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weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

May 09, 2018

weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

This blog has been written to provide feedback received from customers regarding purchase & installation of weBoost signal boosters. This weBoost cell phone signal booster reviews blog post details various aspects of weBoost boosters that customers have liked or disliked over long period of use versus immediate review posted after receiving the product and trying it out once, for the first time. They include different types of weBoost in-building models as well as different type of weBoost in-vehicle model kits.

In most of United States, lots of areas can boast quality internet and cell phone network access. However, in huge tracts of rural North America, including cities and towns, the story isn't the same. It is even worse while driving across United States & the vast north - Canada. Getting a quality signal booster on your cell phone can be a tall order due to diverse reasons, from building materials, natural terrain like mountains and even trees and distance from cellular towers. These affect the quality of your cellular signal whether on your truck, vehicle, boat, home or business premises.

The story changes with weBoost signal cell phone boosters. weBoost signal amplifiers have been around North America since 1999. By listening to customers and designing signal boosters needed, weBoost cellular signal amplifiers now include vehicle cellular signal boosters of all types. Whether on your favorite car on a road trip across the United States or Canada, at home, warehouse or office, weBoost cell phone signal boosters can help transform your weak cellular coverage into full bars on cell phone, Smartphone, Tablet among other mobile devices.

Here're top choices including response from users on weBoost cellular signal booster performance.

  1. Drive 4G-X

Now known as weBoost Drive X, weBoost Drive 4G-X reviews indicate their satisfaction with weBoost's Drive 4G-X.  Browse allweBoost Drive Wilson cellular signal amplifiers including new and refurbished ones.

weBoost Drive 4G-X reviews:

Remote Worker in Alberta Canada: Works amazing in a Sportsmobile van aiding my remote work. Going off grid to work was really frustrating and sometimes got a single LTE bar around Banff National Park, which was highly unreliable. After purchasing the 4G-X and setting it up on my van, the network rose from 1 bar to a whopping 4 LTE bars.

Trehki in Wyoming: I was completely taken aback by the signal increase after setting up the 4G-X on my pickup truck. The signal rose from 20dB to a high of 60dB and seems like the worst the cellular coverage, the better the booster works.

Chris in Texas: I work in West Texas remote region where the signal is either nonexistent or very little. After getting the 4G-X, I'm now enjoying a reliable signal even where there was none. It was impossible to do anything with my cell phone but now I can even text without a problem. Recommend it for those working in West Texas oilfields.

Commit Outdoors in Lake Geneva Wisconsin: I spend days and weeks off grid and hunting activities takes me to the remotest mountains where cellular coverage is inconceivable. However, Drive 4G-X makes all the difference by amplifying the signal enough to email, text and make phone calls. Great signal booster for hunters and outdoors people. I recommend it to help you keep in touch in case of emergency and with families.

Paxton in Kuparuk Alaska: I love 4G-X! Work in a remote Alaskan oilfield where the booster has allowed me to keep in touch on the cellphone with my family without worries.

Mtngonzo in Louisville Colorado: We're constantly on the fringes of cell phone services but the weBoost signal booster offers us a larger range.

Stan in Medford Oregon: I was in a national forest road camping and had mechanical problems in my truck. I was forced to call a tow company three times in less than 10 days and could have been totally stranded were not for the Drive 4G-X.

Jim in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin: I have used both AT&T and T-Mobile and seen enhanced services on my boat. Now have Drive 4G-X in all my cars.

Great Benefits.

weBoost Drive 4G-X is a unique vehicle signal booster and a 4G professional grade amplifier. It is currently heavily in use among first responders across North America to help enhance cell reception while driving across diverse terrains. Assures fastest 4G, 3G and 2G network speeds, multi-user capability and a maximum of 50dB gain.

Drive 4G-X heavily enhances cellular coverage for all cell carriers in United States & Canada, plus offers USA based reliable customer support. It comes with everything you need to install, including easy to follow instructions. Device is FCC & IC certified. It extends signal over 32 times inside your RV, van, truck or normal car.

Extra benefits.

Drive 4G-X extends the cell phone signal range. It also offers very consistent cell phone and data speeds as well as rapid data download. In the weakest signal areas, extra 120 minute-talk time may be achieved. Simply plug the weBoost's Drive 4G-X in the 12 volts DC power supply of your vehicle. Once the magnetic antenna has been placed on the vehicle roof, the wireless signal will improve even when on the road.

