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weBoost Home 4G | 470101 (USA)

weBoost Home 4G | 470101 (USA)

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Note: weBoost Home 4G | 470101 (USA) is discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with new version weBoost Home Room | 472120 (USA).

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Product Description

Wilson weBoost Home 4G | 470101 (USA) has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with new version weBoost Home Room | 472120 (USA).

Wilson weBoost Home 4G LTE cell phone signal booster kit for small homes and offices to boost signal over up to 1,500 square feet. Home 4G part # for USA version is 470101 or wa470101. It will boost reception country-wide across United States to all cellular devices within covered coverage spaces as long as they have subscription service with a mobile service provider meaning they have a working SIM card in the device.

Better than weBoost Basic Home Signal Booster (471101) which only improves some frequencies of Verizon and AT&T signals, this kit enhances reception of all carriers fully including Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

5G Ready - This weBoost booster will work for the next decade and beyond.

This USA version works for all cellular service providers in USA such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Boost signal reception indoors inside homes, apartments, offices, buildings with stronger connection with respective network's cell tower. This home cell phone booster's donor antenna can no longer be placed in suction cup facing outwards. Please note that the suction cup (part # 901141) to mount on any home or office window glass is no longer included in the new version because best reception can only be achieved using antenna mounted outside.

This is a new version replacement model of the discontinued models weBoost Wilson DT-3G (463105), Home 3G (473105), DT-4G (460101) or SignalBoost DT Desktop dual-band kit. Strong connection means fewer missed or dropped calls, fewer incoherent conversations, fewer Internet hang-ups or freezing / buffering. Enjoy clear voice conversations, instantaneous texting, and fast 3G + 4G LTE mobile internet downloads and uploads after installing this small office, house, or apartment cell phone signal amplifier kit. weBoost Home 4G kit is easy to install. It installs easily using DIY installation instructions included.

Product Highlights.

  • Used for 1 or 2 rooms in an Office or Home/ Apartment.
  • Amplifies texting, voice calls and 4G LTE data for Internet on cell phones.
  • Works on all service carriers with all smartphones.
  • Exterior antenna can be mounted outside on roof. This new version can no longer be mounted facing out on window with suction cup holder because it is not included with this purchase.
  • Multiple users and devices such as tablets, phones, mobile hotspots boosted simultaneously.
  • Maximum Gain: +60 dB.

Coverage Area up to 1500 sq. ft. depending on outside signal strength:

Outside signal strength on the roof of your office or home has a huge impact on the coverage area you can expect from a signal booster. Please note that many factors determine coverage area, so actual results may differ from the estimates given below.

  • 150 sq. ft. with 1-2 bars (-100 dB).
  • 1,000 sq. ft. with 3-4 bars (-85 dB).
  • 1,500 sq. ft. with 5 bars (-65 dB).

Please note that if there's no signal outdoor to boost inside, no signal booster will help create signal indoors. A Small Cell Technology signal enhancing system or Distributed Antenna System (DAS) will be required in those instances when there's zero cell phone service outside (zero bars or "no service" display).

Product Overview.

Forget about poor call quality, dropped calls and slow internet.

weBoost's popular 4G home cell phone signal booster boosts signals for a workspace area in offices, homes, cottages and businesses.

weBoost Home 4G low cost amplifier enhances cell signals wirelessly for cellular devices including tablets, smart phones and Kindles. With a gain of up to +60 dB, it delivers a stronger signal, resulting in a clear connection to your cellular connected devices.

weBoost has been solving cell phone reception problems for more than 4 decades with signal boosters that are IC & FCC certified. They boost weak signals in both the city and remote rural areas. This kit is DIY and very easy to install.


This model comes with a directional antenna which must point to a cell tower to achieve the best possible results.

  1. Crystal Clear Voice Calls on Cellular Phones.
  2. Up & Download with Faster Speed.
  3. Eliminates Dropped Calls.
  4. Reliable Connection.
  5. Option to mount exterior antenna on roof. This new version can no longer be mounted inside window facing out on suction cup holder (not included).
  6. Text Messages Delivered Instantaneously.
  7. Increases Indoor Coverage Space.
  8. More Antenna Signal Bars.
  9. Improves Mobile Reception Inside.
  10. Extends Battery Life Preventing Need to Re-Charge During Day.
  11. Dead Zones reduced or eliminated.

Who will benefit?

If you require a reliable signal for voice & text, as well as a high-speed 4G LTE internet connection at your desk or cubicle, spanning up to 1,500 sq. ft., this unit is for you. Note that the coverage depends on the strength of the signal outside. It will help to know the direction of the nearest cell tower to point the antenna to it. Say goodbye to dropped calls, echoing voices, text messages that get stuck and slow internet.

This signal booster is perfect for people that need fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and other apps that are heavy on data. For those that do not have access to roof of their house, apartment, or condo, its exterior antenna can be mounted facing-outward on a window using panel antenna suction cup mount (not included).

For best results, you need to be within 1.5 to 2.5 meters from amplifier, or in the same room.

Carriers Supported.

weBoost 470101 (USA for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.) Home 4G can be used for all major US service carrier networks except iDen and WiMax. It supports 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and AWS 1700/2100 MHz.

How does it Work?

weBoost Home 4G picks up existing weak signals with a directional Panel antenna, and then amplifies it numerous times with Wilson Electronic patented SmarTech III technology. The boosted signals bypass all interior and exterior obstructions in your home or office to deliver the signal to your desk. Refer to weBoost Home 4G Quick Installation Guide.

