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Everything You Need to Know About Wilson Pro Cloud

Feb 07, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Wilson Pro Cloud

Upgraded & Enhanced.

When Wilson Pro Cloud service and Pro 1000C commercial signal booster were launched on September 13, 2018, the WilsonPro Pro 1000 was already one of the most powerful FCC-certified signal boosters in the US. Now after that launch, the Wilson Pro 1000C with remote cloud-monitoring functionality takes this best-in-class cellular signal booster to a new level.

With cloud integration, the amplifier "checks in" at regular intervals to provide real-time performance information, as well as notifications of signal adjustments or if the amplifier has gone off line. Wilson Pro Cloud subscription is included at no extra cost for the first year with purchase of cloud integrated commercial signal boosters such as the Pro 1000C.

More WilsonPro Cloud Benefits:

  • Email notifications and SMS text messages to alert integrators or building managers of events like weak or no signal, if an amplifier goes offline, loss of power, or oscillation (feedback).
  • Remote monitoring through the WilsonPro Cloud. The unit can be turned on and off, reset, or configured via smartphone, ending unnecessary onsite visits and service calls.
  • Access to historical data and information for diagnostics. If a visit is needed, you will know exactly what type of service or repair is needed before you arrive on location. Reports can be generated on amplifier performance with one simple click.
  • Ease of Installation. You can adjust the outside antenna for optimal performance by viewing where the signal is strongest on the WilsonPro Cloud site via phone or tablet.
  • Cloud Solution allows integrators to include a Managed Services piece to their installs, generating additional revenue and adding to value offering.

WilsonPro Cloud technology provides all the quantifiable ROI data you need to justify a brand-new boosting solution.

What is included with Cloud Integrated WilsonPro 1000C Kit?

Wilson Pro 1000C Commercial Signal Booster Kit includes on-building yagi antenna, surge protector, dome antenna, installation cable, and required hardware. Supports bands 700 MHz Lower AB, 700 MHz Upper C, 850 MHz Cellular, 1900 MHZ PCS and 2100 MHz AWS. Professional installation by certified Wilson Pro installer required.

It amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage - including 4G to inside spaces where signals may not penetrate. With new eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology, the amplifier never shuts off due to a strong outside signal or changes in outside signals.

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  • The cloud benefits look extremely beneficial for business owners or site managers that don’t need to be bothered with unnecessary trips to a site to check on a problem with the booster. While I’m sure it’s adjusted into the price, I like that the booster comes with everything—antennas, cables, hardware, and installation by a certified installer

    Emma Becerra on
  • Dave, in regards to your question, “Is this included with the equipment or is there a monthly monitoring fee?”:
    Yes, Wilson Cloud connectivity is included for the 1st year with purchase of Cloud integrable phone booster kit like the 1000c. It can be purchased for subsequent years at $300 per year at

    J.T. Brand on
  • Does WilsonPro have a YouTube channel? More businesses seem to have them for advertising and showing how things work. I’ve seen the cloud being used as a diagnostic tool so it makes it easier for people to monitor their equipment when they’re offsite. It seems like a good idea. Is this included with the equipment or is there a monthly monitoring fee?

    Dave Hidalgo on

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