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Vermont Company Replaces Other Signal Boosters with zBoost

Aug 10, 2017

Vermont Company Replaces Other Signal Boosters with zBoost

A Case Study.

Jason Lewis Glass Company in Wells, Vermont replaced unsuccessful signal boosters with zBoost and immediately eliminated the issue of static and unclear phone calls.

Customer Details.

The glassblower company had tried lots of cell phone signal boosters before with great claims though the results were very poor. Previous purchases had failed and the problem of unclear and static phone calls was still present. The rural American company needed a signal booster that would guarantee full bars indoors, better data exchange and make calls as clear as possible.

Major Concern.

Find a better solution for static calls and phone calls that were not clear, and raise the Smartphone bars from 0-1 to full 5 bars.

Proposed Solution.

After previous disappointments with signal boosters, the glassblower was still without clear cell phone calls and better data service. The zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster was proposed to allow multiple-user usage for all cellular mobile devices and all U.S. carriers. After the installation of the zBoost cell phone repeater, Jason Lewis Glass is ready to handle any form of data or voice communication.

About Jason Lewis Glass.

Jason Lewis Glass is based in Wells, Vermont. The glassblower offers orbs, handcrafted authentic glassware, jewelry, glowing services, vessels and paperweights. Calls from customers are a critical component of the business and the weak cell signal was affecting their business.

About zBoost.

Award winning zBoost offers top quality and globally praised cell phone signal boosters for use in vehicles, businesses and homes. For 15 years, the signal amplifier maker has offered great signal boosters that never get in the way of a carrier’s reception.

Post Installation Results.

  • Coverage shot from 0-1 to full bars after installation of the zBoost cell phone signal booster.
  • Every room covered.
  • Voice and data signal indoors increased.
  • Dropped, missed and static calls problem eliminated.


Does your home, business or vehicle have the same cellular signal challenges? is a zBoost retailer, installer and dealer. With your requirements and location details, the best system will be designed for you to rapidly deal with your signal reception issue. The quote also includes installation and equipment breakdown.


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  • Too bad that Zboost has been discontinued. I recall reading some excellent reviews a while back, but that was back when this report was first put online. A lot changes in four years as we’ve seen with other technologies.

    Arlene Jeffries on
  • The case studies I’ve read here have been helpful in showing me how cell phone boosters work, and how cell phone boosters can help you get the best signals in rural areas. Here, you have a company in a rural location looking for a FCC certified signal booster. The problem is the one they get installed doesn’t work. That’s got to be frustrating when you pay money to solve a problem and nothing happens. It sounds like the Zboost antenna upgrade worked. It also sounds like if a person has a problem with a zboost not working, there are zboost troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. I like a company that stands behind their product so not only did this customer get their problem fixed, but they have a reliable firm helping them.

    Karl Schleslinger on
  • It must have been a painful experience for this outfit when they were looking how to increase cell phone signal strength and going through various cell phone signal boosters. I hope they were able to get refunds on their purchases. It always makes sense to research new technology before you implement it. Read reviews, talk to people, do whatever you can to expand your knowledge.

    Gene Klein on
  • This is something anyone in a rural area should look into. When cell phone companies seem in no rush to provide more coverage, what do you do? This seems like a good option for people who can’t make calls or get fuzzy reception. Anyone else have experience with a signal booster?

    Bob D'Acosta on

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