The Home 4G cell phone booster Kit (Item # 470101) Includes:

  1. Home 4G Multi-band Cell Phone Amplifier and Repeater (Product #: 470001. Model #: 460020).
  2. Desktop Antenna for Interior Broadcasting of Signals.
  3. Panel Antenna for Exterior Attraction of Signals from Cell Towers.
  4. Power Supply to power up signal amplifier.
  5. 2 x 9m Low Loss RG6 Coax Cables (White).
  6. F-Female barrel connector.
  7. Installation Instructions and Manual.

Specifications of Amplifier Model Number 470001 or 460101 / 460001 with FCC ID PWO460001 and IC ID 4726A-460001.

Frequency 700 MHz - Band 12/ 13/ 17, 850 MHz - Band 5, 1700/ 2100 MHz - Band 4, 1900 MHz - Band 25/ 2.
Maximum Gain 60 Decibels (dB)
Impedance 75 Ohm
Voltage / Power 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
Connectors SMA-Female (Inside Antenna), F-Female (Outside Antenna)
Dimensions 16.51 x 11.11 x 3.49 cm
Weight 0.206 kg (amplifier only).
Alternate model #'s WA470101
470101 (USA) UPC 811815024613



This cellphone booster kit is easy to install with all required components and installation instructions included.

Home & Office 4G LTE Signal Booster Installation Videos.

Step 1 of 6: Cellular Signal Booster Kit Pre-Assessment Video.



Step 2 of 6: Installing Outside Antenna Video.



Step 3 of 6: Running Cable Inside House/ Office Video.



Step 4 of 6: Installing Inside Antenna Video.



Step 5 of 6: Connecting Outside & Inside Antenna Cables to Signal Amplifier Video.



Step 6 of 6: Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit Installation Post-Assessment Video.



Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • Sprint LTE 4G coverage shows 3 different frequencies - two of which are not listed in your documentation. Are you sure this is going to work with my samsung tab4 on Sprint.

    Our boosters are designed to support Band 2 of Sprint's network. I encourage you to call Tech Support if you would like to go into detail about Sprint's bands and frequencies.

  • I have your 3g booster installed. Will the 4g booster work with the same antenna? If so, can I purchase just the device necessary to convert?

    The antennas that each booster work with will depend on each booster. If you have the older DT, then it will work with the new Home 4G antennas. I recommend putting the new antennas in though, as many antennas have been updated. The FCC requires that all boosters be sold in approved kits, with approved antennas, so you are not able to buy just a booster. If you have the older DB Pro or another older booster, you will want to call us to determine what systems might work with your current setup.

  • Is there a cheaper version of this booster? Say in the $200 range?

    There are boosters that are less expensive than the Home 4G (470101), but none that are going to cover as large of an area. The Drive Sleek (470135) can be used in a vehicle or in a home with a 12v DC power source (you can use the wall to car adapter converter available at many electric and hardware stores (even at dollar stores now). This will boost voice, text, 3G data, and 4G/LTE data. You will need to keep your phone in the cradle to get the boosted signal, and use Bluetooth, speaker phone, or a wired headset to speak on the phone. This means that it will only boost one phone/device at a time. Many people choose to look into Bluetooth handsets rather than the earpieces. The booster will come with everything you need to use it in the vehicle. Customer Support is happy to discuss your individual need to determine what options might work best for you. We can be reached through online chat, email, or toll free phone support.

  • Will this booster work in Panama? I have Mas-movil cell service there.

    Mas-Movil uses different frequencies in different areas. You want to contact them to verify what frequency range they are using in your area. If they are on the 824-894 or the 1880-1990 ranges, then this system (or any of our 3G systems) will work on their network. If they are running in the 900 or 1800 range, then our systems will not support their network.

  • Where is Mac ID number on unit?

    Our boosters do not use an internet connection, and therefore do not have a MAC ID number. Most of the time, when one is looking for that, it is for registering it with their carrier. If you have called your carrier and they are asking for that, they are under the impression that you have a network extender, and this is a booster not a network extender. I encourage you to register your product through appropriate link and give them "serial number" that they need which you will see on the booster. Here's a link that may help find the proper link you need to register your booster with your service carrier:

  • I have a directional Yagi and looking to boost my AT&T signal at home.

    The Home 4G (470101) will boost the AT&T signal, and comes with the directional panel antenna. If you have the Wide Band Directional Antenna (314475) you can pair that with 40 feet or more of RG6 cable. This is a small area booster, and the coverage area that it can provide for you will depend on the cell signal at your outdoor/window antenna location.

  • Will this home 4G booster 470101 work for a whole home that is approximately 2,300 sq.ft. with an open floor plan? Or do I need to purchase a different booster model?

    The coverage area that each booster kit can provide will largely depend on the signal strength at the outdoor antenna location. This booster is designed to cover up to 2 rooms (up to 1,200 square feet), but those are typical small rooms, not generally large rooms. Cellular boosters work like a megaphone. That mean, the stronger or louder the starting signal, the further that signal is broadcasted, or heard. If you whisper into a megaphone, you will hear the whisper a little further than before. But if you yell into a megaphone, you will hear your voice a LOT further away. Similarly, a weak signal outside, boosted through a cellular booster, can cover a small inside area (where otherwise you would have little or no signal). Likewise, if your outside signal is stronger, you will get a much bigger coverage area. Typically, with decent signal outside, we recommend the Connect 4G (470103) which can cover up to 2,500 square feet. This is a kit that contains everything needed for your installation - outside antenna, booster, inside antenna, and coax cabling. We always recommend a lightning surge protector (859992), one cable for the LSP (950602), a 10 or 12 gauge copper wire, and a power strip rated for at least 1000 joules. If you are not able to make a call from the outdoor antenna location, we highly recommend contacting Customer Support to determine your best options.

