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weBoost Drive 4G-X | 470510

Car 4G LTE Signal Booster weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 / 470510F

weBoost Drive 4G-X | 470510

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Optional accessories available:

  • DC car plug-in power cord included. Optional electrical outlet AC power supply adapter can be purchased separately to use this kit where a wall electrical outlet or AC power source is available.
  • Switch booster base unit easily from car to truck or car to another car to use in both vehicles alternately as needed by buying and installing another interior antenna and a truck exterior antenna or car exterior antenna.

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Product Description

weBoost Drive 4G-X 4G LTE cell phone signal booster kit for cars. Drive 4GX is a Multi-User Cell Booster for Cars (part # 470510 or wa470510)
. It boosts signal of multiple cell phones or cellular devices with SIM card, simultaneously. All cellular devices being used in car will get simultaneous signal boost. Such devices can include smartphones, computer tablets, turbo sticks, internet sticks, air cards, mobile hotspots Mi-Fi, Jetpack, etc. Police officers trust it for use in their patrol car and SUV to enhance cell signals.

This is a new version replacement model of the discontinued models weBoost Wilson MobileMaxx 3G (460111), Drive 3G-X (470111). This USA version works for all cellular service providers in USA such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Boost signal reception inside cars with stronger connection with respective network's cell tower.

5G Ready - This weBoost booster will work for the next decade and beyond.

Strong connection means fewer missed or dropped calls, fewer incoherent conversations, fewer Internet hang-ups or freezing / buffering. Enjoy clear voice conversations, instantaneous texting, and fast 3G + 4G LTE mobile internet downloads and uploads after installing this car cell phone signal amplifier kit. weBoost Drive 4G-X kit is easy to install. It installs easily using DIY installation instructions included.

Product Highlights.

  • Amplifies text, voice calls and 4G LTE Internet data.
  • Designed for cars but works great for vans, trucks, SUVs, minivans, boats and RVs.
  • This Pro model has up to 60% More Range. Therefore, we recommend this model for rural driving in remote areas versus base model weBoost Drive 4G-M (470121) which is sufficient for city driving.
  • Works with all cellular service carriers on all their cell phones.
  • Maximum Gain Allowed by FCC for Vehicle Cell Signal Boosters: +50 dB.

Product Overview.

Don't stand for dropped calls, poor call quality and slow internet.

weBoost's most powerful 4G car cell phone signal booster boosts 3G & 4G LTE signals for many people in a vehicle (cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, mini-vans, boats, RVs, etc).

weBoost Drive 4G-X is a professional grade device that enhances cellphone signals wirelessly for up to 4 cellular devices including tablets, smartphones and Kindles. With a gain of up to +50 dB, it delivers a stronger signal, resulting in a clear connection to your smart cell phone.

weBoost has been solving cell-phone reception problems for more than 4 decades with signal boosters that are FCC as well as IC certified. They boost weak signals in both the city and remote rural areas. This kit is DIY and very easy to install.


  1. Improves Reception.
  2. More Bars.
  3. Eliminates Dropped Calls.
  4. Crystal Clear Voice.
  5. Text Delivered Quickly.
  6. Increases Coverage.
  7. Dead Zones reduced or eliminated.
  8. Longer Battery Life.
  9. Reliable Communication Method.
  10. Up & Download at Faster Speeds.

Who will benefit?

If you require a reliable signal for voice & text, as well as a high-speed 4G LTE internet connection, this unit will provide you with up to 60% more reach than any other car cell phone signal booster available. This is simply the best 4G vehicle model weBoost supplies.

This signal booster is perfect for people that need fast up and downloads for streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and other apps that are heavy on data.

Carriers Supported.

weBoost 470510 (USA for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) Drive 4G-X can be used for all major US carrier service networks except iDen and WiMax. It supports 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and AWS 1700/2100 MHz.

How does it Work?

Drive 4GX picks up existing weak signals with a compact high-gain antenna, and then amplifies it numerous times with Wilson Booster's patented SmarTech III technology. The boosted signals easily bypass all vehicle interior and vehicle exterior obstructions providing signal directly to your cell device. Refer to weBoost Drive 4G-X Installation Guide for quick set-up and installer manual overview.

Drive 4G-X cell phone booster Kit (Item # 470510) Includes:

  1. Drive 4G-X Wide-band Cell Phone Amplifier & Repeater (Product #: U470010. Model #: 460021).
  2. 10 cm Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna for Vehicle Top.
  3. Low Profile Antenna for Inside Vehicle.
  4. Power Supply to Power-up Signal Amplifier.
  5. Easy Installation Instructions and Manual.

Specifications of Amplifier Model Number 460010 with Product # U470010/ U460010 or 470010 and FCC ID PWO460010 and IC ID 4726A-460010.

Frequency 700 MHz - Band 12/ 13/ 17, 850 MHz - Band 5, 1700/ 2100 MHz - Band 4, 1900 MHz - Band 25/ 2.
Maximum Gain 50 Decibels (dB)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Voltage / Power 6V/ 2.5A
Connectors SMA-Female
Dimensions 11.43 x 16.19 x 3.49 cm
Weight 0.53 kg (amplifier only).
470510 (USA) UPC 811815024866



Vehicle cell phone booster kit is very easy to install with all required components and installation instructions included.

Installation in Car Video:



Installation in Truck Video:

Consumer Alert:
Consumer Alert


Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • Will this device boost WiFi Hotspots such as Verizon 4520 Jetpack as well as Cell signals?

    A hotspot is the same as a cell phone and uses the same frequencies to talk to the cell tower so this will boost the connection to the cell tower. This will not extend the range of the WiFi signal from the hotspot and will not allow you to be farther from the Verizon 4520 and still have a signal. WiFi uses a different frequency range than cell towers. Yes, the Drive 4G-X will support voice, text, 3G data, and LTE data for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other US carriers.

  • I have older Wilson Electronics 4G mobile booster. Is it compatible with the Truckers Antenna (I need the extra height for my vehicle). Also, I noticed it says it comes with a 12v power supply. Can it be wired directly into the vehicle?

    Yes, the Mobile 4G is compatible with the trucker antenna. I recommend the 311133 RV/Trucker antenna and the 901104 mount. You can get the 859923 Hardwire kit for the power as well. The power harness is not sold on our site, but you can order it over the phone.

  • I assume that for boat installation that "inside antenna" connector would go to my Verizon router and "outside antenna" connector would go to my marine antenna that sits on the radar arch. Yes? Also I am planning to use a 110v small transformer not 12v.

    The best system we currently have for a boat is the Drive 4G-X RV listed at Please note that your phone needs to be within 1-5 feet of the inside antenna to show signal improvement. You can use the marine antenna, but if it is an older one, you will need the 971119 adapter. If you want something to plug right into the booster, you want to look at the Signal 4G listed at

  • Where is the 4G-X available in Phoenix?

    You can order online at because while we offer installation service in Phoenix, Arizona, we do not have a retail store in Phoenix AZ.

  • What NMO antennas will work with this booster?

    Couple of NMO antenna trips are:

  • Looking for a solution that will boost Verizon 4G data service while working out of our RV. Would like to be able to install and use cell phone up to 35 ft away. Antenna may need to fold or be removable / compatible with existing roof items.

    Our systems are not designed to transmit signal over an open outdoor area. If you are in an area that our home units could give you the coverage that you are looking for, you would need to have the outdoor antenna approximately 35� feet away from the RV, and facing the opposite direction of the RV/indoor antenna. If you are in need of using the system while you are in motion, then the most powerful system you can use will be the Drive 4G-X RV (470410) listed at The max coverage area you will see of boosted signal will be 5-6 feet from indoor antenna. For your situation, and not knowing what is on your roof, I recommend calling our Customer Support.

  • I'm looking for a "max range" RV antenna setup. I tend to be in the middle of nowhere in dense forest. I assume I'm shopping for a yagi on a exterior extension pole (50 ft?) on the RV, not sure of the amp (residential?). Suggestions?

