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Cel-Fi GO

Cel-Fi GO signal boosters are popular because they can boost reception in a big way by focusing on a single carrier at a time. With up to 100 dB Gain possible for in-building GO-X kits and up to 65 dB Gain achievable for vehicle GO-M kits, these perform like no other. New universal GO-Plus kits are very flexible whereby you can use the same cellular amplifier unit for homes/offices as well as cars/trucks by simply choosing appropriate antenna combinations as needed. Cel-Fi GO+ includes vehicle 12V DC power jack as well as home wall 110V power plug. Cel-Fi GO X includes only home wall 110V power plug. Cel-Fi GO M includes only vehicle 12V DC power jack. Signal amplifier itself in all three CelFi GO+, CelFi GOX, CelFi GOM is the same. Please note that interior and exterior antennas are add-ons as chosen when ordering CelFi GO+, Cel-Fi GO-X, or Cel-Fi GO-M.