  • Currently no cell provider in the US uses LTE for calls, yet you say this will improve voice coverage, does that mean it will also boost 3G and 2G signals as well (assuming they are on a supported band) or is that just a mistake in the description?

    All of our current 4G boosters, including the Home 4G, are backwards compatible. They will boost voice, text, 3G and LTE for almost all US carriers. Verizon has voice over LTE in some areas, just it hasn't made it everywhere yet as of this writing day.

  • How effective are your boosters in picking up fringe signals (Verizon, -102dm), and which model would be most effective?

    Our boosters will work with a signal until you get to the -105 mark, which is considered no signal or extremely weak signal. However, the coverage area that you see from a given booster is greatly diminished. With a -102 outside, we recommend the Connect 4G-X to give the best results. However, please note that if the signal is very weak outside it is likely to only boost reception over a small inside coverage area, under 1200 square feet on average. We like to compare our booster to a megaphone, the louder the starting signal, the farther the noise will travel.

  • I have a small 25' x 25' cabin with -105db signal outside on the Verizon LTE network. Inside the cabin, I get -120db intermittent connection. In such a small inside area, will the Home 4G be able to help?

    It is hard to determine based on LTE readings alone, if our boosters can help. Our cutoff range for boosters is -105, but often times we might find that the voice signal reading is lower. If the voice reading is usable, there are times we can still help LTE. However, if both LTE and voice are in that -105 range, we cannot help either case. It is not uncommon to see the LTE signal strength be higher, but the only way we can tell if our sig. boosters are able to boost that signal is by comparing LTE decibels with Voice decibels. I would recommend reaching out to our customer support team, so we can help determine which booster might be the best fit for your situation. Connect 4G is more powerful than this one. Connect 4G-X is the most powerful sig. amp. kit.

  • How do you mount it out side on a vent pipe?

    Installation guide goes into detail about the pole mounting option. You can find this on page 6 of that install guide. You will need a 1 to 2 inch diameter pole to mount antenna on to. If you have specific questions about installation, I recommend contacting Customer Support.

  • Instructions say that the unit needs to be a minimum of 20 feet from antenna. is there a maximum distance (using RG-6 cable)?

    The maximum distance the cable can run will largely depend on your starting signal. The stronger your signal is, the more loss you can afford in the cable run. The weaker the signal, the less you can afford to lose in the cable run. Upgrading to RG-11 cable will allow you to increase your cable lengths. Typically you don't want to run longer than 50 feet of RG6 or 100 feet of RG11, but that distance can be greatly affected by the signal strength. If you would like to determine how long of a cable you can use in your specific situation, please contact Tech Support.

  • Will this work installed under metal roof?

    The Home 4G will work in this application as long as outside signal is adequate to start with. The signal goes through the cable in to the booster to be broadcast inside, bypassing the metal roof area.

  • Which booster is best for a Verizon LG G3? South Cocoa Beach is notorious for poor cell coverage. I experience poor coverage and dropped calls inside my home. Looking for a solution that works.

    The type of booster for this location will largely depend on the area of coverage inside the home. The Home 4G can usually cover up to 1200 square feet with decent outside signal. Sometimes if the signal is too poor, we may need to go up to a larger or more strong signal booster such as Connect 4G (470103) or even the strongest consumer grade kit we sell, the Connect 4G-X (471104). We always recommend contacting us so we can go through options to help determine the best booster to fit your needs.

  • I have a 4g home. It gives one or two bars. Got a weboost 700-2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna with N Female Connector from amazon to up bars. What adaptor do I need to connect them?

    You have a couple of options here. That antenna is a 50 ohm, and your system is a 75 ohm. If you would like to use it with your current cable and equipment you will need the 971128 adapter or If you are able to return the antenna that you purchased, you can purchase the 75 ohm wide band directional 314475 or

  • Is this device compatible with a Locus LGate 120 cellular meter that monitors solar systems? It works off of an AT&T service.

    The Home 4G works for all of AT&T's current cellular frequencies. If your Locus LGate 120 is using the 700/850/1700/1900/2100 cellular frequencies, then this unit will boost it's signal.

  • I have an older Wilson amp that is the direct connect type. I have the Yagi antenna that I bought with it above the metal roof line 20 feet and used the 400lmr ultra low loss cable with type N connectors. Can I use these setup parts with this amp?

    To meet the FCC requirements, you would need a 75 foot line of Wilson400 or LMR400. You can use that with the Home unit but you will need the adapter 971151.

  • What does it come with?

    The Home 4G (470101) comes with an AC Power supply, an indoor desk top antenna, a weatherproof external panel antenna, required cables and installation hardware parts.

  • We have a DB Pro from approximately 2010. It is not working as well as it used to, and we think we need to upgrade to a system that will help with our data as well as our voice plan. Which product is the best for us?

    If you're looking for an upgrade in 4G that is similar to the DB Pro that you have now, the booster you would need is the Connect 4G. The Connect 4G is able to cover, voice, 3G, 4G, and LTE for most major carriers where there's signal available. We're also happy to help troubleshoot your older unit system to ensure there is nothing wrong with the unit, or help take readings to see if we need to go with a larger system. Signal can change over time, causing the booster to show a difference in coverage area. You can reach us by phone or by email.

  • I want to use this at an off-grid cabin with 12v battery power. Is there an adapter I can buy for power?

    Currently we do not have a DC power supply available for a 12V system, as most of our power cords utilize 120/240V AC for the in home devices. We recommend using an inverter, as well as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) when used with this type of battery power.

  • How much area does this product cover in square feet? My home is 5,000 square feet.

