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Any Vehicle 4G LTE Signal Booster weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 (USA)

Any Vehicle 4G LTE Signal Booster weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 (USA)

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Free Lifetime Support. SKU: 470135

Best Price Guarantee

Note: This listing is for the USA version kit. We carry Canadian version, weBoost Drive Sleek 470135F as well.

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Product Description

weBoost Drive Sleek Any Vehicle 4G LTE cell phone signal booster kit for car, truck, recreational vehicle (RV), and boat. Drive Sleek Single-User in-Vehicle Cell Booster SKU 470135 or wa470135.
 It can boost a single cell phone / cellular device signal. It can be any cellular device containing SIM card as long as it is placed in adjustable cradle. This is a new replacement version model of the discontinued models weBoost Wilson Sleek 3G (460106), Drive 3G-S (470106), and 4G-S (470107).

Only one cellular device placed in cradle of this signal booster kit will get signal boost. That mobile device can be smartphone, mobile hotspot device such as Mi-Fi, Jetpack, etc. This USA version works for all cellular service providers in USA such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Boost signal reception inside cars, trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), and boats with stronger connection with respective network's cell tower.

Strong connection means fewer missed or dropped calls, fewer incoherent conversations, fewer Internet hang-ups or freezing / buffering. Enjoy clear voice conversations, instantaneous texting, and fast 3G + 4G LTE mobile internet downloads and uploads after installing this vehicle cell phone signal amplifier kit. weBoost Drive Sleek kit is easy to install. It installs easily using DIY installation instructions included.

Product Highlights.

  • Amplifies signal for texting, voice calling, and using 4G LTE Internet.
  • Designed for cars, vans, minivans, trucks, SUVs, boats and RVs.
  • For single users with cell phone or other cellular device inside cradle.
  • Works on all cell service provider networks.
  • Maximum Gain: +23 dB.

Product Overview.

weBoost's most versatile 4G car cell phone signal booster boosts 4G signals for a single device in a vehicle. Eliminate dropped calls, poor call quality and slow Internet in any type vehicle.

weBoost Drive Sleek 4G enhances cell signals wirelessly for a single cellular device in a cradle, including tablets, smartphones, MiFis, and Kindles. With signal amplified up to 32 times, it delivers a stronger signal, resulting in a clear connection to your cell phone, or cellular device like Mi-Fi.

weBoost has been solving cell phone reception problems for more than 4 decades with cellular signal boosters that are FCC certified in USA. They improve weak signals in both the city and remote rural areas. This kit is DIY and very easy to install.


  1. Long battery life because cell device does not have to search for signal constantly.
  2. Strong and consistent connection to nearest cell tower improves reception.
  3. More cell phone antenna signal bars.
  4. Eliminates frustration of dropped calls and unsuccessful redialling.
  5. Text messages delivered quickly every time.
  6. Increases coverage space inside vehicle.
  7. Dead zones reduced or eliminated completely.
  8. Crystal clear voice while talking on wireless phones.
  9. Reliable connection for communication that you can trust.
  10. Upload & download mobile data faster.

Who will benefit?

If you require a reliable signal for voice & text, as well as a high-speed 4G LTE internet connection while travelling, this unit will provide you with up to 32 times amplification for a single device in a cradle.

This signal booster is perfect for people that need fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and other apps that are heavy on data.

Carriers Supported.

weBoost 470135 (USA for Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) Drive Sleek 4G can be used for all major US and Canadian cellular service carrier networks except iDen and WiMax. It supports 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and AWS 1700/2100 MHz. frequency spectrums.

How does it Work?

weBoost Drive Sleek 4G picks up existing weak signals with a compact high-gain antenna, and then amplifies it numerous times with Wilson Signal Booster's patented SmarTech III technology. The boosted signals easily bypass all interior and exterior obstructions providing the signal directly to your cell phone, MiFi, or similar cell network connected device. Please refer to weBoost Sleek Installation Guide for any vehicle signal booster installation overview.

Drive Sleek 4G cell phone booster Kit (Item # 470135) Includes:

  1. Drive Sleek Booster/ Amplifier.
  2. Drive Sleek cell phone/ cellular device cradle.
  3. Vehicle Roof-Top Antenna.
  4. Magnetic Vent Clip.
  5. Power Supply.
  6. Installation Instructions and Manual.

Specifications of Amplifier Model Number 460035 with Product # U470035/ U460035 or 470035, FCC ID PWO460035, IC ID 4726A-460035.

Frequency 700 MHz - Band 12/ 13/ 17, 850 MHz - Band 5, 1700/ 2100 MHz - Band 4, 1900 MHz - Band 25/ 2.
Maximum Gain 23 Decibels (dB)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Voltage / Power 12V 1.5A / USB 5V 2.1A
Connectors SMB
Dimensions 0.65 x 1.60 x 7 in.
Weight 0.25 kg (amplifier only).
470135 (USA) UPC 811815026976



The product is easy to install with all required components and installation instructions included.

weBoost Drive Sleek 4G Signal Booster Video:



weBoost Sleek 4G Signal Booster Installation Video:



Note: This new model weBoost Drive Sleek replaces previous model weBoost Drive 4GS which has now been discontinued.

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Ask a Question
  • Is there an AC/DC adapter for the Drive Sleek?

    Currently, we do not make an AC/DC adapter for the Drive Sleek, as it is meant to be used solely in a vehicle. You can, however, use AC to DC converter available to get it to work by plugging into that DC outlet although you may be indoors.

  • Are there any other antennas that couple with the Drive Sleek?

    We do not have additional antenna options for the Drive Sleek amplifier kit. The only adequate antenna - at this time, is the magnetic style which comes with the Drive Sleek signal amplifier kit.

  • Are there any adapters that can be used with the Drive Sleek booster?

    We do not currently carry adapters for the Drive Sleek at this time. The Drive Sleek signal booster uses SMB connections, while most of our vehicle models have SMA connections.

  • I am using the Drive Sleek, but I don't see bars increase. Is my signal booster defective?

    Not necessarily, there could still be an increase in your signal even though bars do not increase. The best way to tell is to try and make a call or use cell data on your phone, if they get better then you know that your Sleek is working properly. Another way to tell is through decibel readings. Here's an article that shows you how to read signal strength accurately by putting your cell phone in "test mode":

  • Can the Drive Sleek carry a hotspot and boost it?

    Yes, it is not specifically designed for a hotspot in mind, but if the device uses cellular signal and can be placed in the cradle, it should work as long as there's adequate signal outside.

  • Does the booster work with Aldi mobile plans?

    Thank you for your question! Our boosters will not likely work adequately for Aldi Mobile bands.

  • Can I use this inside of buildings as well? I need a booster that I can take with me, and I don't mind being tethered to the booster.

    It is possible if you're able to connect to a DC power since that is all that we have available at the moment - We do not have any certification for an AC power at this time. I'm sorry we can't help you further on that!

  • Does the phone have to be in the cradle or can it be hand-held nearby?

    Yes, the phone does have to be in the cradle for the phone to receive the amplified signal. From there, you can use bluetooth or any other device normally to make phone calls hands free with increased signal. However, the cradle itself can be placed elsewhere if necessary such as in the cup-holder with the signal boosted cellular device fitted in it.

  • Can an iPhone be simultaneously charged while in the cradle, or does the cradle provide charging capability? Is it possible to charge at all while in the cradle?

    It would work considering that the USB port is on the power supply itself and not the cradle like our older models. There should be no problem with connecting the USB to the power outlet used to power the booster, charging and using the signal booster at the same time.

Data Sheet / User Guide

Data Sheet

User Guide

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