  1. weBoost Home 4G

Now known as weBoost Home Room, hundreds of customers have purchased the weBoost Home 4G and offer diverse accolades on its ability to enhance the cell phone signal at home.

Few weBoost Home 4G reviews are shown below.

Tomjan in Dry Fork Arizona: A pacemaker was installed in my wife and the monitor demands a reliable cellular service in communication with the physician. Since we didn't have a working cell service at home and live in a remote rural area where cellular reception is very poor (-121 dBm signal strength) and suffer the scourge of dropped calls, we went for the Home 4G. In the process we have seen a huge change where we get 4G LTE in 2-3 bars and 3G network services. Signal strength has also improved to an average of -98dBm on the lower side and -108 dBm, which actually allows the pacemaker to work properly.

TK in Oregon: We had zero cell service inside the house and unreliable signal outside. We never thought there was any signal booster able to work in our neighborhood. However, after gambling with the Home 4G, we have been rewarded with highly reliable cell service all over the house.

Jared in Farmersville Texas: I was skeptical when we bought the Home 4G for our hills and trees surrounded home. Initially, weBoost signal boost gave us zero but we read the setup information clearly and mounted the antenna to a better telescoping pole 50 feet high. We also used Open Signal app to find closest tower. After making all adjustments and powering the cellular signal booster, we hit 3 bars of reliable 4G LTE with 20mbps download data speeds and 5mbps upload speeds.

River Rat in Gasconade, Missouri: We couldn't get proper cell signal to make a call. Worked only occasionally in our weekend home. After setting up Home 4G we're now enjoying 4-5 bars. Able to text and call normally. Able to connect easily to the Internet. Saves us lots of dollars monthly since we don't need a landline.

Trehki in Laramie Wyoming: I installed Home 4G for my basement office with an external antenna mounted on the wall outside the house using a cable. I didn't even target the nearest cellular tower but immediately got a 40dB gain and I'm now enjoying a reliable cell signal so much better than the outside back yard cell phone signal.

Shannon from Jacksboro Texas: Before buying Home 4G for our home, calling on cell phones or browsing the internet wasn't possible. I bought the cell phone signal booster 12 months ago and our cellular signal has been perfect since day one.

Scott from Pebble Beach California: I recommend Home 4G to everyone as I have done to all my friends. Before the cellular signal booster, we had no cell phone service. Now we're enjoying 4G and quality cellular coverage.

Great Benefits.

weBoost Home 4G is a quality cell phone signal booster for use in any home of up to 1,500 square feet offering great 4G speeds for multi-users. It offers 60dB gain. It boosts signals for virtually every U.S. and Canadian cellular carrier. All that is needed to install the signal booster is included, from indoor and outdoor antennas, cable, power supply and much more.

Extra strengths.

Home 4G immediately enhances indoor cell phone data and voice networks ensuring there's a reliable cellular signal. Consistent internet speeds and rapid data downloads are other advantages. It is perfect for one to two rooms in a home or office providing 4G LTE data speeds, quality voice calls and fast texting. Superb for downloading or uploading content at home including enjoying app content such as Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and Spotify. Great results accomplished if the cell phone is within the same room and 1.5 to 2.5 meters from Home 4G amplifier.

  1. weBoost 4G Connect

Now know as weBoost Home MultiRoom, the weBoost 4G Connect has hundreds of verified buyers delighted in its performance and ease of use. Browse allweBoost Connect Wilson cellular signal amplifiers including new and refurbished ones.

Some weBoost 4G Connect reviews are shown below:

James from North Alabama: My signal was a disappointing -116dBm but after installing 4G Connect we are now enjoying -74dBm.

Dan in Texas: Live in a river bottom without reliable cell phone connection. With weBoost Connect we only use indoor antenna and so far so good, enjoying 3-4 4G bars. After using a cellular tower app to tune the antenna, our 4G connection has four green lights.

Chris in New Haven Connecticut: I work in our basement where cell phone signal problems have almost been eternal with just 1 bar. Making conference calls from my basement home office was really hard and needed to move around our home to do this and faced inconveniences from kids, appliances and others. After installing weBoost 4G Connect (with outdoor antenna in the attic, not on the roof) the signal shot from 1 to 4 bars immediately and now I use my home office without any problem.