    The Home 4G is intended to cover a space of up to 1,200 square feet. Area of inside coverage will largely depend on the outside starting signal. The weaker the signal, the less inside coverage we will expect to see. We recommend a higher powered signal booster such as Connect 4G if you need entire area covered or Connect 4G-X if you want all area covered and outside signal power is weak.

  • Will this work with 4G LTE?

    The Home 4G will boost voice, text, 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE for almost all major US and Canadian carriers. If you are unsure about your carrier, you will want to verify that they are running in the ranges that the booster amplifies. The booster will work within the following ranges: 698-787 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 1880-1990 MHz, 1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz.

  • We bought this device for a mobile work office. I have had great success with Wilson boosters in the past with a similar setup. After installation and tuning the antenna to achieve all green bars. The was no change in our cellular service from AT&T and Verizon.

    There are several things that can be happening. The first issue is that the Home 4G is not designed to be used in a mobile setting. The green lights are only an indication that there is no oscillation or overload, and not that there is enough signal for the booster to amplify. You might need a different booster, different outdoor antenna option, or to re-aim the outdoor antenna. I recommend getting the signal reading from the outdoor antenna location, a reading while your phone is in physical contact with the indoor antenna, and touching base with Customer Support to understand what a system can provide for your individual scenario. You can learn about test mode here:

  • I have this system and am wondering if a directional Yagi antenna would be able to provide an even stronger signal? If so, which Yagi antenna would you recommend?

    Due to FCC regulations, all boosters must only be paired with approved antennas. You can see approved antenna and cable combinations that are approved for the Home 4G on page 8 of the manual. We recommend the 314475 Wide Band antenna, with 30 feet of RG6 cable.

  • Is it possible to split indoor signal in two DT antennas by using a splitter?

    Yes, however, please note that in many instances, antennas basically work like the sprinkler on the end of the hose. If you have a certain amount of signal (or water) coming from one antenna (or sprinkler) you will get a certain size area of coverage (10 feet from the indoor antenna/sprinkler for example). If you split that, and use two antennas it is just like splitting off of your spigot to two hoses and sprinklers. You are not providing more water (or more cell signal). You are taking the signal or water that you have, and putting half in each antenna or sprinkler location. You are not increasing the area that you are covering, you are simply taking the one 10 foot area, and creating two 5 foot areas. You can do that if you would like, just understand you are not gaining any area.

  • Does it work with Telcel (Mexico) 4G Bands: LTE 1700 / 2100 MHz?

    The Home 4G does cover the 1700/2100 band, therefore it should cover the 4G band for Telcel. It will also cover their 3G data and voice on the 850 and 1900 MHz.

  • I am looking for a booster for my home. But I wondered how many devices can this home version handle vs. the larger versions? Or is it irrelevant? Possible simultaneous number of people using cellular devices in the house can be 20. We all wouldn't be on at once.

    There are two parts to this answer. (1) weBoost does not limit the number of simultaneous connections a booster can support. Therefore, there's no artificial cap on the number of connections. (2) However, that means the number of devices that can operate simultaneously depends on the strength of the signal outside the building. The stronger the signal outside, the more devices inside can be supported simultaneously. The same is true in the reverse. The weaker the outside signal, the fewer devices inside the building can be supported simultaneously. This will be the same for all of our home devices across the board. The Home 4G is able to cover an average of up to 1,000 square feet depending on outside signal.

  • I have a moderate sized stucco house (25' X 25' two story with basement). Cell signal outside is fine (3 bars+) but the wire mesh of the stucco makes mine a Faraday cage. Can I get by with a 470101 model or is it only for 2 rooms?

    The Home 4G can cover up to 1,000 sq. ft. on average, and this is generally only one floor at a time. Amount of coverage largely depends on the power of your outside signal. Outside signal will also determine how well you can capture signal from room to room inside. In order to cover all of the floors in your home, it is likely we would need to upgrade to the Connect 4G-X (471104), which would have splitting capability. We always recommend working with us directly to obtain readings from the outside of the home in decibels. These readings will give us a more accurate idea on what signal is like, rather than bars. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • Availability of a magnet-mount antenna part no. 301125 or equal to.

    A comparable antenna is listed here: Another comparable one but shorter in height is listed here:

  • I have weak coverage in a cabin with a tin roof in a rural area. I am using a Motorola Droid Maxx, version 4.4.4. Will your device help? Can I return it if it doesn't?

    Our systems are designed to take your existing signal, amplify it, and transmit it through the home. If you have an existing signal outside, our systems will help. I always recommend contacting Customer Support so we can test your signal and know for sure which system will give you the right coverage for your home. You can read about the return policy here:

  • What antenna and wire will need to be purchased for a secondary site?

    If you are looking for an additional outdoor antenna and cable, you will need an outside pole mount 75 Ohm Panel antenna like this: and an RG-6 cable like this:

  • Will it work for Tesla 3G in my garage?

    It appears that the Tesla might be using a mixture of WiFi and AT&T 3G to utilize internet. As long as the vehicle is using AT&T service, there is a chance that we can help. Our boosters still have to have enough signal at external antenna to work optimally. If you're able to make calls outside of the garage consistently, this signal booster should work. I recommend reaching out to us for more detailed assistance.

  • Will this product work in a basement office?

    As long as the outside antenna has enough signal to work with, this sig. amplifier should work in a basement area. For best results, the external antenna should be installed outside rather than in a window area. If signal outside is very weak (closer to -100dB), then we recommend a more powerful signal booster such as Connect 4G or the most powerful signal booster such as Connect 4G-X.

  • Will this Signal Booster work in Belize on CDMA net work for 3g and voice calls?

    There are some carriers in Belize in which we are able to cover. We recommend talking to your carrier and finding out which frequencies they use, so we can be sure our boosters will boost your signal adequately. We also recommend obtaining signal readings at the place in which you are looking to cover. There must be some signal outside for this system to boost it and broadcast it inside.