    Due to FCC regulation, when pairing the yagi antenna with a vehicle booster, it generally requires longer lengths of cable than recommended for this booster type. We like to limit cable lengths within FCC regulation to keep the line loss down. You are welcome to use a Home 4G kit for RV installation, however, it cannot be used while in motion and has separation requirements which can be hard to meet in an RV setup. The kit requires 20 feet of vertical, 50 feet of horizontal, or a combination of the two in separation between external and internal antenna. There are optional indoor upgrades for our mobile kits, such as the 304447 (can be ordered over phone) which can provide a larger inside area, depending on outside signal.

  • How many amps at 12 volts is it drawing because I am trying to figure out how long it can be left on without charging car battery.

    The Drive 4G-X will draw up to 2.5 amps and 18 to 28 watts maximum.

  • My job has ability to be mobile so I work from home and while traveling in our RV. What do you recommend for this? I understand the RV would have to be completely stationary for FCC regs. And I assume I would need a second antenna, power supply, etc.?

    An RV 4G LTE signal boosting system is listed at Please note that your cellphone will need to be within 1 to 10 feet of inside antenna to show signal improvement. The kit will come with omni directional antenna for outside, the signal booster, the Desk Top Antenna (indoor antenna), and an AC power supply. You can use the system while you are in motion.

  • I have a remote cabin with 12 volt power. Want to be able to use my cell phone/lap top in the cabin. My Wilson system in my car will get 2-3 bars parked outside. Can you recommend a system?

    There are many variables that are not covered in this scenario. I recommend contacting Customer Support for a complete product recommendation. With the information I have, I can tell you that the outdoor signal sounds very weak. You are going to need a more powerful booster to cover the cabin. At the very least, you will want to look at Connect 4G (470103) listed at

  • I would like to use this in a cabin with very little cell signal. Can I use it with an ac adapter?

    Yes, you can use AC power supply part # 859912 orderable over phone from us to use this system in the home. Keep in mind that it comes with a magnet mount antenna for the outdoor antenna, and is only designed to transmit the boosted signal in a small area (1-5 feet). You will need to keep your cellular device very close to the indoor antenna. I recommend looking at the Home 4G (470101) unit at if you are strictly using this in the cabin. Home 4G system will give you a larger area within the home, but it can't be used in a vehicle, or in motion.

  • How Do you mount outside antenna?

    The Drive 4G-X comes with the 4" magnet mount antenna. Most people will mount it on the roof, run the cable under the weather stripping on the door, to the booster. You can read about the installation on pages 3 and 4 of the installation guide.

  • Would substituting a panel antenna for the slim low profile type included with the Drive 4G-X improve signal distribution throughout a small RV?

    You could substitute a panel antenna on the inside area, by using antenna part # 304447 that can be ordered separately over the phone from us. It could provide up to a large coverage area than the slim low profile antenna, but would largely depend on signal outside.

  • Can I get the cradle antenna with this?

    Due to FCC regulation, you can only pair certain indoor antennas with this booster. You can find different antenna combinations on Page 8 of its installation manual.

  • I have a built in (factory installed) GPS system. Can it benefit from a weBoost? If so, does it need to be wired in to the factory antennae?

    Our systems are designed to boost the cellular frequencies. Typically, GPS runs in a very different range. If your system is running off of cellular (uncommon) then our boosters can help. I recommend reaching out to the GPS manufacturer to determine what your system is using. If it is cellular, you will want to use a direct connect solution such as the Security 4G (470119) shown here:

  • What is the difference between the 4G-X and the 4G-XR? I am a RVer with a 40 feet coach. Will inside antenna for the X cover my area?

    Due to FCC regulation, our home boosters are not legally allowed to be used while in motion. Any time you are in motion, the booster must be powered down and not plugged back in until the RV is completely stationary. The booster paired with the kit has the ability to cover a 1-2 room space on average, depending on outside signal, so you might get coverage over the entire RV, but if you have a weak outdoor signal it is unlikely. Here are a few different booster options that are great for use in motion or stationary: Drive 4G-M (470108). This kit includes a 4" magnetic mount antenna (it is the best antenna for this device), the signal booster, a DC power supply, and a low profile antenna for the inside of your RV. Because some RV's are fibreglass so you would need to affix a small metal plate (4-5 inches) to attach the antenna to. Please note that your phones and devices need to be within 1-5 feet of the inside antenna to show signal improvement. Drive 4G-X (470510) is our most powerful vehicle booster. The kit includes a 4 inches magnetic mount antenna (it is the best antenna for this device), the signal booster, a DC power supply, and a low profile antenna for the inside of your RV. Again because some of the RV's are fiberglass, you would need to affix a small metal plate (4-5 inches) to attach the antenna to. Please note that your phone needs to be within 1-5 feet of the inside antenna to show signal improvement with this unit too. The difference between this unit and the Drive 4G-M is that the X is twice the strength going back to the tower. This means it will work better in a more rural area. These kits don't cover a whole RV area, but have optional indoor antenna upgrades such as the 304447 to reach farther than the 1-5 feet. This antenna kit can be ordered separately from us over the phone. For RVs, we recommend our latest RV kit:

  • Can this device be powered over standard USB, e.g. from a portable battery pack, in order to be carried while hiking? If not, is there a device comparable in range and effectiveness that can be carried easily (the -S and -M devices claim a smaller range)?

    You would need a rather large battery pack to support any of the mobile/vehicle units. All of our boosters require 17-27 watts. The Drive X and Drive M boosters have two antennas that are going to need a significant amount of separation. They are not something you will be able to just drop in a suitcase or backpack and use walking down the path. With the S series, your phone will need to sit in the cradle to receive the boosted signal. Because one of the antennas is in the cradle, the Drive Sleek booster is typically much easier for emergency hiking situations.

  • I have a CM230-W Yagi (698-806/806-960/1710-2700MHz), and extremely low loss coax, a small fiberglass camper. Would the Yagi about 18 feet above the drive 4g-x or the 4 inch mag mount 18 ft. up on the indoor mount (sleek) work better?

    Putting the magnet antenna 18 feet in the air will require too much cable to be run, and will generally not be worth the additional height. We recommend staying with the Yagi if you can, or place the magnet mount antenna on the hood or roof of the RV on a ground plane.

  • I have a Wilson RV/ Trucker antenna bought in July 2014 to use with a Sleek 4G. The model number is not on antenna. The spring mount was optional and I did not buy the spring. I'm guessing the antenna is a 308433, was the 318433 available mid 2014?

    The 318433 became available at the beginning of 2015. However, the only difference in the 308433 and 318433 is the connector. The older antenna was an FME connector and the new antenna is SMA. If you have your antenna connected to a Sleek, it has an adapter to make it SMA.

  • Can I install multiple Drive 4G-X units in my RV with the internal antennas placed in different zones to increase the coverage area of the boosted signal?

    You are able to use multiple boosters in one vehicle. The outdoor antennas need to be approximately 3 feet apart, and the indoor antennas need to be at least 18" apart. For RV's, we recommend this truck edition signal booster kit that has a convenient inside desktop antenna instead:

  • How well does this work for T-mobile phones? I have one of the older models and it worked perfect for my AT&T phone which gave me LTE, now that I have T-mobile it only gives me 4G.

    The Drive 4G-X, as well as any of our 4G boosters are able to cover T-Mobile's LTE frequency as long as there is enough LTE signal available. The booster's ability to grab LTE largely depends on the outside starting signal. You are more than welcome to reach out to us, and we can take numerical readings to take a look at the signals, and see if we can determine how the booster is performing on the LTE band.

  • What is the best device for Mobile application Verizon 6620L. Would you recommend Antenna upgrade?

    For most mobile applications, we recommend the Drive 4G-X. This booster has the max allotted power back to the tower allowed by the FCC. This booster is recommended for areas of more rural travel, and for covering voice, 3G, 4G, and LTE for most major carriers.

