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SureCall Signal Booster Advantages (Versus Other Brands)

Jan 10, 2019

SureCall Signal Booster Advantages (Versus Other Brands)

Many companies promote their product advantages using words like "quality" or "cost-effective", but it is rare to find both in the same sentence. Fortunately, SureCall can truthfully make that rare claim combining both high quality and cost-effective value into their full line of signal boosters. It passes these advantages on to consumers and end users for mobile, home, in-building, M2M (machine-to-machine) and direct connect applications for cellular signal boosters.

There are distinct reasons which make SureCall cellular signal boosters and accessories (including antennas, cables and connectors) better than any other in the wideband booster market.

The outer casing: All SureCall cellular signal boosters are built with aluminum alloy shells surrounding their inner workings. While they may look nice, beware of cellular boosters in plastic cases. Metal is much better at dissipating heat which is an important part of cellular booster functionality. Obviously, metal is more durable than plastic, so SureCall booster metal casings provide a dual advantage to plastic cased competitive models.

Inside the booster: SureCall signal boosters are built using compartmentalized design. Their Enterprise boosters have a linear design which allows them to handle multitudes of simultaneous users. They design their boosters using these proven methods to provide users with the best cellular reception and most power with the least amount of oscillation.

Boosters that do not use these design elements may provide the same decibels, or dBs, which is the easiest way to gauge a booster's power. Lesser quality boosters built without these elements, however, may work great boosting one cellular call, but they quickly lose power when two or more simultaneous calls are being made or received.

The other advantage of compartmentalized and linear designed boosters is that they minimize oscillation, or noise, to the cellular towers. Boosters built without these design safeguards are less effective and have a greater tendency to reduce reception clarity and carry that noise to the cellular towers, which the carriers do not like.

Adjustable Gain: One of the main advantages that SureCall can safely claim is first-to-market innovation. SureCall was the first company to manufacture cellular signal boosters with adjustable dB gain. Because cellular or wireless technology is not as stable as cable technology, there are a variety of factors that can affect cellular and data reception success. Providing boosters with adjustable dB gain though the use of dials or dip switches is another way SureCall ensures its products and their users will receive the best, most enhanced cellular reception on the market.

LTE/ 4G/ 5G: The foreseeable future of mobile technology is the ability to upload and download data with your 4G or 5G cell phone/ smart phone. While being the first booster company to develop a 5G signal booster, it was also the first company to introduce 4G specific boosters for Verizon LTE, AT&T LTE, T-Mobile AWS and Sprint WiMax. SureCall was also the first to develop a self-contained 5-band booster, the Force-5, with dual-band frequencies for 2G through 3G and LTE and AWS for Verizon, AT&T and T- Mobile 4G. At one-fifth the cost and a fraction of the size of the next closest competitive model, it puts a cost-effective, all-in-one solution in the hands of medium-sized businesses, as well as the largest buildings and corporate campuses.

With the Fusion 5s, 5x and Force 5, SureCall has developed a five-band booster that even small businesses and larger homes can afford to enhance voice and data cellular service. They take cost-effective cellular amplification to the next level with SureCall signal boosters.

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  • If I were a judge, I’d say you made a strong case in support of signal booster’s SureCall products and why they are superior to other brands. I’m not an electronics expert, but you explained things well. This article provides some good reasons on why people should consider the SureCall line.

    Barry Owens on
  • I don’t take any advertisement as Gospel but I do give it more credit when they specify what makes it better than Brand X. The question of what is the best cell phone booster isn’t relevant to me because I’m not spending extra money for something my phone should already do.

    Lucy Lincoln on
  • SureCall has been around and they seem like they’re on the stick when it comes to keeping up on technological trends. Otherwise they wouldn’t be the first outfit to have a 5G booster. I’ve heard that 5G isn’t everything it’s sliced up to be (most new tech usually isn’t as it has bugs to hammer out) so a booster might be good.

    Duncan Edwards on

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