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Wireless Extender & Router (2.4 & 5.8 GHz, 1200 Mbps) - WiFi Signal Booster, Amplifier, Repeater

Wireless Extender & Router - WiFi Signal Booster, Amplifier, Repeater

Wireless Extender & Router (2.4 & 5.8 GHz, 1200 Mbps) - WiFi Signal Booster, Amplifier, Repeater

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Product Description

High speed 1200 Mbps wifi signal booster, amplifier, repeater, extender covers both 2.4 GHz as well as 5.8 GHz frequencies used across USA and Canada for wifi transmissions. Equipped with four omnidirectional dual frequency high gain antennas, this wifi booster has strong wi-fi signal receiving and transmitting capability.

Extend wifi coverage to every corner of your home and office.

Now extend wifi coverage to every corner of your home and office because this device has ability to transmit signals through interior walls within houses, apartments, offices, etc. It can help extend wireless coverage to corners and areas where reception would not reach normally due to obstructions. For best placement and optimal reception, all 4 antennas can be rotated 180 degrees.

Easy Plug & Play Installation.

Most in North America now use fiber broadband and gigabit dual band router for their wireless connectivity needs. Enjoy high speed WiFi for smooth wireless network experience with this wonderful partner of your gigabit router. It acts as a satellite to extend coverage of your current wifi router. Simply plug it into wall electrical outlet in any area between current router and the farthest corner where your wireless coverage will not reach and see the difference.

Flexible to use, and easy to set up with multi-functions that help with easy plug and play installation. It has a unique toggle function for mode setting - It can switch to repeater mode (for wifi extending and wifi transformation to wired network), AP mode (for wired network conversion to wireless network), and router mode (for using as a mini router) per requirements of user's different applications.


  • Intelligent signal indicator helps find the best placement of the wifi repeater according to the change in bright signal indicator lights. 3 lights mean strong signal, 2 lights mean medium strength signal, and 1 bright light means weak signal (wifi booster must be moved closer or farther from main router for better wireless range).
  • Excellent system design helps keep it cool and provide stable performance consistently with good heat dissipation from both sides, left and right. Isolated side heat dissipating design also prevents dust from accumulating in the vent holes provided on both sides of the wifi boosting unit that plus into any wall outlet in USA and Canada.
  • Other design features include power light switch and WPS button, WAN and LAN ports, Power Switch, Reset Button (press for 5 seconds for reset function), scientifically designed dissipating heat holes on both sides of the unit to keep it cool at all times. 
  • Automatic setting memory feature makes this is truly plug and play device with no maintenance required once set up correctly. After the first successful setting, there's no need to repeat the settings even if you move it to a different room or office cubicle because it detects the distance from main router and adjusts accordingly. Transferring to bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, or even restroom becomes as easy as plugging off from one place and plugging it in at another place.

Only 3-Step Set-Up:

Only three steps to complete the setup using a cell phone or laptop / desktop / tablet computer. The factory default mode is "repeater mode".

  • Step 1: Use your cell phone or any Internet to connect to the wifi repeater.
  • Step 2: Enter in any browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari and set up a secure password.
  • Step 3: Select "Repeater Mode", and choose SSID you want to repeat, and finally input password of your main Internet router to finish set up.

Shipped Contents Include:

  • Wi-Fi repeater unit that plugs into any wall outlet.
  • A network cable, if needed, to connect directly using hard wire connection from this device to any hardwire capable Internet device.
  • An installation guide.


Antenna: 4 External 2 dBi Omni-Directional Antennas.
Buttons: WPS, RST, 3 Mode Switch (Repeater + Router + AP), Power Switch.
RF Parameters: Output Power (Max): 100 mW (20 dBm), Receiving Sensitivity (Max): -96 Bm, Frequencies 2.412 to 2.472 GHz and 5.180 to 5.825 GHz.
Standard: IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n.
Physical Ports: 10/100 Mbps WAN RJ45 Ethernet Port and 10/100Mbps LAN RJ-45 Ethernet Port.
Indicators: Three color lights: Red light to indication signal extension failure, Yellow light indicating too far or too close from main router, Blue light meaning optimum signal range expansion in progress or Router Mode / AP Mode.
Transmission Rate: 11b: 1/2/5.5/11Mbps, 11g: 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54 Mbps, 11n: 300 Mbps, 11ac: 867 Mbps.
Security: WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK; WPA/ WPA2.
Working Mode: AP/ Repeater/ Router Mode.
Dimensions: 7 inches x 3 inches x 2 inches.
Working Environment: Working temperature: 0 to 40 degrees celsius, Storage temperature: -40 to +70 degrees celsius, Operating humidity: 10% to 90% RH non-condensing, Storage humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing.

Wireless Extender and Router (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, 1200Mbps


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  • Does the wireless extender and router need to be by the main router to boost WiFi signal?

    No, it can be anywhere there's some wifi signal reaching already, so it can amplify it and send it farther.

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