  • How can I buy a second 4" Mag mount antenna that came with my Drive 4g-x? Can't find a model number or find the antenna on this site or anyone else site. Most say they are for sleek.

    4 inches antenna with 12.5 ft. cable and SMA-Male connector part # is 301126 which you can order separately over the phone from us.

  • Building cottage in coastal area with poor reception. Used small home unit in Class a RV on site. Worked for phone. Need data boost. What system works best for phone use and data? I returned the cell only unit.

    For the RV, to cover all the bands, and to help in rural areas we recommend the Drive 4G-X RV kit at: This booster comes with signal amplifier, inside desktop antenna, outdoor omni antenna, and power supply. The internal antenna will provide a 1-5 foot range of coverage, depending on outside signal. In a cottage area, the type of booster will largely depend on what the outside readings are like, as well as the size of the home. We recommend contacting our customer service team for a more accurate and detailed recommendation.

  • I plan to use this booster in a Sprinter van, I want to run my antenna wire to the rear of the vehicle and install 2 antennas on the rear of the vehicle permanently mount. What type of wire should I run? Is it possible to install two interior antennas?

    The Drive 4G-X is not designed to be split to multiple indoor antennas. The booster will come with an external antenna connected to RG-174 cable, booster, internal antenna which also has RG-174 cable, and the power supply. For optimal use, we recommend using only the antennas, and cabling that comes with the kit. Adding any more can cause loss of signal.

  • I would like to purchase this for use in our RV. Can you recommend a 4G compatible with Verizon truckers antenna?

    For the Drive 4G-X, we recommend keeping the external antenna that comes with the kit if possible. This antenna is better with 4G signals. You could use the 311133 trucker style antenna, but it won't usually perform as well as the 301126 antenna that comes in the kit, when it comes to data signals. Therefore, we recumbent our truck edition signal booster kit for RVs:

  • I was reading where the best antenna is the magnet mount. What if I don't want a wire dangling around going through a window or a door. Are you planning to make a permanent mount antenna that will work as well?

    We do have NMO antenna that is also 4 inches which can be drilled through the roof of vehicle so no wires are seen dangling on the roof of your car: Two optional NMO antenna's with part #'s 311112 and 311104 are also available but they will not perform as well on the data bands as the 4 inch antennas. We recommend reaching out to us for installation ideas that professional installers can suggest for the vehicle application.

  • I am looking for a signal booster that I can use in my truck, RV and home office. A multiple user hybrid unit that comes with all the antennas, etc. so I don't have to buy extra gadgets after the fact. What would you recommend?

    The Drive 4G-X is a booster we recommend in most RV, and vehicle applications. This booster will come with a 4 inches magnetic outdoor antenna, which we recommend using in both the RV and vehicle application as well as booster, and indoor low profile antenna. This unit can be taken inside the home, by using the AC power adapter part number 859912 (can be ordered separately from us over phone), as well as the part # 901128 which is a Suction Cup Window Mount. The vehicle boosters are meant to cover a 1-5 foot inside coverage area, therefore, often leading us to a separate booster recommendation for the office area.

  • I drive a Dump truck with a cab protector that extends from the box over the cab about 8 inches and about 1 foot above the cab. Which antennae would work best? Mirror mount antenna? Less than 1 feet from CB antenna?

    With the Drive 4G-X, we recommend keeping the 4 inches magnetic mount that the kit comes with when possible. You can upgrade to a few other antenna types like the 311125 (12 inches magnetic style), or the 311133 (Trucker Antenna), but we recommend staying with the 4 inches magnetic antenna the kit comes with the kit. The antenna will likely need more separation from the CB antenna, so we recommend 3 ft. or more. However, there are certain situations where you may not need as much separation. This is very case by case, and will largely depend on each individual set up. We recommend the 3 feet as a baseline.

  • I have a Laird TRA6927M3PBN-001 3G/4G Multi-Band (698-960, 1700-2700 MHz) Phantom Antenna NMO antenna. Will there be any problems with this antenna and the Drive 4G-X.

    Due to FCC regulation, legally we cannot advise using the Laird antenna with our system. The kits are to be sold an installed in kit form per FCC regulation.

  • I have several installed low profile inside vehicle antennas that were shipped with the older Wilson 8012 3G boosters. Can these be used with the Drive 4G-X for LTE, or do they have to be replaced? I know that the connector is different.

    Depending on which booster you have, it is likely that the internal antennas are the same (aside from the different connectors). We recommend installing the booster as a kit, to ensure that all parts are new and undamaged. It is also best to not have to use connectors when possible, as the connectors can create a small amount of loss.

  • I am considering a sailboat installation where the antenna will be a 65 feet cable run up the inside of an aluminum mast. Primary goal is increased data range on 1X, 2G and 3G. What cable, antennas and amplifier would you recommend?

    For most Marine applications, if you are just concerned about 1X, 2G, and 3G we recommend the Drive 3G-X (470111). If you would like 4G and LTE, we recommend the Drive 4G-X (470510), Drive 4G-X OTR (470210), or Drive 4G-X RV (470410). All of these boosters have the max allotted power back to the tower allowed by the FCC. As far as the cable runs are concerned, we like to use only what is provided in the kit to keep loss to a minimum. As you add length to the cable, the more you will see signal suffer. Both the Drive 3G-X, and Drive 4G-X kit come with outdoor antenna (with 12.5 ft of coax), booster, indoor antenna (with 12.5ft of coax), and power supply.

  • I recently purchased the Drive 4G-X for my RV. Do you think using magnet paint could take the place of the metal plate for the outside antenna?

    Generally metal paint does not have enough metal in it for a magnet to stick to. You will need a ground plane that the magnet portion of the antenna is able to magnetize to. We recommend a 5" by 5" metal ground plane.

  • I live close to the border of Mexico, can you manually select the carrier you need specifically on the signal booster so as not to "pick-up" TelCel signal (kind of a "home-only" feature thingy)?

    Sorry, our boosters are made to cover many different carriers, and are able to cover them simultaneously. There is no way to program the unit to only pick up one carrier at a time. Any usable signal at the antenna site, will be used to boost.

  • I'm a truck driver. I recently purchased the 4G -x. I want to put the inside antenna on my passenger seat but every time I do, 2 of my lights go red. If I put it on something metal, the lights stay green. I really don't notice any more signal strength.

    If you would like to install the indoor antenna on the passenger seat, and lights are turning red, try moving the external antenna farther away. Any red lights that show, indicate oscillation between the two antennas and will need more separation for the lights to return to green. Once you have given them more separation, we recommend unplugging the booster for about 30 seconds, then plugging booster in to allow the unit to power cycle. For further troubleshooting on the system, you may reach us by phone.

  • I want to use this on a sail boat with a tall mast. Can I get an antenna that I can mount on the mast with appropriate coax cable to go to the antenna and then an in-boat antenna to allow users to get the boosted signal on boat? Is this the right unit?

    The strongest system the FCC will currently allow for a boat is the Drive 4G-X signal amplifier. The kit includes a 4" magnetic mount antenna (it is the best antenna for this device), the signal amp., a DC power supply, and a low profile antenna for inside of your boat. Because most boats are fiberglass you would need to affix a small metal plate (4-5 inches) to attach the antenna to. Please note that your phone needs to be within 1-5 feet of the inside antenna to show signal improvement. If you would like to use the marine antenna, you can if you use enough cable. You can see all antenna options on page 8 of the installation guide.

  • Would this help in areas of over-saturation of users? As in - would this help "reach out further" for an available source/tower to handle my call/data request?