  • I have 4G LTE and receive approx. 5mbps consistently throughout my home. Will the weBoost increase the mbps speed, or just make it more consistent?

    Unfortunately, we cannot predict how fast the data speeds will be with our systems in place. Generally, the speeds you see at the antenna site will represent what you will see inside, but any improvement will largely depend on the cell tower. The cellular tower is responsible for the speeds and availability of data. Our boosters are backed with a 60 day guarantee (directly through our site), which can be helpful in situations like this so that you can try the system and see what kind of speeds the booster can offer.

  • Could this model change the internal antenna to a strong one? We have a fairly long office room.

    On page 12 of the installation guide you will see your alternate antenna options. Using a different indoor antenna (such as a panel antenna) will help with coverage a little bit, but you are generally better off upgrading your booster kit to the Connect 4G (471104) rather than just upgrading your antenna. I recommend contacting us with more information about the coverage you are currently getting and the total coverage that you need so we can help better.

  • Normally there are 3 bars outside and inside only 1. I place the antenna outside (3 bars) and run it to the 1-bar zone, will I then have 3-bars around the internal antenna? Will I have more bars? Less?

    The number of bars can vary, depending on what the phone is reading at the time. If the bars represent voice signal, it is likely you will get the same amount of bars inside, but you could experience more. We like to run our recommendations, and readings off of signal strength readings outside. These readings are numerical, and provide more information than bars. For the most accurate recommendation, we recommend reaching out to us, so we can go over your situation in greater detail.

  • I have a Wilson DT4G Booster (460101). It works well if close to the desktop antenna but fades quickly with distance. Are stronger inside antennas available to increase the range of the transmitted signal a bit?

    Yes, there're indoor antenna upgrade kits available:

  • I would like to increase the performance for inside antenna strength. I get four bars next to the antenna but the range is limited. Are there expansion kits, better inside antennas, or can I use multiple antennas to improve in the house coverage?

    There're indoor antenna upgrade kits available. One additional antenna can typically cover up to double the current coverage depending on outside signal. These upgrade kits can be purchased here:

  • Would this product work in Sao Paulo, Brazil? Do you have one product that works with 3G ?

    This booster will work on certain frequencies in Brazil. However, we recommend reaching out to your provider to determine which frequencies they primarily use for voice. There are some frequencies which we are not able to cover the entire band. We also recommend reaching out to us through our online help center, once you get the information from your carrier so we can work with you directly to make a booster recommendation.

  • Do you ship to Mexico? After reading the specifications of this product, it matches the frequencies used by my service provider.

    Yes, we do ship directly to Mexico.

  • Can the unit be password protected?

    Unfortunately, our units are not able to be password protected, as they are able to boost most major carriers and networks. However, the home acts like a cage to keep signal in. It is unlikely to travel much farther past the home or front porch area if it travels past the walls.

  • Does it work with satellite modems?

    Our boosters will not work with satellite modems. We are only able to help boost cellular frequencies provided by cell phone towers.

  • How do I install this unit?

    Exterior antenna has mounting capabilities to be installed in a window area, or to a pole/wall externally. We recommend taking readings at either location to be sure you are placing the antenna in an optimal boosting area. For best results, place the external antenna outdoors, free from obstruction. You will then have coax cable that connects from the antenna outdoors, to the booster inside which can be mounted in an area of choice where you have power. You will then have an internal antenna, desktop style that will plug directly in to the opposite end of the booster. The placement of this antenna will depend on area of coverage, and separation guidelines. Most boosters require 20 feet of vertical, 50 feet of horizontal, or a combination of the two in separation between internal and external antenna. We always recommend reaching out to us directly so we can take readings with you at your location to be sure you have enough signal to work with, and be sure you are making the best booster selection for your application.

  • Will these boosters work with Straight Talk?

    Our boosters are able to cover most major carriers and networks. The ability for our boosters to cover you will depend on what the outside signal strength is. We recommend reaching out to us directly, before making a booster purchase so we can gather signal readings with you to help determine how our sig. boosters will perform.

  • We just bought a house in rural area. It already has a cell booster external antenna and internal antenna, but only the Wilson PCS 60db, 1850 - 1990 Mhz booster for Verizon. I want to use one of your multi-service 4G boosters. Can I get just booster?

    Unfortunately, due to FCC regulation, we are unable to sell signal boosters alone. They require us to sell all signal boosters in a complete kit form, containing approved antennas, cables, booster, and power supply.

  • Were do I find installation instructions? Our package did not contain them and we don't have enough service at our location to contact customer service.

    Please click on the tab above that says, "Data Sheet / User Guide". You can find installation instructions there. On that page, you can scroll down o the link, "User Guide" which will take you to the install guide and you read it or you can download it from there.

  • My house is 3200 sq. ft. between 2 levels. I was wondering if it would work to buy two of the smaller boosters and place one on each floor of the house if that works, or if one larger booster would work for the whole house between multiple floors.

    Either way would work for you. I would recommend using a larger booster and if the signal outside the home permits, adding an additional internal antenna. For most cases the larger booster with one antenna will give you enough coverage.

  • How does it perform under metal roof?

    As long as you have signal where you can place your external antenna, the metal roof will not create any issue. It simply sends exterior signal inside through the coaxial cable you will need to run from outside to inside the home/building.

  • What Ohm is this system. I'm looking to buy an upgraded indoor antenna and I just want to make sure to get the correct one. Also what extra connectors and cables will I need?

