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Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

May 08, 2018

Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

This blog has been written to provide feedback received from customers regarding purchase & installation of Wilson Pro signal boosters. This Wilson Pro cell phone signal booster reviews blog post details various aspects of Wilson Pro boosters that customers have liked or disliked over long period of use versus immediate review posted after having it installed professionally by certified installers, for the first time.

How much do Wilson Pro signal boosters cost? The cost ranges based on the model chosen (see links to product descriptions of models Pro 70/ 1000/ 1000r/ 1050/ 4000 or 4000r). It ranges from approx. $1000 for the basic Wilson Pro 70 to approx. $10,000 for Wilson Pro 4000r. Please note that these commercial signal booster kits require professional system design and installation by certified installers. Therefore, an additional installation cost based on location requirements must be factored in. Please submit install estimate request with location details for a free system design and quotation for installing the most suitable Wilson Pro model.

With over 50 years of history, Wilson Electronics has been in the business of ensuring people connect, communicate and interact without hindrances from low and poor cellular signal. Wilson has more than 40 cellular reception-boosting patents and continually developing to meet ever-changing complex technology in use every day. Whether in small or large building, a quality cell phone signal is highly critical.

Wilson Pro ensures every building no matter its size has a high quality, reliable and effective cellular signal - efficient enough to allow multiple users to use air cards, tablet computers, cell phones, Smartphones among other devices. With the 5G LTE speeds already being tested for release, Internet of Things (IoT) is big and already transforming companies in North America. Wilson has wonderful IoT/ATM and vending machine cellular signal boosters that also works with other highly technical machine to machine technologies already transforming companies.

#1 Wilson Pro 70

Perfect cell phone signal booster to enhance cellular signal in small business, large homes and diverse areas where poor, weak or low cell phone signal is affecting communication and quality of life. Wilson Pro 70 can possibly provide coverage of up to 25,000 square feet with strong signal outside. It is assembled, engineered and designed within United States. This cell phone signal booster improves diverse voice and data networks from 2G, 3G to 4G LTE.

Wilson Pro 70 Reviews: What users are saying.

Herbert from Illinois: After installing Pro 70 we had our signal strength improving from almost dead cell signal to 4 bars indoors! We can't be grateful enough.

Rosie from Maryland: In our home we have tin roof buildings renovated lately with tin walls as well. Wilson Pro 70 was installed and 4G LTE + 3G signals have since been a constant 3 bars; serving us perfectly on multiple phones from almost no bar at all.

Additional Benefits.

  • Kits includes all required installation parts
  • Enhances cell phone signal for all cellular devices and phones.
  • Guarantees better internet, talk and text.
  • Perfect for industrial warehouses, underground parking establishments, large multi-story structures, hotels, hospitals and large offices, among others.
  • Ensures reliable reception throughout the establishment.
  • Extends devices battery life.
  • Guarantees more bars.
  • Faster downloads and uploads.
  • Dead zones are heavily reduced.
  • FCC and industrial Canada certified.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Expansion kits for greater coverage available whenever needed.

#2 Wilson Pro 70 Plus

For commercial spaces of up to 50,000 square feet stricken by low cellular signal, Wilson Pro 70 Plus remains a quality choice. It is sold as a complete kit with all the needed installation parts to have it up and running fast when installed by a certified installer. The cell phone reception booster guarantees quality and reliable 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks for carriers in Canada and United States.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Reviews: What users are saying.

Christian from St Louis: At our 48,000 square foot aircraft hangar, we had almost no cell signal. After some research and recommendation, Wilson Pro 70 Plus was installed. We have not had a single signal bar dropping ever since and the signal is so excellent our cellphones and iPads are all benefitting!

Eure: We converted a huge warehouse into a large ballroom. It is made up of solid concrete walls and supported by thick metal. We went for Pro 70 Plus and we're now experiencing top bars and improved cell phone signal indoors than outside.

Gary: Cannot say thank you for Pro 70 Plus enough! Living in isolated rural America meant we couldn't even use Smartphones. However, the cellular booster has changed all this and even our Internet speeds have tripled making them speedier than satellite speeds.

Clint: After dissatisfaction with a previous cellular signal booster, we installed Pro 70 Plus. Our metal roof was affecting our business since no calls could go through. After installation and set up, the signal is no longer affected by the metal roofing and outside signal is not even close to the indoor one.

Tyler from Canada: No regrets with the Pro 70 Plus. Our data center required an enhanced cell phone signal. We had it installed. The cell phone signal has improved so much we're considering installing the same in all our data sites in Canada.

Additional Benefits.