    Sorry, your question is not quite clear so we suggest you call us if the following does not address your question. Are you asking if the booster will help you connect to the tower in an area where you are showing a strong signal (4/5 bars) but still not able to connect due to too many people on the network? If that is the case, then no, the booster is not necessarily going to help. When there are too many people in one location, it is creating too much noise in the signal, and a booster can actually make that worse, not better. The other way this question can be looked at is will this booster pick up a signal that is not reaching your location due to too many people being closer to the tower than you are. Antennas are not designed to "reach out" and pick up a signal from down the road, or even 50 feet away. Antennas will only use the ambient signal that is right there at the antenna, make it stronger, and send it through a cable to the signal amplifier. You have to have some signal right at your location for the system to amplify. If you have a weak signal, a booster will help you make a stronger connection with the cellular tower.

  • I have a 4G Sleek. Just not good enough for remote camping. How does 4g-x compare? What is return policy?

    To compare the Drive 4G-X to the Sleek 4G, the Drive 4G-X is going to be a lot stronger. The incoming gain in significantly stronger on the Drive 4G-X. Since one is a cradle and one is designed to transmit the signal to multiple devices, they are not easy to compare. If you place your phone in physical contact with the antenna for the Drive 4G-X, or in the Sleek cradle, then yes, the Drive 4G-X will be stronger.

  • I hear it mentioned that the magnetic antenna is the best antenna to use. My problem is, it is for a boat and antenna cord is not long enough. Does Marine Antenna (311130-5810) offer same performance and have longer cord?

    The Marine antenna (311130) has a 7 inches coax tail, which can be paired with a few different cable types in different lengths. Most cable types will need connectors. The recommended kit length is 10 feet of RG-58-955812. This would then require two adapters: 971136 and 971108. We recommend reaching out to us for additional cable suggestions. This antenna will be a great upgrade, but will not show as good of gains in the 1710-1880 band, or the 2110-2170. When upgrading to another antenna is decided, we strongly recommend the marine antenna, over a trucker style. It is also designed to stand up to the salty air of the marine setting. Here are the gains for each antenna: 301126 - The antenna that comes in the kit (470510): 700-800 MHz > Gain 1.7 dBi, 824-894 MHz > Gain 2.12 dBi, 880-960 MHz > Gain 1.5 dBi, 1710-1880 MHz > Gain 3.12 dBi, 1850-1990 MHz > Gain 3.12 dBi, 2110-2170 MHz Gain > 1.4 dBi. Part # 301130 (Marine Antenna): 700-800 MHz > Gain 3.4 dBi, 824-894 MHz > Gain 5.12 dBi, 880-960 MHz > Gain 3.5 dBi, 1710-1880 MHz > Gain 3.1 dBi, 1850-1990 MHz Gain > 6.12 dBi, 2110-2170 MHz > Gain 0.2 dBi.

  • Is there a better/stronger 4G antenna that can be used with the weboost Drive 4G-X?

    Currently, we recommend sticking with the 4 inches magnetic mount that the kit comes with (301126). If you are more concerned with voice signals only, you could upgrade to the 311125.

  • Do you recommend the Wilson trucker & RV spring antenna for better reception in an 18 wheeler?

    Typically we recommend using the 4 inch magnetic antenna with the Drive 4G-X. If you are more concerned with the voice signal only, you can order our 12 inches antenna part # 311125 over the phone. Or the trucker style antenna with part # 311133. For best results for voice & data coverage, and overall performance, we recommend using the antenna that comes with the kit or better yet, consider this truck signal booster with window mount antenna:

  • Will the 4g-x work in a tractor trailer? I hear that the aluminum body does not give good reception.

    Typically, as long as the trailer is enclosed and you have some way to install the external antenna outside, you should be able to receive boost from the Drive 4G-X. However, if you have to keep the external antenna inside the enclosed trailer, and you cannot make calls from inside the trailer normally, the booster will not be able to help. The amount of boost you receive will all depend on what the starting signal is like. Most of the time with aluminum bodies we have to utilize a non magnetic antenna, or we can recommend gluing a 4 inches steel plate to the top of the body area, allowing the antenna to stick there. Or you can consider installing NMO antenna that requires drilling into the roof. It is shown here:

  • I just bought the weBoost Drive 4G-X and I plan on using it both in my car and in a small trailer but I was wondering if there is another antenna I should with this device to get better reception when it is indoors?

    We recommend staying with the 4 inches magnetic antenna the booster comes with. We do offer a few upgrade antennas such as part #'s 311125 and 311133. Both of these antennas are good with voice, but will not help as much with data. You can call to order antenna options. Best results will be seen when external antenna can remain outdoors.

  • With our Motorhome (40 feet with Fiberglass roof), will we need a metal groundplane for included antenna? Or will we need the non-ground-plane antenna? How far from interior antenna can our phones be without signal degradation/loss?

    There will always be loss as you move your cellphone away from indoor antenna towards any distance. The system is designed to give you 1 to 5 feet of boosted signal, depending on the strength of the signal at outdoor antenna. You will need a 5" x 5" ground plane, or you will need to go with a different antenna. You can see all of your options on page 8 of installing manual.

  • When using the unit in a fiberglass walled, vinyl roofed Fifth Wheel, what would be the recommended antenna mounting options? I would prefer something permanent as opposed to setting up at each campsite.

    To use the antenna that comes with this kit, you will need a 5"*5" ground plane, or you will need to go with a different antenna. You can see all of your options on page 8 of installing guide. We recommend the antenna that it comes with, or the trucker antenna part # 311133 you can order over phone.

  • Is there a higher gain mobile antenna available exclusively for the T-Mobile network (voice & data)? We live in a very rural part of the U.S. and frequently travel through the mountains where reception is poor.

    The strongest antenna for the data portion is going to be the one that it came with. If you are looking for the voice more than the data, then you can look at the 12" antenna part # 301125 or the trucker antenna part # 311133.

  • For use with the 4G-X, what is the difference / compatibility with the following antennas: 301101, 311101, 311701, 311133?

    The 301101 and the 311101 are the same antenna with different connectors on the ends of the cable. The 301101 has a FME connector and will not connect to the Drive 4G-X. The 311701 is for international frequencies, and not great for US cellular frequencies. If you are looking at the 311101 and 311133, the 311101 will be slightly better for voice, but not great on some of the 4G/LTE frequencies. The 311133 is the better option for the data, but not as strong on the voice. If you are looking for both voice and data, we recommend using the 4" magnet mount antenna that comes with it. It might be short, but it is powerful.

  • I own a 2009 Audi A8L which is all aluminum - magnetic mount wont "stick" to the roof. Also, the "cosmetic" aspect is of concern. Is there anyway to use this Drive 4G-X inline with the existing Vehicle Antenna(s)? Or are there alternate antenna(s)?

    The Drive 4G-X does have other antenna options, however, they would mostly require permanent mount. We do have optional NMO or trucker antennas that you can use with this booster, but it would require a hole be drilled in the roof area, and considering your cosmetic concern, we understand this would likely not be ideal. There are also alternative ways you may be able to adhere a ferrous metal (at least 4-5 inches in diameter) to the roof or truck area to utilize the magnetic antenna that comes with the kit. Lastly, we do have a glass mount antenna, but it is not recommend with this system as it will likely not achieve adequate separation for the unit to function properly. If you would like to utilize the glass mount, we recommend using this antenna with the Drive Sleek kit found here:

  • How will it boost the LTE when the LTE runs on 2100 MHz that this booster doesn't support?

    The Drive 4G-X does cover the LTE band for most carriers. The 2100 MHz is included in the Band 4 with the 1700 MHz. Band 4 requires both 1700/2100 MHz to send and receive.

  • Are there different antenna options for the 4g x? Like a window mount, or dome antenna?

    There are other internal antenna options available, such as a dome. Typically, we recommend panel antennas over the dome, for optimal use. There are legal requirements that must be met due to FCC regulation, when it comes to cable length and style paired with these upgrade antennas. Additional antenna options can be found on Page 6 of the Drive 4G-M install guide and Page 8 of the Drive 4G-X installation manual. The antennas are listed in kit form, but these parts are only sold separately through us. You are welcome to reach out to us by calling us, for more direct assistance in finding an indoor antenna upgrade.