    External antenna connector will be 75 Ohm. Internal antenna connector will be 50 Ohm. Upgrade internal antenna kits available to add more interior antennas are listed here:

  • I get only one bar cellular signal on my Verizon iPhone 6s in my home and the strength increases to two bars in certain areas of my yard. Internet is not a problem as I use Comcast Wifi. Which signal booster do you suggest for my situation?

    There're a couple things we like to know before we recommend a product. First, what is the approximate square footage of the area you are looking to cover? Next, how strong is your signal in decibels? You can find out how to take those readings here: This will help us determine which booster will be best for your situation. You can contact us and we will be happy to help you with your decision.

  • My home has a metal roof and a few large trees over the west side of the home. I only have 4 windows at the very top of the roof. The construction of home is stucco walls. We have trouble getting cell phone messages and get dropped calls and can't hear many times.

    Before we make a recommendation, we like to take some decibel readings outside your home to measure accurate signal strength. This will give us a good idea of which booster to recommend for your situation. If you would like to send us a request we can help you choose which booster is best for you. The most powerful signal booster system we carry is Connect 4G-X (Part Number 471104).

  • Can you use this signal amp without putting an antenna outside? I get 1 bar of service in the house and want something to amplify that inside. Is there anything like a wifi repeater... self contained inside, and easy to set up?

    With this particular unit, yes, you will be able to place the external antenna facing out from inside your window that gets best signal. FYI, all of our units will require a donor antenna and separate booster component with coaxial cable between them. This unit happens to not require that donor antenna to be outside, it can be placed inside - but on a window.

  • I live in Puerto Rico and I have Claro. Will this booster work here?

    It does offer support for Claro, as long as their frequencies are still 850/1900. You must also have enough signal in exterior of your house for the signal booster to work optimally. We can help you obtain signal strength readings outside, to help determine if our booster would be a good fit. Here's an article that will help you to measure signal more accurately in decibles:

  • What model do you recommend for a rural setting? I get 2 bars where I will mount exterior antenna. Will be used for flip phones 3G and 4G smart phones and wireless internet.

    We would like to take decibel readings with your phone to see how much signal is there. The decibel readings are a bit more accurate than the bars on the phones. Also, we would like to know how large of an area you are looking to cover. Our highest gain booster kit is Connect 4 G-X (Model Number 471104). Here's an article that explains how to measure signal in decibels:

  • Can the device boost different carriers at the same time, e.g., ATT & Verizon?

    Yes, our cellular amps are able to boost different service carrier networks simultaneously, as long as the signal at the external antenna is adequate for each different cell phone carrier.

  • I installed Home 4G unit panel outside ant. and desktop internal ant. I receive -86dB signal strength at times but most times it is more constant -98 to -101. I have fine tuned panel antenna for best reading. Cable to external ant. is 70 feet no spice of RG6-Q cable.

    We would like to work with you more directly to help your situation. We would like to get readings outside to help identify how the booster is functioning. Typically, you will find best results using only the length of cable that came in the kit. Please contact us.

  • I want to know if this booster works outside the US? My cellphone company (Entel, CHILE) works in the 1900 Mhz and 700 Mhz.

    As long as you have enough outside signal, our booster should work for Entel in Chile. We have a good 60 days money back guarantee in case you should need to return or exchange the product.

  • Where is the best place to put desk top antenna? Center or corner of the room? Higher desk is better or lower desk is better? How wide the signal vertically and horizontally from the DT antenna?

    The desktop antenna will be more directional in nature, so it won't likely cover anything behind it. You will want to face the domed part of the desktop antenna toward where you would like to see coverage. In your case, most likely the corner of the room free of obstruction. You will also want to ensure that you still maintain separation between antennas. The height of the desk used is hard to answer, without knowing where you are using the cell phone. The desktop antenna will have a 120 degree Horizontal plane.

  • Can this device be used without Internet connection?

    Our signal boosters do not require internet to function. We use only the signal coming from the cellular tower to boost wireless reception.

  • We have a 2 story condo. At best, we get two bars anywhere inside, on our Verizon 4g phones. When I was in attic, and checked my phone - I had 5 bars! Can I mount the outside antenna in attic, since I can't mount it outside because of condo rules?

    There is a chance you could use the attic area to mount the external antenna, though it is not always optimal. We would like to work with you directly to take readings in decibels to better understand what signal is like in your attic space. The other issue you could encounter, is oscillation due to improper separation of internal and external antenna. The roof often acts as a barrier between the antennas so you will have to make sure to install interior and exterior antennas as far apart as possible to prevent oscillation.

  • Where does the 8" white antenna go?

    You can place the 8" panel antenna on a window or outside. Here in Technical Support we usually recommend placing antenna outside. This will help you get a bit more separation between the antennas and you will usually have a better signal with that white 8 inches square-like shaped donor antenna outside.

  • What does the white antenna connect to?

    The white panel antenna connects to the booster and acts as external antenna.

  • What kind of cable should I run from the roof to my wiring panel and then from the panel to the indoor antenna?

    This booster uses two different types of coaxial cable which are included in this amplifier kit. From the external antenna to the booster will be cable type RG6 and from booster to internal antenna (which is a hard wired antenna) with cable type RG174.

  • What is the difference between the 470101 and the 470101-K or are they the same? I just want to boost data signal.

    It looks like the 470101-K is a kit sold by one of our dealers that includes an internal panel antenna. The boosters will be the same in each kit. Therefore, there isn't much difference between the two except for the type of interior antenna.

  • Do I need to put this on a window?

    You can put external antenna in the window. In Technical Support we recommend placing external antenna outside as you will get better signal outside as opposed to placing it on the window from inside. Placing it outside will also increase your distance between your external antenna and internal antenna which means you are less likely to have any feedback issues called oscillation.