  • Boosts cellular reception inside large areas and large buildings.
  • Kit comes with needed antennas.
  • Large scale booster installation expansion kits available.
  • Has a 3-year warranty.
  • Certified by Industry Canada and FCC.
  • Compatible with cellular devices and carriers in Canada and US.
  • Includes integrated power meter.
  • Extends cellular devices battery life.
  • Has a digital display for automatic gain control.
  • Great for high reception traffic areas such as cities.
  • Range increase capacity through high downlink and uplink power.
  • Doesn't interfere with reception from other cellular towers.

#3 Wilson Pro 4000

A top quality commercial grade cellular signal booster, Wilson Pro 4000 is a wall mountable amplifier unit perfect for use in large building spaces and covers entire buildings. With 140,000 square feet coverage it is superb for offices, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, among other large properties. It amplifies 2G, 4G LTE and 3G networks for voice and data.

Wilson Pro 4000 Reviews: What users are saying.

Shane L.: Our commercial building is about 40,000 square feet and we needed a quality cell phone signal booster to help us deal with signal strength problems. Wilson Pro 4000 was recommended and we had it installed. The results are worth dancing for, and our cellular connection has improved so much indoors. We recommend it highly, especially to businesses with large spaces.

Additional Benefits:

  • Cellular devices battery life extended.
  • Booster certified for use in US by FCC and Industry Canada in Canada.
  • Includes XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology to guarantee un-interfered connectivity.
  • Onboard software simplifies device control.
  • Features Automatic Gain Control System.
  • Assures a strong, effective, reliable and sure connection in areas with poor cellular signals.
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and cell carriers in North America.
  • Kits also includes lightning surge protector.
  • Features adjustable highest uplink and downlink power.

#4 Wilson Pro 4000r

The first ever rack mounted cell phone signal booster, Wilson Pro 4000R is a professional commercial grade amplifier incorporating different repeaters feeding on four inside antennas. It improves 4G LTE, 3G and 2G voice and data networks of all Canadian and United States carriers. With strong signals outside, it can possibly boost cellular signals inside buildings of up to 140,000 square feet through a single unit.

Wilson Pro 4000r Reviews: What users are saying.

Chuck K.: From our older facility we thought it was better we enhanced the cellular signal that was almost unhelpful. We were informed of Wilson Pro 4000R rack mounted model and we loved it. After installation we're able to use cell phones across the entire old facility even in lobbies and offices.

Mark: I work as a professional cell phone signal boosters installer locally. I suggested the Pro 4000R for a local business client with a large office building. The cellular signal booster is terrific! The big space on the inside now has reliable and strong signal strength. The client is very satisfied.

Extra Advantages.

  • Covers up to 140,000 square feet spaces.
  • Extends cell phone devices battery life.
  • Has a color toggle LCD screen.
  • Rack mounted easy set up.
  • Industry Canada and FCC certified.
  • Adjustable highest uplink and downlink power.
  • Includes a lower shutdown and overload threshold.
  • Provided with a 3-year warranty.
  • Data transfers are tidier and rapid.
  • Features Automatic Gain Control System.
  • Compatible with all cellular networks in North America.
  • Includes Extra Dynamic Range guaranteeing continuous reception.
  • Easily fits in any server rack during installation.
  • Onboard software controls antenna paths automatically and independently.

#5 Wilson Pro 1000

A wall mountable amplifier unit, Wilson Pro 1000 is perfect for boosting cellular reception in weak areas of North America for up to 75,000 square feet spaces. This powerful cell phone signal repeater improves 4G LTE, 3G and 2G data and voice networks on all cell carriers in Canada and United States. Pro 1000 is perfect for boosting cellular signal in large commercial buildings, large homes, warehouses, big offices, among others.

Wilson Pro 1000 Reviews: What users are saying.

Olivia: At first we had a different cellular signal booster but didn’t work. We went for the Wilson Pro 1000 expecting better and were not disappointed! Our signal strength has improved a lot and it was installed professionally with wires hidden.

John: Our large business space requires a better working cellular signal on the inside. The technician suggested Wilson Pro 1000. The box seems large but the cell phone signal has tremendously improved our calls, data processing and texting is no longer the same.

Farideh: Our Boston school gymnasium is gigantic and faced cellular signal problems from onset. We spoke with a professional who recommended Pro 1000 after some survey and tests. Since then the cell phone signal is no longer in contention and no issue reported.

