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Texas Manufacturing Facility Signal Booster Installation Case Study

Feb 06, 2019

Texas Manufacturing Facility Signal Booster Installation Case Study

Being a Texas signal booster installer, was approached by a Conroe, Texas manufacturing facilty management personnel to help fix weak cellular reception inside building due to its metal roof and concrete walls.

Location Details.

A Conroe, Texas factory needed a reliable working cellular signal inside its facility. Two SureCall Force 5 2.0 systems in two floors completely transformed the facility resulting in quality and reliable cell phone coverage around the manufacturing establishment.

Major Concern.

This manufacturing facility required a reliable and quality cell phone signal service to efficiently run their business, access data, voice and text services, reliably. A cellular coverage problem meant the facility couldn't run smoothly even with some kind of signal on the outside. Considering a proper and efficient running manufacturing unit with safety and communication dependent upon a proper cellular reception inside the facility, a solution was highly needed. A complete site survey established that the manufacturing facility's main cellular signal problem was largely due to its thick concrete walls and metal roof resulting in a very poor interior cell reception.


A detailed site survey established the problem. The building construction and structural integrity of the manufacturing facility, while laudable, was the reason for the poor cellular reception. After the survey and tests two systems were recommended for the first and second floor. The two systems included 2 x SureCall Force 5 2.0 amplifier with a 4-dome antennas on the first floor and 5-dome antennas on the second floor. Examination around the facility indicated the two systems and accompanying accessories would be efficient to alleviate the cell phone coverage issues.


After the completion of the installation around the manufacturing facility, a test was done. The result was a highly satisfying, reliable cellular signal around the complex. An excellent coverage in both floors where the signal was extremely weak or almost non-existent was attained. Now the manufacturer is able to carry out its duties and activities without having to worry about dropped calls, low to no data and text services and a risk to its safety.


Whether in a home, vehicle, boat, business establishment or office of any size, you don't really need to suffer the consequences of a poor cellular signal. Safety and communication is key in any place, anywhere. We can help you deal with any cellular coverage issue in your premises, home or business (with solutions for your vehicle or boat as well) within United States and Canada. Get in touch today with the main details of your cell phone signal problem. A site survey, if needed, will be carried superbly and intensively. Then an affordable proposal will be generated, which will include both equipment and installation details to speedily correct your cellular reception problems immediately.

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  • Here we go again. Another installation case study and another case of a building that’s built like a pillbox with thick concrete and metal. No wonder they couldn’t get a good cell phone signal! I’ve read elsewhere that anything as minor as window tinting on a car or home can weaken a signal. Imagine what thick and high-density materials do. I’m glad profiles these cases. I’m hoping more contractors realize what happens when you build fortress-like buildings. LOL.

    Brad Morse on
  • It’s mind-boggling that people still have trouble getting good cell phone signals. I thought by now that there would be reliable networks across North America. Anyone know why this is still a problem? I understand the mechanics behind it (not enough towers, building materials interfering with signals, etc.), but why should people have to get signal boosters installed? Just seems like wireless carriers don’t care.

    Alec Desjardins on
  • I keep seeing articles and “case studies” about Texas residences and businesses that use signal boosters due to problems getting cell phone signals. You’d think that Texas would put up more cell phone towers so people wouldn’t have this problem. What do people do that don’t have the funds to buy a cell phone booster? It sounds unfair to me.

    Megan Woodsworth on
  • I’ve heard about cell phone boosters for office buildings and I wanted to take a look at how they work for manufacturing facilities. Texas is such a big state with so much open space that it has to be difficult to get a strong cellular signal in some places. I can understand why someone would get a booster in Texas.

    The Country Count on

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