  • I have a 40 feet Sportfish with a cell phone that was installed in 2000. I would like to replace the analog phone with this booster and use the Shakespeare marine cell antenna. This would be a really easy install with the existing power. Any problems?

    Due to the FCC regulations that went into place in May 2014, you can only used certified antennas with each booster. You can see all approved antennas on page 8 of installation guide. I recommend going with the marine antenna - Please call us to order over the phone.

  • If only 3g is available, will the 4gx boost it or is it 4g only. My 3g will boost anything 3g or less. Wondering if the 4gx will boost everything that is available. I live in a vary mountainous area, and drive most of the day, in and out of 1x, 3g, and 4g.

    The Drive 4G-X does boost both 3G, and 4G. Any time 4G is not available, as long as 3G signal is adequate, it will boost that signal band as well. It can also dip down in to lower frequencies, all depending on what the signal strength in decibels measures outside. Typically, as long as you are consistently able to place a call at outside antenna, our signal booster will work great. The weaker the signal outside, the closer you may have to be to the internal antenna.

  • What all comes with this when I purchase? Does it come with truckers antenna and cable and all I need to get it up and running?

    The Drive 4G-X comes with external antenna: 4 inches mag mount antenna (part # 301126), amplifier base unit, internal antenna (part # 301152), and the power supply. Any trucker style antenna would be considered an upgrade, and are available for purchase if you can call us to order. You can find additional antenna options in the online manual on Page 3. These parts are all that you will need for basic setup.

  • Do you sell a more powerful antenna for outside of the vehicle? Recommendations for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK (It has a fiberglass top)?

    The strongest antenna to cover all frequencies is the 4" magnet mount antenna that comes in the kit. We recommend taking a piece of ferrous metal and fixing it to the roof for the antenna to adhere to. If you have to use another antenna mount, you will want to use RV/Trucker Spring Mount Antenna. Please call us to order.

  • I have your Drive 4G-X unit to be installed in my 25' Airstream trailer. I would like to install a more powerful outside antenna to my crank up RV antenna. Can you recommend a particular antenna? Is there an inside antenna that would increase phone range?

    We do offer many different antenna options for fixed locations on Page 8 of the install guide. However, we recommend staying with the 4 inches antenna magnetic in most instances. Fore more inside coverage, you could use the indoor antenna upgrade with part number 304447. This antenna can be ordered from us over the phone. We recommend taking a look at our RV signal booster kit shown here:

  • I heard this booster don't work in 18 wheeler semi, especially on a aluminum or steel body.

    The Drive 4G-X will work for most vehicle application, however, any vehicle with aluminium body will generally have problems with the external magnetic antenna sticking to the cab. We always recommend a ferrous material to mount the magnetic antenna to. We recommend our truck cell phone booster with mirror mount antenna listed here:

  • I have a drive 4gx and want a directional antenna for my RV when parked. Can I use 314411 yagi antenna for better 4g data? I also want to upgrade to either the desktop inside antenna or the panel antenna. Can you help with this decision?

    You are welcome to use the 314411 antenna. To abide by FCC regulation, there are required lengths and cable types. You can find all of these options on page 8 of the install guide. You can also find internal antenna options as well located on that same page. We recommend using the panel over the desktop antenna for best results. If you would like a more detailed recommendation, we recommend reaching out to us and let us know what signal readings look like at the location, and any cable limitations that you might have with your setup.

  • I'm undecided in between the RV 4g or the 4g x. Its for my motor home in which I use in rural areas, with little to no reception. I'm looking for the most powerful and farthest to reach a cell tower. Does not have to be mobile.

    The issue you could have with the Connect 4G-X will be getting the separation between the indoor and outdoor antennas. That system requires at least 35 feet (line of site) between the two antennas. If you are talking about the Drive 4G-X, it has a much smaller coverage area inside the RV. We recommend RV signal booster listed here:

  • What external vehicle antennas are compatible with the Drive 4G-X? We typically use NMO Mount antennas (311104), but everything I read says the 4" magnet mount that comes with the kit is the best option. Is this correct?

    We do recommend staying with the 4" magnetic style antenna, if at all possible. This antenna will provide good performance so why change it?

  • I was just assigned a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution. What is the best way to mount the antenna? Is the cable long enough?

    The cable on the external antenna is 12.5 feet long, and for best results, we recommend installing it on the roof area. There are a few different ways you can place the booster and indoor antenna on the inside of the vehicle. We recommend reaching out to us directly, so we can go over your specific situation and limitations for installation. We do recommend our truck edition signal amplifier listed here:

  • Looking for a cell booster for a 2013 Freightliner Cascadia. How will this perform, as I now have questions since reading the reviews. Drive OR from coast to coast, and border to border. Current carrier AT&T, cell phone Galaxy S5 Active, and Note Pro tablet computer.

    For most vehicle installs, we recommend the Drive 4G-X. This sig. booster will have the max gain allowed by the FCC, making this the strongest vehicle booster that we have. The booster kit will come with outdoor antenna (301126), indoor antenna (301152), booster, and power supply. The indoor antenna will typically cover a 1-5 feet range inside, all depending on outside signal power.

  • I have older Sleek 4G booster. On the truck in rural valley - texts work, but not voice. In my RV it doesn't work at all with home kit. Got trucker antenna to try next but if it does not work, can I attach to telescoping mast for better results?

    We would like to work with you directly to determine if there are any tips and tricks we can try to allow the booster to work optimally. We would also like to identify if there is signal, or adequate signal in those areas you are looking to cover, and are experiencing trouble. Often times adding an antenna higher up in elevation can help, but we then worry about adding too much cable and causing loss. We recommend reaching out to us for more detailed assistance.

  • Does this or any of your products for that matter support LTE Advanced?

    Currently, we are able to help most major carriers LTE frequencies. However, the LTE advanced is still forming for many carriers, so it is hard to forecast if we will be able to cover them. As long as they use traditional cellular frequencies, we should be able to help.

  • Do weboost products work in Australia?

    There are some Australian carriers we can help support, on the 850 MHz frequency. However, the Australian carriers require permission to use signal boosters so please make sure you have that permission required by them.

  • Will this work with LTE band 12 700 MHz (T-mobile in particular)?

    The Drive 4G-X will work for the LTE band 12, and should be supported in particular for the T-Mobile frequency.

  • What is the part # for the roof mount antenna for this 470510 signal booster kit?

    There are few different roof mount antenna part # options which you can order separately from us over the phone. However, we recommend staying with the part # 301126 antenna that comes with the kit, whenever possible. Here are a few different antenna part #'s that are approved with the 470510: 311112, 311133, and the one listed here:

  • I purchased a 4g-x for my RV, and I would like to run it off AC vs DC. Do you sell a power adapter that is properly rated for the device?

    We do have an AC power supply which is properly rated for the Drive 4G-X. The part number you would need is 859912 which you can order from us separately over the phone.

  • What is the strongest booster Wilson makes for automobiles? Can the mobile 4g-x be used in a house and attached to wilson's marine antenna which would be mounted on the house? Now using sleek and trucker antenna.

    The Drive 4G-X is our strongest booster at this time. This booster can be used in a home, using the AC adapter part number 859912 which can be ordered from us over the phone. You can also use the marine antenna for this application as well. We recommend reaching out to us so we can go over your specific situation and help determine which parts would be optimal for your specific application.

  • Can this unit work in my country, Trinidad and Tobago? We have two carriers where one uses 850/1900 MHz and the other uses 1800 Mhz. Also what other compatible devices you have for home/small office for my country?

    We may be able to help cover the carrier who uses 850/1900, but we would not be able to cover the 1800 MHz. All of our home boosters cover the 850/1900 frequencies. But be sure to take signal strength readings at the area you are looking to cover, because our signal boosters do require some signal outside so they can amplify that signal inside building.

  • My commute is 150 km each way over a mountain highway. Several spots where calls will often be dropped. I would like to have continuous conversations without all the dropped calls. Which unit and antenna combo is best for me?