  • Do any of your products work for a Verizon jetpack?

    Our boosters will help a Verizon Jetpack. We are able to help boost any cellular device as long as it is using the same frequencies we cover (which is practically all for all USA & Canadian cellular service providers).

  • I live in a rural area. I don't get any bars of service. Will this work for me?

    If you are unable to make and keep calls near where the external antenna would be placed (which could be outside your dwelling), we do not recommend our systems. Typically, if there are no bars of service outside, we wouldn't likely be able to help. We do have to have enough signal outside to be able to boost it effectively and broadcast it inside.

  • How much signal does your system require to work? We have one Verizon 4g LTE tower in our county. Most days we get one bar on 3g. We have an iPhone 6. Will it work here?

    We will be able to help with the 3G. If you have 4G in area where you get a more consistent signal, we will be able to help you bring that in and boost it. We would like to help you with a recommendation if you would call us.

  • I bought this unit to boost my cellphone signal on a smarthome that I am using as an internet hotspot. I thought if I boosted the cell signal for the phone, the wi-fi signal for the hotspot application would be enhanced as well. Am I correct?

    We can help increase the signal to your smartphone giving it a better connection with the tower, as long as there's adequate signal to start with. However, we can only work with the bandwidth the tower is giving us, we can't increase the bandwidth. To answer your question - Yes, if you boosted the cell phone signal, any other device using its hotspot will benefit from the same stronger signal.

  • I need a cell booster for a 400 sq. ft. park model cabin on the Oregon coast. Is there an advantage in getting the 471104 as opposed to the 470101?

    The 471104 kit is a higher gain system, helping provide more inside coverage. This kit also has higher gain antennas and lower loss cabling, making the booster stronger overall. In order to decide which booster might be the best fit, we recommend reaching out to us directly, so we can take signal readings with you. These readings will tell us how many square feet of coverage you could expect to see out of each booster. The weaker the outside signal, the less inside coverage you will see. The stronger outside signal, the more inside coverage you will see.

  • Does this device interfere with 802.11 wireless on the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequencies?

    Thank you for your question! Our devices shouldn't interfere with either the 802.11 wireless, or the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.

  • Does this boost 4 & 3 g signals?

    Home 4G is backwards compatible. Therefore, it will be able to boost voice, 3G, 4G, and LTE for most major carriers.

  • Cell phone booster: I just switched from Verizon to AT&T. My Verizon cell phone extender does not work. I am on a net work and the modem connection is two rooms down. The building has steel walls. Will the wee boost 470101 work or do you have another recommendation?

    The way this booster will work in your application depends on a few different factors. The booster would likely benefit more if you could get its external antenna outside, rather than in a window area. We recommend reaching out to us directly, so we can go over your situation directly to see how the booster should work in your situation.

  • Will your signal boosters work for future 5G cell service that hasn't been available as yet, but is on the way? We can't use our AT&T micro tower which connects to our wireless router since we switched from DSL to Satellite Internet.

    The 5G network hasn't been fully released across all carriers and networks yet, but is being introduced in some areas. We are always working with the FCC to test new networks and technologies when they emerge. As long as the carriers use similar frequencies we should be able to cover that band. We always recommend reaching out to us directly to take readings outside so we can see what your signal is like in decibels. This will help us determine if our boosters will work for your situation, and if so, which booster would work the best. The most powerful booster kit to use would be Connect 4G-X (Part Number 471104).

  • I have your small house system with the box type antenna. Is there a better antenna for outside? I get 3 to 5 bars on the voice side but the data side won't stream movies so wondering if a more high tech outside antenna would work better for that problem.

    We do have upgraded antennas available for Home 4G. You are welcome to use this directional antenna at but the FCC requires there to be a minimum of 30 feet of cable on the outside input.

  • I need to locate the outdoor antenna at least 200 feet from the booster. Do you have longer cables and what is the part number? Can I add the longer cable to the supplied cable and if so which connector do I need?

    We do not recommend using 200 feet of cabling with this booster, unless the starting signal is very good, and you use upgrade cabling. We would recommend at least using RG-11 cabling, and possibly LMR-600 or better yet LMR-900. Unfortunately, we only make lengths in 100 feet, so anything longer would require connectors. You can combine two cables together, but one continuous run would be ideal. Therefore, you purchase our heavy duty Plenum cable which is available for any length at but we recommend reaching out to us directly, so we can better assess your situation.

  • Can I install outside antenna for Home 4G model 470101 side way? Is it better to be vertical?

    We recommend only installing the antenna vertically with the tail of the antenna facing up or down for best results. Turning it Horizontally will change the the polarization, and may not produce as good of results.

  • Where I live we have no 110 power - only 12 volt systems. Do you have a converter cable to run this on 12 volt?

    While we don't have a dedicated DC power cord, you could use the part # 859110. The main reason we don't have DC cords for these boosters is, to prevent the case of the booster being used while in motion (in a vehicle).

  • I'm looking to get better reception at my business. Right now, I'm getting one bar of signal to our mobile hotspots and it is about 3-4 mbps. But with multiple devices it really can crawl. What I would like to know is will your device turn the 3-4 Mbps to more?

    The best way to tell how well we can increase your signal, is to take decibel readings outside the home. Here's an article that show you how to do that:

  • Just bought this system. System seems to help so far, but want to upgrade both antennas. Can exterior antenna be used as interior antenna to boost performance? What would be the most powerful upgrade for exterior antenna?

    Outside antenna can be used as internal antenna as an upgrade, and you could upgrade to a more powerful directional style outdoor antenna like listed at but I would recommend reaching out to us, so we can recommend adapters and necessary parts to do this successfully. The FCC does have rules and regulations on what cable lengths can be used with each antenna as well.

