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USA Cell Phone Booster Kits with 2 or More Indoor/ Interior/ Inside Antennas

Looking for cell phone signal boosters with lots of interior antennas? Have multiple rooms that require good cell phone signal? The following cellular boosters offer 2 or more in-building antennas you can install in two or more rooms or places inside your home, apartment, or office building. No more cell phone dead spots in the house/ office/ building with these multi-antenna kits. Installation of these kits with multiple indoor antennae may be more time consuming, but the convenience they offer is priceless. It is common sense that reception will be better in a room or office with dome or panel antenna. Therefore, you need not go to a room with interior antenna because you can have that same antenna in another room as well. That is the main benefit of these multi-antenna cell phone signal booster kits. If you have already purchased a phone booster kit with one outside and one inside antenna - No worries! We sell add-on antenna kits that include all you need (splitter and extra cable) to connect it to your existing system. Simply determine whether your signal amplifier uses 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm impedance for its inside antenna port connection, and then choose antenna expansion kit accordingly. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.