Boost in Pecos, Texas: We went for weeks with just 1 bar signal strength but after buying the Connect 4G we saw a huge difference at once. We are able to make calls, surf Internet, update our social media pages, upload and download content from our cellular phones.

Huezy in Virginia: We suffered horrible cell phone signal at home and decided to incur extra cost of a Connect 4G system. After setting up indoor antenna and the booster and turning it on, bars shot from 1 to 3 with the last one blinking red and green. We couldn't believe it when we checked and found out that we now had 3G 3-4 bars and 4G 2 bars! Our lives have never been the same again.

Don L. in South East Texas: For 10 years the cell phone signal has been oscillating between 2-3 bars outdoors and 1-2 3G bars indoors. In a storm, the bars dipped to just one indoors and outdoors. After using Open Air application to locate the closest cell towers from the roof, we were able to pick 2-3 3G bars. We bought Connect 4G and used a telescopic pole of 20 feet to mount with an easy set up. Immediately, in just 30 seconds after turning amplifier on, we had 3 bars for 3G and 4 bars 4G LTE across the house of about 2,600 square feet and in every room. The Internet is the best we have ever experienced in our home and streaming movies all the time is sure and fast with 24mbps downloads speed and 4-8mbps upload speed. Data and calls have never been this quick and clear.

Unique benefits.

One of the most effective and affordable cell phone signal booster for homes is weBoost 4G Connect. It covers a space of up to 5,000 square feet for more than one user. Connect 4G is perfect for medium sized offices or homes. The cellular signal amplifier enhances both 3G and 4G LTE signals and works with virtually all networks in United States and Canada. Everything needed for successful installation and use is provided and has been certified by IC & FCC. It works on all mobile cellular gadgets and provides a 65dB maximum gain. The kit includes a power supply, installation manual/instructions, outdoor directional antenna, indoor wall panel antenna and the cell phone signal repeater itself.

  1. weBoost Connect 4G-X

Now simply known as weBoost Installed (includes installation), those who have installed weBoost Connect 4G-X generally claim it is a cell phone signal booster worth its cost.

Read several weBoost Connect 4G-X reviews below.

SJC in Illinois: It works very well and installed a little above the attic floor ceiling. After set up, our cell phone signal improved from just 2 bars to 3-4 bars across entire house. We're actually able to enjoy fast LTE network internet and the speed has doubled.

JH in Northern Nevada: Connect 4G-X is hands down a great investment in a home where the reality was a spotty single bar for LTE and 3G speeds. It took lots of time for a page to load and searching for a signal took minutes. After installing 4G-X, the signal actually moved from -117 and thereabout to a fantastic -90 with 4-5 bars and actually enjoying -75 currently. Living in a very remote area in United States and enjoying such quality internet is indeed fabulous.

Covington in Kentucky: Living on the edge of a quality cellular signal meant we only got 2-3 unreliable bars and a metal roof actually made the signal worse. We installed Connect 4G-X and used a signal strength application to find a quality signal. After installation, we now enjoy 5 bars in every room around the house. Even those visiting the house also enjoy a boosted signal no matter the type of mobile phone they are using or cellular network they are on.

Michael in Kentucky: Live in the hilly and mountainous rural area of Kentucky and our home is right down a valley. Getting a quality cell phone signal has always been a hustle. To text, use data or call I had to go up a 400 foot hill. We bought 4G-X out of sheer desperation and lack of any signal at all to use in the house. Within the valley we could get -144dB to -104dB on a good day. After installation we're now enjoying -91dB to -84dB on average and some LTE though a tad spotty, including two bars on Verizon and AT&T.

R Country in Waverly, Virginia: We live in a rural part of Virginia and to talk on the cell phone you have to go out. Before we installed 4G-X, we only had a single bar of 3G. After installation, we're enjoying 4 bars 4G more than we thought possible.

Colonel Jim in Georgia: Our home is on a mountainous river bank and to access a quality cell phone signal you need to move up the mountain to check email, access data, text or call. I didn't know whether Connect 4G-X could work in such a location but took a chance. The set up was pretty straightforward and we currently enjoy a high quality 4G services across the home where checking email, texting and making calls no longer requires a trip halfway up the mountain.

