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weBoost Home Studio, and Studio Lite Cell Phone Signal Boosters

weBoost Home Studio cell phone signal boosters are for augmenting cellular reception in a single room of any home or office. Consequently, they help reduce dropped calls and slow wireless data transfer speeds or Internet on smartphones, tablet computers and mobile hotspots. They are most easy to install among all other weBoost cell phone boosters by Wilson Electronics because they come with signal amplifier attached indoor antenna that does not require separate installation using additional coaxial cable.

Below, choose the version type that is most suitable for your needs. Please contact us if you need any assistance, or have any questions or comments about these two entry level cellular amplifier kits. If you need improved cellular coverage across larger areas of the home, buy weBoost Home MultiRoom instead. If you need better indoor coverage across entire home, buy weBoost Home Complete (DIY) or weBoost Home Complete (Installed).