  • Can I order a replacement indoor antenna? The wire separated from the end connection.

    You can order a similar internal antenna online here: but you will need to buy this connector as well:

  • I tried a weboost and it didn't work for me. Installed the signal strength app on my phone and returned the we boost. since app didn't work, how do I get that app off my iPhone?

    We're sorry to see that the booster didn't work for your situation. It seems you're referring to removing cell phone from "test mode"? In order to get the phone out of test mode, there are a few steps you can take. Often times, if you have restarted the phone and still see the negative number, you can tap on the area where bars usually are, and it will toggle back and forth between bars and decibels. If you cannot get the test mode to clear after this, please reach out to us for phone support.

  • Hello, I live in Mexico. I have Home 4G model # 470101. Will it work with Mexican carriers?

    The boosters will work with many Mexico carrier, but it does depend on which carrier you have, and what frequencies they use. We would like to work with you to be sure that the Home 4G can work with your carrier. You can reach us for further support.

  • Does outside antenna have mounting brackets? If yes, what kind? I have an unused, FCC approved satellite dish pole on the west side of our house that I can put this on. Every satellite company we have ever tried uses this same dish pole.

    The booster will come with mounting brackets only, for antenna. Outside antenna comes with U-Bolt Assembly but no pole as such so you can use that dish pole you say you already have.

  • Does it work for band 12?

    Yes, the Home 4G amplifier kit will work for Band 12.

  • I live down in a deep bowl shaped holler and get no internet service or cell service. Will this help me get service if not what should I get?

    Unfortunately, if you have no service or are not able to make and keep a call outside, we do not recommend signal boosters. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or Small Cell Technology signal enhancing system will be required in those instances when there's absolutely zero cell phone service outside. If you have an area immediately outside the home where you can make calls, then most powerful booster kit to use would be Connect 4G-X (SKU 471104).

  • Can I buy a longer separate cable to reach the greater distance needed for external antenna because it is at very far corner where signal is best outside the house?

    Typically we recommend using only 100 feet of cabling with this booster, but you would likely need to upgrade the cabling. If the outside signal is poor, we recommend using RG-11 or greater for lengths 50 feet and longer.

  • Where can I purchase an outside antenna for my weboost. We moved and totally forgot to get the antenna.

    You an buy an exterior antenna that will work with Home 4G (SKU 470101) listed here: (if you plan to install it outside) or (if you plan to install it on window from inside).

  • Looking at purchasing your product for our home. But wondering about buffer and or latency through your system? We currently only have Verizon Wireless as our ISP.

    I would reach out to our customer support team or online support to be able to answer this question in detail. Mostly, though, the booster just needs an acceptable signal of -95 or better to be able to work properly. It will not cover the full 1500 sq. ft. stated unless all conditions are perfect. I would say the Home 4G is a one room solution in most cases.

  • I have calculated that I need an antenna at least 80ft vertically from my house in order receive cell phone reception, due to intervening terrain, but this does take into account radio wave diffraction. I think the signal strength is good and my problem is not distance related, as I can go around the hill and get -70db, thus I don't think I need a yagi, just an omni. What is your best omni-directional antenna and how do I get it 80ft in the air?

    We think the main issue is getting enough cable line from antenna to the booster without it affecting signal. You may need to go with RG11 cable from outside antenna to the booster to have less line loss since 80 ft is pretty far for RG6 cable to go. I would go with a Yagi though, because the signal gain on those is much higher than omni antenna which might help with the signal loss over the coax as well. As far as getting it up in the air, that could be the use for a pole of some sort, or perhaps find a better point that is lower that can serve you well, but it might not be possible since you' have probably scoured your property already. I know others have used a flagpole or made their own pole, but most are able to place the omni on their home. That might not be the case for you in your application though. As far as outside antenna goes, an omni antenna that we have for building is listed here: and the most powerful yagi antenna listed is here:

  • I have a Wilson amp 3g. Can I trade it in for 4g?

    Yes, we have a cell phone signal booster trade up program. Please see details at this link:

  • I bought a 3G WE booster some years ago, when networks were only 3G. It worked fairly good then, but not currently. Now my cell is 4G LTE and I need to boost for data purposes. Without boosting, I receive a -90 to -110 dB signal. Will a new device from WB work for me? Perhaps this "Home 4G"?

    Yes, that should do the trick.

  • Do you have to have internet for this to work?

    No Internet connection is needed. Our signal boosters work by detecting and boosting ambient cellular signal that is already available outside your home, office or vehicle.

  • Looking at the need to boost our Verizon jet pack hot spot. Will this amplifier kit help our signal of 1-2 bars for our internet needs? Will the Jetpack talk to the booster?

    Yes, this cellular amplifier kit should be able to amplify the signal into the hotspot from the booster. They talk both ways so it should help with Upload and Download speeds.

  • Is there a light on the inside antenna to show that it is operating?

    Thanks for reaching out. Sorry, inside desktop antenna does not have an indicator light. Only component with a light is the signal booster.

  • Can you use it in a camper?

    This is only for installations such as in a home or office which are permanently stationary. We recommend Drive 4G-X RV which is for stationary and moving vehicles like campers and RVs so you can enjoy better reception when parked and when driving on the road.

  • Is this booster suitable for US Cellular carrier?

    Yes, it is suitable for the carrier, "US Cellular" - as well as for most other cell service providers.

  • We bought one of these in December at Best Buy. It worked great until a week ago and now it won’t even signal on. We’ve check cables and antenna.

    Do the lights come on?  If not, it may be a bad power cable. I would recommend calling 1-866-294-1660 for further troubleshooting help and possible warranty replacement.

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Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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