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WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 & 4300 Now UL Certified

Nov 28, 2019

WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 & 4300 Now UL Certified

UL Certified: WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 & 4300

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification has been bestowed upon WilsonPro Enterprise 1300, 1300r and WilsonPro Enterprise 4300, 4300r officially bringing these two products in line with the high standards of the rest of the weBoost and WilsonPro line of products.

What Is UL Certification?

In order to pass the high standards of safety and earn a fire marshal's Certificate of Occupancy, all new public and commercial building constructions (along with renovations under certain circumstances) must achieve UL certification under the UL 62368-1, second edition. The certification of these two products means that all buildings with weBoost or WilsonPro boosters and amplifiers comply with strict safety and occupancy requirements.

Which Products Have Received Certification?

All weBoost or WilsonPro boosters and amplifiers now hold UL certification. The WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 and WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 include internal power supply integration, requiring fresh UL certification. Innovative design of these products make installation a breeze for integrators, requiring little more than the included 3-prong standard AC electrical cord. This also ensures that product performance is enhanced, as there is no longer any concern that the wrong DC voltage will be used with an external power supply or electrical cord.

All WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 and 4300 products are fully UL certified, whether they are powered externally or internally.

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  • Glad to see Wilson Pro’s 1300 and 4300 models are now UL certified. That’s always a plus when you think about putting any kind of electronics in your home. I know I wouldn’t buy any signal booster or wi-fi booster that wasn’t UL certified. I don’t like smelling smoke and seeing my latest gadget starting a blaze.

    Riley Patrick on
  • Holy @#!~* these booster must be very strong if they’re for public and commercial buildings. I tried clicking the link for a price but all I could find was something saying they’re competitively priced. Guess that says a lot right there. I’d like to know how much one costs. If anyone knows, please post a price

    Clayton P. on
  • I am so glad that there are agencies testing the safety of electronics and similar tech. There are so many new gadgets coming out every month and it’s reassuring to me that the government is making some type of effort to ensure they’re safe. I know things slip through, but it’s better than nothing.

    Pete Backlund on
  • I didn’t know UL was still around. When I was in school (and that was quite a while back) we learned about Underwriters Laboratories and how important their seal of approval is. Congratulations. Also glad that UL is still kicking because there are so many new devices coming out, I get nervous thinking about fire safety.

    Lily Benson on

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