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Washington State Teleworker Job Saved by zBoost Signal Booster

Aug 04, 2017

Washington State Teleworker Job Saved by zBoost Signal Booster

A Case Study.

Teleworker from Washington State’s Mt. Baker in Snoqualmie National Forest chose zBoost 545 Dual Band Signal Booster to improve 0-33% cell signal strength to impressive 3-4 bars.

Customer Details.

Having left the city for a heavily forested area to largely work from home, the signal strength moved from 82-100 percent to a disturbing 0-33% percent with only a small spot in the dining room having some form of cell signal. A solution that would raise the cell phone coverage considerably in the house was required to allow seamless voice and data exchange.

Major Concern.

Find a working signal booster supporting all carriers nearby, and support diverse mobile phone devices by enhancing both voice and data in a rural densely forested area.

Proposed Solution.

The teleworker researched heavily and came across the zBoost 545 Dual Band Booster. After it was shipped, he tested the different sections of his house indoors and outdoors and settled on the center deck as the perfect place for antenna mounting. Before the cell phone signal booster, the area was receiving 0-33 percent signal strength at best. As soon as the installation was complete, 3-4 bars were registered and both calls and data services have never been better.

About the Teleworker.

He had moved into the densely forested area of Snoqualmie National Forest/Mt Baker in Washington State with 0-33 percent cell phone signal strength.

About zBoost.

Apart from offering top quality and international standard cell phone signal boosters since 2002, zBoost reception amplifier products don’t interfere with the signal of the carrier. zBoost quality products have won the company lots of globally acclaimed awards across North America.

Post Installation Results.

  • After installation, 3-4 bars have remained consistent.
  • House has excellent coverage now, saving the job of the work from home teleworker.
  • Calls and data transmission are clear with zero dropped calls.


Having the same cellular reception problems in your business, home, church or vehicle?  Contact today, zBoost’s authorized dealer, installer and retailer, with your location and requirement information today. The best signal booster system will be designed just for you to swiftly deal with reception issues. Quote includes the equipment and installation details.


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  • I’ve read how terrain (hills, trees, mountains, etc.) can interfere with cell phone signals. It’s likely that this person in Washington also lived far away from a cell tower which made getting a good signal tougher. Bad weather doesn’t help so I understand why he had poor coverage and purchased the Zboost booster.

    Kara Simpson on
  • I was looking for a zboost cell phone booster review when I came across this good news.You read a lot of stories about people losing their jobs to a machine, but you don’t read many where a machine saves their job. I think it’s amazing how a z boost antenna (and a cell phone booster that came with it) helped this person keep their job. From what I’ve heard, the zboost manual is helpful and zboost troubleshooting is user friendly so you can make any necessary adjustments.

    Hector Ayala on
  • I’ve heard of people who like to move somewhere remote, but never something as remote as this person. I guess some people really like their solitude. If you’re going out that far, you need a strong signal and I can’t picture any cell phone picking up a strong signal in a remote area like the above. Sounds like getting a cell phone signal booster was the perfect thing for this guy looking to make his cell phone amplify its signals. Can’t imagine life out there without one.

    Lamont Keller on
  • Very cool. Who would have thought? Actually, it makes sense that a heavily wooded area might be difficult for reception. I always think of remote open areas as being poor for cell phone reception, but I’m sure those heavy trees don’t help any. It seems like more people are discovering the bonuses of boosting signals with these wonderful devices.

    Bob D'Acosta on

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