Additional Benefits:

  • Includes Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) technology preventing booster shutdown and overload.
  • Compatible with all cell devices and cellular networks in North America.
  • Comes with 3-year warranty.
  • Certified in US by FCC and Industry Canada in Canada.
  • Deals effectively with lost connections and dropped calls problems.
  • Ensures connection remains reliable and sure even in remote areas with poor coverage.
  • Ensures maximum indoor reception every time.
  • Extends cell phone and mobile devices battery life.

#6 Wilson Pro 1000r

Perfect for large indoor spaces in commercial establishments such as hospitals, hotels, warehouses and offices, Wilson Pro 1000R is a unique cost effective solution to poor cell phone signal. Cellular reception is boosted for up to 75,000 square feet. Pro 1000R enhances 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks for voice and data across all carriers and devices in North America.

Wilson Pro 1000r Reviews: What users are saying.

Adam: Our large office space required a better cell phone signal booster and a rack mounted one was recommended. Wilson Pro 1000R was installed and our sales reps are enjoying using cell phones and mobile gadgets to make calls and browse the Internet to meet our clients' needs. We're very happy with the installation.

A.G.: Building required particularly effective cell phone reception amplifier fit for our marketing company due to signal strength problems. Wilson Pro 1000R was found to be the better of many, and consequently installed. We have had no issues since, and our marketing professionals are able to use phones to call and process data without any problem..

More Benefits.

  • Rack mounted set up easy to install.
  • Easy to manage with Onboard Software.
  • Includes XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Amplifier comes with color LCD.
  • Highest downlink and uplink power.
  • Data transfer cleaner and speedier.
  • Shutdown and overload threshold low.
  • Covers maximum 75,000 square feet space.
  • Includes Automatic Gain Control System.
  • Offers reliable, fast and strong reception even in remote areas with poor signal.
  • Compatible with all cell carriers in United States and Canada.
  • Certified by Industry Canada and FCC.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


Wilson Pro cell phone signal boosting systems are highly effective in eliminating dead zones inside buildings and large indoor spaces. Just like consumer grade signal booster systems, they do require reception outside to boost signal reception indoors. Professional installation is required by certified cellular phone signal booster installers. Wilson Pro signal booster reviews are good, meaning that all WilsonPro models perform well based on amplifier power grade model chosen.

Need help with WilsonPro cell phone signal booster system design and/or require professional certified cell phone signal booster installers across the nation within USA & Canada? Call for FREE consultation: 1-855-846-2654. Or to get started, submit reception issue details for quote of Wilson signal booster installation service within United States and Canada.

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  • I’ve heard some good things about Wilson Pro and now I’ve heard even more good things about their products. One thing I don’t like to see is when someone gets a cell phone signal booster and it doesn’t work for them. It’s unfortunate when it happens and I was glad when I saw a customer who went through that finally get some help thanks to a Wilson Pro product.

    Matthew Teranova on
  • By the way, what’s the best cell phone signal booster for Verizon phones? That’s actually not even an issue anymore as when you look for a cell phone signal booster for your home, they work for all the carriers out there. Likewise if you’re looking for the best one for your car, it’s going to work on Verizon, Sprint, etc. What you want to do is find the best cell phone booster for your needs (such as if you’re looking for the best one for rural areas). You don’t have to find the best for Verizon, just the best cell phone booster for your needs (and of course, budget).

    T.J. Cameron on
  • I like to read reviews so I can get a better idea of what a product claims to do and what it actually does. Whether it’s something like this Wilson cell phone booster or something mundane like a stain remover, I enjoy comparing the hype and the reality. Cell phone signal boosters are something that are supposed to help people who experience bad cell phone reception and slow data speeds. They sound good, but I want to look into them closer before I shell out the cash. By the way, what’s the best cell phone signal booster for Verizon phones?

    Arturo Sanchez on
  • From what I’ve read, Wilson cell phone boosters have a good reputation so when I saw more Wilson amplifier reviews here, I had to check them out. For me, the biggest reason you want to get a cell phone booster is because cell phones just haven’t reached the point where you can use them like traditional landlines in terms of call audio quality and not getting disconnected. I think it’s great that cell phones can do so many things like download music, get you directions, and so much more. However, these are so-so also because cell phones just haven’t reached a point where they do what they’re presented as doing. Anyone who’s made a call somewhere remote can tell you cell phones can be more frustrating than helpful. Now imagine that in a large building or large indoor space where you have multiple people trying to get things done. What’s the sense of having cell phones if they’re not working 100%? That’s why cell phone boosters come in handy. They will make your cell phone work like it’s supposed to, i.e. make calls without getting disconnected, provide clear audio quality, and provide fast data speeds. Cell phone boosters truly make cell phones into powerful devices.

    Joseph D. Wells on

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