    If you travel rural often, and would like to support 3G, 4G, voice and LTE for most major carriers, we recommend this Drive 4G-X (470510). This is our most powerful vehicle unit, and has the max allotted power back to the tower.

  • Two questions: 1. How far outside the car does inside antenna relay/ boost the service? 2. Does getting a larger/ better outside antenna allow you to get a better boosted signal?

    Most vehicle boosters offer a coverage range of 1-5 feet from internal antenna. That coverage space will largely depend on the outside signal strength. We recommend staying with the part # included (301126) which is a 4 inches magnetic antenna for most applications because this antenna provides the best boost and voice together, at this time. There are larger antennas available but those would be more suitable for larger vehicles like RVs. See that included in RV signal booster kit here:

  • Hi, what power consumption (Amperes) does the 4G-X and the 4G-M have while running it with 12V?

    The Drive 4G-X, and Drive 4G-M both pull up to 2.5 A max while in use. That number could fluctuate in lower amperage, but the max is the 2.5 A.

  • I have jeep with a fiberglass top and a pickup and a camper what type and how many antennas will I need?

    We have a few different antenna options for fiberglass tops, but it will largely depend on your primary use for the system. We recommend reaching out to us for more detailed assistance, so we can go over your situation specifically. A 4 to 5 inches metal plate can be installed on the roof and the magnetic antenna included in this kit will attach to it. Or you can drill a permanent through-the-roof antenna listed here:

  • Will this work with Verizon JetPack?

    The Drive 4G-X will work with the Verizon JetPack provided there is signal in vicinity. You will want to have your device within 18 inches from the internal antenna to receive the best results.

  • Can I order external antenna only?

    Yes, you can call us to order part number 301126 separately.

  • What is the difference with the blinking/ non-blinking lights. Some days there's one or more band that is red. Some days they blink - some not.

    The solid red light indicates that there is oscillation and the band is shutting down. This means that the indoor and outdoor antenna are located too closely and need separation. The blinking red and green light indicates the same, only in this instance the band doesn't completely shut down, it works at a reduced gain. We recommend getting more separation between the inside and outside antenna to help ensure that the booster works optimally.

  • What is amperage requirement for the 4G-X? I want to plug it into a 110/cig plug adapter and many of them don't come with very high amperage. The specs on this website say 2.5A/6 V which makes no sense as it plugs into a 12 V cig lighter?

    The power supply will have a converter in line that will reduce the 12V to 6V. The correct specifications are 6V 2.5A. You can call to order part number 859913 for the power supply we recommend.

  • I need to boost the cell signal in my airstream trailer. I tried a Z boost with no increase in cell signal, so sent it back. Is the issue the aluminum trailer? If so which model we-boost and antenna would you suggest? I get dropped calls in Phoenix area.

    For rural travel, and mobile use, the Drive 4G-X is our best recommendation. This is our most powerful mobile 4G solution. The kit includes a 4" magnetic mount antenna (it is the best antenna for this device), the signal booster, a DC power supply, and a low profile antenna for the inside of your RV. Because some RV's are fiberglass, or in your case aluminum, you would need to affix a small metal plate (4-5 inches) to attach the antenna to. Or consider RV signal booster kit listed here: Please note that your phone needs to be within 1-5 feet of the inside antenna to show signal improvement.

  • I own a fiberglass travel trailer. What is the best permanent antenna to use with this unit? How close can antenna be to the booster? How close should the internal antenna be to the booster?

    In trailers or vehicles with fiberglass tops, we recommend affixing a 4-5 inches steel metal plate to your roof if possible, so that the magnetic antenna will attach. This will allow you to use the stock antenna (301126). We do have a permanent antenna option which is listed here: The separation between antennas is typically more important than separation between booster and antenna, as this is what will cause oscillation if they are too close. An amount of separation will vary, and the lights will help be your guide on how much separation is needed. This can range up to 6 ft. If the lights remain green, the antennas are separated far enough. Most of the time, an external antenna will need to be installed near the center of the vehicle's roof, at least 12 inches from any other antennas, free of obstruction, and at least 6 inches from any windows. The distance the indoor antenna is separated from the booster will depend on what your installation requires.

  • T-Mobile just recently started greatly expanding its 4G LTE rural area coverage as well as in-building coverage in some areas utilizing their new 700MHz "Band 12" spectrum. Would the Drive 4G-X boost this band? If not, when can we expect band 12 support?

    The Drive 4G-X (470510) does cover Band 12 for the 700 MHz frequency.

  • With the 4G X, do I have to hook anything to the phone or put it in a cradle?

    The antenna that comes with the kit is a slim low profile antenna and it does not require direct connection or contact to a cellular device, and a cradle is not needed. The cradle is not an FCC approved antenna for this kit.

  • My cell phone is Sprint and my hotspot is Verizon. Will I be able to use both of these with the 4G-X at the same time?

    There are two parts to this answer. (1) weBoost does not limit the number of simultaneous connections a booster can support. Therefore, there is no artificial cap on the number of connections. (2) However, that means the number of devices that can operate simultaneously depends on the strength of the signal outside your building. The stronger the signal outside, the more devices inside can be supported simultaneously. The same is true in the reverse. The weaker the outside signal, the fewer devices inside the building can be supported simultaneously. The Drive 4G-X can be used for multiple devices, and most major carriers and networks. We are able to cover Verizon's networks at this time. However, we are only able to help Sprints 3G and voice signals. Sprint has been approved to use frequencies outside of the traditional cellular range for their 4G/LTE, and we are unable to support these bands.

  • For the Drive 4G-X, do you offer a 110V AC adapter? Want to use it in an RV. Would prefer to hook to AC as opposed to cigarette lighter which is farther away. It also gives me the option to use it at my cabin.

    We do have an AC power supply for the Drive 4G-X. The part # is 859912.

  • I currently run a Wilson 460102, and my question is: Can I utilize the existing antenna and power supply and install this amp in it's place, only reason being I have both pretty much permanently installed.

    Per FCC regulations, we recommend using antennas and power supply that come with the new booster.

  • Can I take it abroad? Will it work in another country with local providers?

    It depends on where you are traveling. There are some countries where it will work and others where it will not. If you would like more information on this and which countries the booster will work in, feel free to reach out to us. Or check the frequencies it covers in specifications section and compare with frequencies covered by mobile service providers you are planning to use.

  • What is the difference between the 4GS and 4GM and the RV versions. I will be using it in an RV mainly.

    The main difference between the Drive 4G-S and the Drive 4G-M or 4G-X is the way the signal is being broadcast. With the Drive 4G-S your phone will need to be placed in the cradle to receive a signal. The Drive 4G-M or 4G-X will have a broadcast area of 3-5", which means you can use several phones in its proximity.

  • I'm ready to order now but I drive a semi and I cannot locate any truck antennas on your site. What model or brands work with the Drive 4g-x and where do I find them?

    With the Drive 4G-X, the 4 inches magnetic antenna supplied in the kit is the best recommended antenna at this time. We recommend our truck cell phone signal booster listed here which includes a trucker antenna:

  • I have a Wilson Electronics Dual Band 21.5 inches RV/Trucker Cellular Antenna Kit with Mount installed on my RV above the Cab with the wire run down under the dash. Will the drive 4G-X work with this antenna? If not, what booster will work with it?

    The RV trucker antenna will help you with your voice and 3G signals. If you're looking to boost 4G, the 4 inches antenna that comes with the unit is the best we have right now.

  • I park truck at top of hill where I have reasonable signal. However, I need to spend time down hill from truck in woods and lose most signal. I remain line of sight to truck can I use this to stay in contact with cell tower by using as repeater?

    The Drive 4G-X will give about a 3-5 feet broadcast area from internal antenna depending on your signal outside.

  • I want to use this in office buildings as I'm a software consultant and often work in my clients locations. What power source do I need to use this device? I think it is a 6 volt AC power adapter, right?