Unique Benefits.

weBoost Connect 4G-X is an exceptional choice for any space up to 7,500 square feet in size. It has a 70dB maximum gain and arrives in a kit containing outdoor and indoor antennas, power supply, cable and the amplifier. By increasing the cellular signal by 32 times, the cell phone signal amplifier from weBoost allows your bad signal to reach high quality 3G signals and impressive 4G LTE to make calls, access data and text. It works with all cellular carriers in USA & Canada. It effectively amplifies the signal in all mobile devices. It assures consistent data speeds and reliable signal. Connect 4G-X is superb for buildings, offices, apartments and homes. Installation is easy and instructions are provided to ease the process.

  1. Vehicle weBoost Drive Sleek

Hitting the road without a reliable Internet connection and quality cellular signal to text or call can be dangerous. weBoost Drive Sleek is a vehicle cellular signal booster ensuring you always have a reliable connection everywhere. weBoost Drive Sleek reviews are generally very good. See allweBoost Drive Wilson cellular signal boosters including new and refurbished ones.

weBoost Drive Sleek Reviews listed below:

Overland in Florida: Was very skeptical of Drive Sleek initially but after installing the booster, everything changed. From a single bar on my phone, I was able to enjoy 2 bars on 4G and able to access Internet in the heart of nowhere.

Cedric in Georgia: I have always been carrying out conference calls from my car almost daily. In most cases I have had to redial due to dead zones along the way. After installing Drive Sleek, the dead zones have disappeared with a 20dB improvement.

Two-If-Overland a practical nomad: The performance and simplicity of use of Drive Sleek is so unique that whether we're off-road on our recreational vehicle or camping in the woods somewhere, we always stream movies in the middle of nowhere. We also download maps, text and check the weather.

BRN in Utah: Drive Sleek is not just great, easy to set up and use, but also the best companion ever. I spend days to weeks across Uinta Mountains and Drive Sleek has never been unable to pick up a quality signal.

Great Benefits.

weBoost Drive Sleek is a single-user cradle cell phone signal booster allowing you to enjoy 4G speeds while out there in your vehicle. It is perfect for use in your truck or car and amplifies the signal up to 32 times for speedier data speeds, reliable texting and clear calls while improving phone's batter life in areas with a weak signal. Drive Sleek cradle easily holds cell phones of a maximum 7.5 inches in length, including those about 5.1 inches in length. It works with all cellular networks in United States & Canada, and certified by FCC & IC respectively. All you need to install it superbly for better performance is provided and comes with a warranty of two years. The kit includes power supply, outside antenna, booster, magnetic vent mount and Drive Sleek amplifier.

  1. Drive 4G-X OTR Truck

The multi-user truck cell phone signal booster, Drive 4G-X OTR with a 50dB maximum gain is perfect for use in diverse types of vehicles as well. Review allweBoost Drive Wilson cell signal amplifiers including new and refurbished ones.

Read weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR reviews below:

Nhan in Minnesota: Cellular phone companies are releasing 5G network soon and with the Drive 4G-X OTR Truck I can say we're already sorted out.

Tyson Cartell in Ohio: I work in the pipeline and always on the road. The Drive 4G-X OTR Truck is a special booster allowing me to enjoy a working cellular network in the middle of practically nowhere.

Travelling IT Guy in Fort Lauderdale: I'm an IT technician on call all the time. I'm always on the vehicle and camping around central Florida. In the middle of nowhere, I was able to hit 3 bars on 4G allowing me to work and have some fun streaming video. A neighbor in the camp complained of no cellular services and advised him to try calling close to our window and was greeted with a reliable immediate network allowing him to call home. Guys are now hanging around our trailer window to enjoy free cellular signal!

Brian in New York: We love camping when we can and we have learned to bring Drive 4G-X OTR along in the campground. We're always enjoying quality connectivity on the phone and get things done pretty fast through fast data access, quality calls and reliable texting as we bask in the great outdoors.

TMT in Montana: We're always on the truck and running between Wyoming and Montana hauling cattle. Being off the grid for most of the time can be disturbing but the Drive 4G-X OTR has really allowed us to keep in touch and receive cellular service in sections we couldn't before.

Extra Benefits.

