5 dBm in uplink–output power, combined with 50 dB in max gain (the maximum allowed by the FCC), it delivers the strongest mobile reception possible for drivers and passengers alike.

Feature Summary:

  • Unparalleled Power: With a 5 dB increase in uplink–output power, it is capable of getting wireless signal over twice as far from towers as weBoost's previous model, the Drive 4G-X.
  • Innovative Design: It features a sleek metallic red exterior with a unique fin design for added surface area; allowing it to displace excess heat and maintain peak performance.
  • User Friendly: It is designed for intuitive, tool-free installation, and includes helpful features such as its 5-volt, 2.1 amp USB-A power port for rapid phone charging.
  • Drive Reach Fleet: The commercial version, the weBoost Drive Reach Fleet has a fixed, drilled-in, rugged roof or trunk installed antenna (see 2nd kit below). It boosts signal for cellular-based fleet tracking devices; providing optimal vehicle tracking capability for fleet managers.


While the "Drive Reach" cellphone booster with magnetic or optional adhesive exterior antenna is fairly easy to install using provided instructions manual, the "Drive Reach Fleet" requires professional installation because it involves drilling a hole in automobile's roof for inserting antenna cable into the auto. However, we do offer professional cell phone service booster installation in automobiles nationwide.

For professional installation, call:


Or request quote by expert vehicle cell signal booster installers.

Installation Video of weBoost "Drive Reach" Model 470154 (Not "Drive Reach Fleet" Model 470254):

Improve Cellular Connectivity in Your Vehicle with Any Device & Any Carrier.

If the road is where you most often need a better cell signal, chances are that it is also where you're most likely to lose it. This vehicle cell phone signal booster will keep you connected in those hard-to-reach places on the road - when it matters most.

Marketplace Conditions.

  • 72% of cell users experience dropped calls.
  • There's a growing market of professional drivers (Uber, Lyft), service vehicles, as well as recreational RVers who're looking for solutions to stay connected on the road.
  • It is very expensive (and unlikely) for carriers to expand their existing coverage in remote locations by installing new cell towers alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

  • Will it work for all carriers? Yes, all weBoost products are carrier-agnostic.
  • Will it work for LTE data? Yes, all weBoost products are designed to boost cellular signal for the best possible voice and data experience.
  • Do I need to mount any hardware or antennas? Yes, our weBoost in-vehicle kits come complete with an internal antenna for inside signal along with an external antenna that mounts on the outside of your vehicle.
  • Will a cell phone booster work for my situation? As long as you can make and receive a phone call outside of your vehicle, a booster will help improve even the weakest of signals.

How does it work?

It uses patented technology including AGC (automatic gain control) to amplify weak signals outside vehicle and boosts them many fold to broadcast them inside vehicle. After a simple installation, just turn the booster on and immediately experience an improved signal. It does not require any sort of account setup or monthly subscription. Just plug it in and it works. It is carrier-agnostic, which means that it works with devices on any major carrier network such as AT&T Wireless. T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Why have I not heard about it before?

Sorry, we're still working on reducing the lack of awareness that exists regarding Many people experience cellular signal issues on the road but aren't aware that there is a solution available at Many people will blame their carrier or phone for dropped calls or weak cell signal. Often, they react by changing cellular carriers to try to resolve their problem but realize afterwards that the problem lies mostly in building and vehicle materials that block signals - or other factors such as trees, hills, valleys that attenuate signals. A cell phone signal booster can help resolve these problems. Contact us for details.

One Answer For All These Questions:


In what type of vehicle are you looking to improve cell phone signal? Do you primarily mount your cell phone for hands-free operation while driving? How many phone or cellular devices are you hoping to boost in your vehicle? Do you need better cell signal mostly when traveling in rural areas, going camping in the mountains or driving on the freeway?


Our signal boosters work in any type vehicle, they work wirelessly so you can continue to place your cell on mount or holder you currently use, and they boost multiple phones in vehicle simultaneously wherever your trip takes you - even the most rural and remote areas in North America.

weBoost Drive Reach and Fleet

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  • This looks like a deluxe model that will take care of anyone’s cell phone boosting needs. This page has a thorough profile of what the booster is and how it operates. I like the installation video too because it shows how easy it is to put the booster in. Vehicle signal boosters look to be one of the easiest boosters to install.

    Claire P. on
  • Carol makes a good point but I’m the kind of person who realizes things often should be one way (cell phones that work well wherever you go) and the way they actually are (cell phones don’t always work well due to a number of wild cards such as the distance from a cell tower or just bad weather). I need a cell phone booster for my car and it’s only a case of what is the best fit for me (one that boosts one phone or one that boosts multiple phones).

    Bobby Marshall on
  • When I’m thinking about what the best cell phone booster is for my car, I think about one that will boost all the devices in my vehicle. I know there are economical models that only boost one phone, but I like having one that can help out anyone in my car. Everyone is on a phone when they’re in the car so why not get a good signal for everyone?

    Carol Seitz on

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