    You will need a 6V 2.5A power supply. The part number for the power supply is 859912.

  • Hi, I'm planning to purchase the Drive 4G-M for my RV. However, I noticed that you need to be within 18 inches of internal antenna to see any real benefit. Is there a way to extend the internal antenna range so that it will boost throughout my RV?

    We cannot recommend any ways to extend the broadcast range of this product. weBoost does make a product that is meant for an RV. You can take a look at the RV4G here: This will have a larger broadcast range from candy bar style internal antenna.

  • Does the 4G-X boost 3-G signals as well?

    This booster will cover the 3G and voice signals as well as 4G.

  • Does the Drive 4GX handle any other type other than LTE? I am on AT&T and want to make sure it can also boost all of the other technologies that AT&T is using today in both the 3G and 4G categories. I am looking to use this in an RV.

    The Drive 4G-X covers voice, 3G, and 4G signals for all major cell service carriers in USA and Canada.

  • I'm seeking a solution for installation in our caravan. There is an existing AMA-1-5 antenna. The carrier (Vodafone 4G) signals range from 700 MHz to 2600 MHz. I have a 12v power supply (USB or Car fitting). Would the Drive 4G-X | 470510 be suitable?

    Unfortunately, at this time, we do not recommend our boosters for New Zealand. We are unable to cover the 2600 band, and our 2100 MHz is only the downlink portion, not for uplink. We may be able to help on some bands, but not enough to be optimal.

  • Will either NMO Antenna (13.88 in) or NMO Trucker Antenna (13.25 in) provide better signal reception with the 4G-X over the magnetic mount antenna which comes with the 4G-X for both Data and Voice. Data being just as important.

    For best results, we recommend using the 301126 antenna that comes with the kit for best data results. The NMO antennas will work the same.

  • I already have a truckers antenna wired thru my RV and a panel mount inside. How much inside coverage can I expect with this unit and the panel configuration inside?

    We recommend reaching out to us, to ensure that your antenna configuration is FCC compliant. The coverage range on inside will vary based on outside signal. The typical coverage range for the Drive 4G-X kit would be 1-5 feet from the internal antenna, on average. With the panel antenna indoors, it could increase.

  • Is there any way to use an existing roof-mounted antenna (Sirius sat radio) for this application?

    We cannot recommend using any other antennas than what is provided in the kit and recommended in the installation guides due to FCC regulations. The satellite radio antenna will probably run in different frequencies than what we would cover.

  • A 4g-x for an RV, can't use magnetic antenna because it has aluminum body. Does weboost make side view mirror truck mount?

    For best results, we recommend affixing a 4-5 inches steel metal plate to the roof area of the RV, in order to utilize the included kit antenna. We do have a mirror mount antenna, but it is not recommended due to an increased chance of oscillation. Another alternative is using NMO antenna which requires drilling into the roof of vehicle. It is listed here:

  • I have read in Q&As here that weBoost recommends the antenna included in this package for best results. I do not like the unfinished look of exposed cables. Is there a permanent mount version of the antenna for this unit available?

    A permanent mount antenna can be purchased separately but it requires drilling through the roof of the vehicle. It is listed here:

  • I have model 460005 weBoost. Is there an omnidirectional external antenna that we can be used with this model?

    You can use part number 311203. We generally recommend staying with the directional antenna as it is a higher gain antenna.

  • 5G cellular data is approaching, will this booster work for those signals?

    Currently, our boosters will only support up to the 4G technology for most carriers, and will be backwards compatible. As far as the future compatibility of 5G with our boosters, this will depend on the frequencies used by a provider. As we are always looking at the future of the cellular industry, we will undoubtedly look to continue to support cell carriers and their networks.

  • Which unit is the very best to use in: two different autos (in other words portable or switchable between a work and personal truck), to strengthen Verizon one/two bar, weak 3G signals, in very rural areas?

    This weBoost 470510 or Drive 4G-X is the most recommended booster, to cover both 3G and 4G in rural areas. However, if you're looking to move the booster between two different vehicles, you might look into having external and internal antennas installed in both vehicles, so that you only need to move the booster and power cord in between vehicles. This will avoid having to set up the antennas and achieve proper separation each time you switch vehicles.

  • I have a boat, and the highest point to attach antenna to, is aluminum. The magnetic antenna won't work. Suggestions?

    If you prefer to use the provided antenna you can affix a 4-5 inches steel plate to the boat. Or you can use N-M-O antenna which requires drilling into the surface mounted on: Or you can try the marine antenna with a select amount of separate cabling. The cable style and length will depend on your application needs. You can find the marine antenna here:

  • What would happen if you connected this directly to a modem? I would like the option to take it from vehicle and switch to a hard wired connection and mount on a tower in waterproof box with battery/solar power and long range wifi.

    We do not recommend connecting the Drive 4G-X to a cellular device directly. The modem could likely experience damage, or noise that would not allow the system to work optimally. For direct connect options, we recommend the Signal 4G shown here:

  • Will the Drive 4G-X perform better with the antenna in the kit, or will I get a better signal if I separately purchase the marine antenna?

    The 301126 antenna that comes with the kit is a great option for both voice and data. The Marine antenna is a desirable upgrade on most bands, excluding the 2100 MHz frequency. We recommend reaching out to us, so we can determine if this is a band your carrier might frequently use.

  • Can I connect 2 inside antennas (311135) with a splitter with this booster? If I can, which splitter is the correct?

    The Drive 4G-X model is not designed to be split, and we don't recommend it for signal loss reasons. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, we will be glad to help.

  • Is it possible to use a cradle antenna instead of the "candy bar" antenna?

    Due to FCC regulations, the cradle is not permissible for use with the Drive 4G-X interior antenna port. For indoor antenna upgrade options you can reach us directly.

  • I want to set up a tailgate outside Michigan Stadium. Cell service is severely reduced before kickoff. I want to set up a Verizon Jetpack hotspot to stream ESPN via Apple TV. Is the 4G-X weboost capable of providing an adequate signal for wifi streaming?

    We only recommend using the booster in enclosed temperature regulated areas. Unfortunately, in areas that are heavily populated when signal gets worse, it is usually because of an overload on the cell tower. Our boosters are unable to help tower overload. If the weakness is due to poor outside signal, we may be able to help. Again, we can't guarantee the boosters performance outside.

  • Is there an option to get a 3/4 NMO end for the outside antenna?

    We do offer an NMO antenna - 311104, with a 3/4 mount - 901150. However, the antenna will not be able to provide optimal support on the LTE frequencies for most carriers. Another option is this NMO type signal antenna which covers all frequencies and bands used by all cell service carriers in USA & Canada:

  • Would this product boost my cellular signal on a boat? Or would it be dependent on the wifi signal strength?

    This booster will be able to boost your signal on a boat, as long as there is enough signal outside. Our boosters do not need WiFi to function, as we only use signals from a cellular tower.

  • I have drive 4g-X. And I have Verizon 4G LTE Ellipsis Jetpack model MHS700L. After numerous tests I came to conclusion that Jetpack works 2X better on its own. Can you please tell me which Verizon Jet Pack model is most suitable to work with drive 4g-X?

    It sounds like the booster may be creating noise for the Jetpack. This can happen in a few instances - If the jetpack is too close, or the outside starting signal is very good. Please reach out to us because we would like to work with you directly to determine why you are seeing the current results.

  • I am from Chile. It work here? Company: Movistar, Entel, Claro.

    Yes, we are able to cover many carriers in Chile. However, we will want to make sure you have enough signal in your area. We recommend reaching out to us directly.

  • Is the magnet mount antenna the only one available that offers coverage on all the bands available? I would prefer a more permanent solution if one is available, but need to boost both AT&T and VZW, 3G and 4G/LTE

    We do have other antennas that cover all frequencies like the 304414, and 304415. However, where NMO mounts are concerned, you may consider this 3G and 4G LTE NMO style roof antenna which would need to be drilled into the roof for a fixed and permanent solution:

  • Will you get cell service outside of your car and how far?