Drive 4G-X OTR is a unique multi-user vehicle cellular signal booster certified for use within United States by the FCC. It comes with a 50dB maximum gain and easily improves 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network signals by up to 32 times. 4G-X OTR is perfect for those driving across areas with fewer connections, lots of dead zones and terrible cell phone signal. The cellular amplifier comes with everything you need to install. It works with all carriers in United States and includes a three-way booster mount in the kit. With a 30-60 percent better reach to cellular towers, enjoying reliable connection is easy and works with all types of mobile devices and phones. It is perfect for semi-trucks, heavy duty trucks to 18 wheelers, among others.


weBoost cell phone signal boosting systems are highly effective in eliminating dead zones inside homes, offices, and vehicles such as cars, trucks, and RVs. They do require some reception outside to boost signal inside houses or automobiles. Easy for end-users to install, weBoost booster kits include full list of parts required to install completely using step by step instructions included. weBoost's signal booster reviews are very good meaning they perform well based on the type, grade, and purpose of the respective weBoost model chosen.

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  • I was expecting a half-baked short list of reviews but this impressed me because it included a good mix of different types of cell phone boosters like home boosters and car boosters. Looks like many people have bought cell phone boosters. I just wish there were comments from anyone who had a less than perfect experience. They can’t all be positive reviews.

    Justin Hayes on
  • Cell boosters always looked interesting to me. It’s pretty rare when I get a good signal at home and I’ve heard about boosters for some time. The problem is I don’t know where to begin with putting on in. However, I just saw that you can get a cell booster and installation package, which is right up my alley. Add in the reviews and now you have my interest.

    Tim K. on
  • I am impressed with my We-boost 4G home unit. The only concern I have is the cable coming from the outside antenna to the box inside seems to get extremely hot. Is this common? The box is mounted to the wall & occasionally I will hand tighten connections just to make sure they are secure & I have noticed it gets extremely hot. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    Lee on
  • Can I install a cell phone signal booster by myself? Yes, and you’ll probably be amazed at how easy it is. Residential cell phone signal extenders (also called cell phone boosters) are basic plug and play type devices. The instructions are user friendly and you’ll find instructional videos on this site that show just how easy they are to put into your home. Likewise, with cell phone signal extenders for your car. There are models with and without antennas making for super-easy installation.

    Andrew Fulbright on
  • Can I install a cell phone signal booster by myself?

    Mitchell E. Reynolds on
  • Wilson asks, “Is it safe to go through a car wash with a WeBoost mini magnet antenna on the roof of my car?” I would lean towards caution and say no. Anyone who remembers the days of car antennas and car washes will tell you bad things can happen when you go through a car wash with exterior items on your vehicle. I would recommend removing the magnet mount antenna before washing your car. You should also power down the booster before removing the antenna from the roof. That way, you can place the antenna on the seat and avoid the possibility of a feedback loop condition (this occurs when the two antennas are too close together). When you are done with the wash, replace the antenna on the roof, power up your booster and you’re back in action!

    Sean Colby on
  • Speaking of car cell phone booster…Is it safe to go through a car wash with a weBoost mini magnet antenna on the roof of my car?

    Wilson McTeague on
  • Edwin asks, “What type of information do I need to register it?” Here’s what I’ve found. From what I’ve read, the FCC is making it easier to use cell phone boosters, especially for home use and use in motor vehicles. You shouldn’t have any problem getting it registered. You’re going to want to have the following information when you contact your wireless carrier. Don’t turn on your booster until you register it:
    1. the name of the Consumer Signal Booster owner and/or operator, if different individuals;
    2. the make, model, and serial number of the device;
    3. the location of the device; and
    4. the date of initial operation.

    Gerry Eisenhauer on
  • My policy is read as many reviews as possible before purchasing any piece of technology. I am considering getting a cell phone booster, but I hear you have to register them. What type of information do I need to register it?

    Edwin Willard on
  • If you’re looking for the best cell phone booster for rural areas, I recommend you read these reviews. I like that this blog features reviews from people who have been using weBoost signal boosters for a considerable amount of time. For me, those are the reviews that are important because they are time-tested. And these reviewers are in areas where it sounds like cell phone signal boosters are of the utmost importance. You can’t be driving around in remote areas without the security of knowing your cell phone can reach out to whomever you call. It’s also more than a lifeline though as people rely on their phones for getting information. Excellent concept that sounds like it works fantastically. This looks like a good 4G cell phone booster to investigate.

    Arlen Peterson on

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