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Small Company in Florida Eliminates Slow Data and Dropped Calls

Jul 10, 2017

Small Company in Florida Eliminates Slow Data and Dropped Calls

A Case Study.

The Total Building Environment South, Inc. Company installed zBoost SOHO cellular signal booster, perfectly eliminating slow data and dropped calls issues.

Customer Details.

The coverage for Sprint and other carriers in Pinellas County, FL was so bad that getting a single bar was usually by sheer luck. Dropped calls were the order of the day. The small company needed a cell phone signal booster that would work with all carriers around to enhance the slow data and end the problem of missed calls.

Major Concern.

Find a reliable cell phone voice booster and cell phone data booster capable of ending the problem of dropped calls and slow internet across the premises.

Proposed Solution.

Dropped calls, terrible coverage and slow data speeds in mind, the small company sought a reliable signal booster. After combing through lots of low quality repeaters their eyes fell on the zBoost SOHO wireless signal booster. Less than 20 minutes of complete installation later, the small company from Florida was ready to transform its business communication in both voice and data.

About Total Building Environment South.

The Total Building Environment South Company is based in Pinellas County, FL. It offers total solutions in building automation, systems integration, CCTV systems, power monitoring and access control systems, among others. Dropped calls and slow data had a direct effect on their company considering the type of products they offered.

About zBoost.

Since 2002, zBoost has been offering cell phone signal amplifying products to businesses, homes, vehicles to M2M uses. The company has won lots of awards and its signal boosters don’t obstruct carrier signals or framework.

Post Installation Results.

  • 4-5 bar consistent signal.
  • Great reliable coverage and reception.
  • Faster data speeds.
  • Zero dropped calls.


Facing problems with your cellular signal reception in your business, office, home or car? is a zBoost’s authorized dealer, installer and reseller. Provide your location information and requirements and the most effective system will be designed to meet your needs. The quote will include equipment cost and installation within the fastest timeframe.


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  • This story shows how more businesses are turning to cell phone boosters to help with their communication problems. I haven’t worked in an office in decades, but I hear more places are having workers use cell phones. Naturally, if the cell phones can’t get a signal, you can’t do much work.

    Barry LaBelle on
  • When my friends and I talk about our cell phones, the number one complaint (besides monthly bills) is “My phone keeps dropping calls on AT&T” or “Verizon has been dropping calls lately.” It’s not limited to any one company, but seems to affect every carrier. Two questions my friends ask are “what causes dropped calls” and (naturally) “How to fix dropped calls.” Dropped calls as noted, are caused by dead zones. You might have a strong signal in one area only to get no signal somewhere else and that’s it for your call. Now imagine you own a business and you are getting bad cell phone reception. People are using cell phones much more for business, so you want to maintain a strong signal throughout your place of business. A cell phone booster will power up your signal so it’s consistent (this also works well for home which is nice to have too). This is another case story I’ve read showing these things really work, whether it’s for home, car, or business.

    David M. Johnson on
  • 4-5 bars sounds like an impossible dream. I doubt if I’ll ever hit the lottery, but at least I can relax knowing how to improve my cell phone signal strength. I can say I’d be very happy knowing the bars are full and people can hear me (even if they don’t want to). Can’t wait to see. Who knows, maybe I’ll win the Power Ball too!

    Ryan Hoover on
  • Anyone remember those cigarette commercials, “You’ve come a long way baby?” While cell phones have come a long way (who would have thought cell phones would be mini-computers like the tricorders on “Star Trek: The Original Series”?), reception is still an issue, particularly indoors. I like the concept of the cell phone booster and think every business should have one, regardless of whether you rely primarily on land lines or not. Kudos to this Florida company for stepping up.

    Michael Rickard on

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