    Our boosters are only designed for in the vehicle and building coverage. Therefore, the signal won't likely travel beyond the car. The car being metallic will likely hold all the signal in.

  • I have a 2016 Ford F150 with an aluminum body. The antenna provided will not attach to the roof. I purchased the Drive 4G-X. Will the Multi Band Glass Mount antenna work for this unit?

    We do not recommend the multi band glass antenna for this kit. However, there are a few things we can try to help mount your antenna properly. Please reach out to us. Or consider this through the roof drilled antenna for 3G and 4G LTE:

  • I want to buy the 4G-X for RV travel. Reviews and Q&A report issues with antenna and use on RV. I do not want to spend additional $$ after making an already costly purchase work. Is this best booster for RV? Out-of-box items sufficient?

    The most common problem with exterior antenna, is the magnetic feature. Most RV's do not have metallic roofs. However, many will remedy this situation by affixing a 4-5' ferrous metal plate to the roof, allowing the antenna to stick there. Or purchase roof-drilled antenna listed here: However, we do also have the Drive 4G-X OTR with trucker antenna, which may benefit your situation better. You can find that here:

  • Which is the correct AC adapter for the Drive 4G-X?

    The part # 859912 is the correct AC adapter, for the Drive 4G-X.

  • I just received my weboost drive 4g-x. The mounting bracket is attached and I'm afraid of breaking it getting it off. what is the best way to get it off? Screwdriver tip?

    The mounting bracket does have a tight fit, but will need some force to work the mount off of the booster. You should be able to remove it, however, without any tools. If you aren't able to remove it, please reach out to us.

  • Is the drive 4G-X antenna the same as the Slick?

    The Drive 4G-X does have the same mini mag antenna (301126) as the older Sleek and Sleek 4G had.

  • What is the best system for using in a semi?

    We would recommend the Drive 4G-X OTR for your situation. You can find that model here:

  • Does outside magnetic antenna need to be installed on a metallic surface to pick up signal? I want to move it from my truck to my 5th wheel trailer wooden roof when we are parked at our destination.

    The outside antenna will need to be on a metallic surface, to help ground the antenna and provide boosted signal. Many will glue a small 4-5 inches steel plate to the roof, to help allow the antenna to stick. An NMO drill-in antenna can work - It is listed here:

  • I have a Drive 4G-X & want to install it inside our 5th wheel camper. What impedance is needed for an inside antenna? I see two different impedance for inside antennas listed on your web site.

    All of our auto mobile signal amplifiers have a 50 ohm impedance for inside antenna, as well as the outside antenna. There're two types because we do have home cellular amplifiers that are 50 ohm and 75 ohm type impedance because of the different connectors on the amplifier, as well as the type of cabling used for these specific signal amplifiers. We have made them in such a way that if you have the correct impedance that it will still work.

  • Will this work with US CELLULAR? They do not work with other types of boosters.

    Yes, it will work.

  • Would this work in Jalisco, Mexico?

    We are able to help boost some carriers in Mexico, depending on the frequencies used in your area. We recommend reaching out to your carrier, and asking which frequencies they use. Once this is known, please reach out to us for further assistance.

  • Can I use lmr400 coax and sma male ends to get a longer coax feed. I need to mount to back of cab on a 579 Pete.

    It depends on how long the run will be and how your outside signal we be as well since both directly affect how your booster will perform, especially the outside signal. It should be possible, but not recommended since the signal loss could be great.

  • Greetings. I have a 27' Airstream trailer. Given the two layers of metal I have to deal with, which system would you recommend? Also, we pull our Airstream with a RAM truck. Will the system boost our cell reception in the truck if I mount internal antenna near the front of the camper? Should I use a different external antennae? I want the most out of the system.

    I would go with the Drive 4G-X RV since the booster is designed for situations like this plus having the full capability of the 4G-X in weaker areas. Inside antenna will not work through the camper, so it either has to be inside the truck or the camper for the booster to work while moving. The RV antenna needs to be mounted to a pole that is 1.5 inches to 2 inches in diameter for the pole to fit. This antenna is best since it uses RG6 coax instead of the RG58 which creates more signal loss in the cable making your signal weaker. I would stick with the kit components. You should purchase a small mini magnet antenna that could be used on the truck when using it in your vehicle, then switch to the permanently mounted antenna when you're in a campsite to get the most out of the booster with easy setup.

  • I'm trying to boost a signal from Telcel in Mexico for use in an Airstream trailer. Will any Weboost product work for this application? If so, do you have any advice for this particular installation?

    Typically, the Drive 4G-X RV is going to be the best bet for you in your situations where there're going to be weaker areas where making a call would be tough. Keep in mind for the booster to work, there has to be signal available for outside antenna to pick up and amplify. According to the frequencies and bands used, it looks like the booster should be able to amplify those signals.

  • Can this be powered by a USB outlet instead of a 12V port? I don't have a 12V port available. If so, what is an ideal output (amps)?

    Unfortunately, this unit cannot be powered by USB since the voltage and amperage are not enough for unit to be powered sufficiently for the cell phone signal booster to work. Most units need 6V of power like this one requires, but USB slots typically can only pull 5V/.5 to .9A but the unit needs 6V/2A, not nearly enough to power the unit correctly. We recommend using the power supplies offered in the kits because they have been tested and approved by our engineering department. Going outside these recommendations could result in damage to the product.

  • I drive an emergency vehicle. I'm purchasing the 4G-X which seems to be the recommended kit. I need a permanent mount antenna. I use Verizon services. What antenna do you suggest. I cannot have cable exposed on the roof of the vehicle.

    That is going to be a tricky situation since all of our signal boosters have a cord that attaches to the outside antenna. We do have an NMO mount antenna, but that requires a hole to be drilled into the vehicle. There may be a way to have the antenna be mounted in a way where the cord isn't exposed as much, like near a door under weatherstripping and not next to a window. You may get away with the antenna being on edge to have less cable exposed. If it is imperative that no cable is exposed whatsoever, you can use this 3G & 4G LTE NMO antenna that comes with a cable and connector to signal amplifier:

  • Instructions say that the cell phone needs to be 36 inches from inside antenna. Can this be more than 36"?

    It could, but not recommended since the cellular signal will become weaker the farther the cell phone is away from interior antenna. In all reality, if you're going to be in weak areas, the phone sometimes has to be inches away from inside antenna in order for the cellphone to pick up the signal since it is so weak. I would typically place internal antenna where the cell-phone can be placed and still be used effectively.

  • I am wanting a device that I could potentially use for my vehicle and my home. Wondering if I were to buy the Drive 4G-X, could I power it with a 120V outlet?

    The Drive 4G-X can be used in a home, by using the power supply with part # 859912 that can be ordered from us over the phone. However, the Drive 4G-X being a mobile design, will only cover an average of 1-5 feet from the indoor antenna. It will generally produce the same amount of coverage in the home as well. Therefore, we recommend a home unit and mobile unit separately to produce the best results. Vehicle units do not have the ability to provide whole home coverage.

  • Hello, I'm looking into the weboost drive 4g-x 470510 and just wondering whats the difference between this one and the Canadian version (weboost drive 4g-x 470510F)?

    470510 is certified for use in USA with only English user manual. 470510F is certified for use in Canada and has user manual in both English and French. No difference between the two from user's perspective - both offer the same Gain levels, etc.

  • I ordered a weboost drive 4G X and I've had it installed for around six months now. Unfortunately, the antenna didn't survive the mounting location and the base of it ended up breaking off. Is there any way I can order just the antenna that plugs into the weboost system? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. It is for a truck or RV application.

    If you are looking for something for an RV, a trucker antenna may be a better option:

    Here is a link to the trucker antenna that is compatible with the booster:

    Otherwise the magnetic mounted antenna would be the best option. Here is a link for that also:

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Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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