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Can 4G LTE signal booster/ amplifier/ repeater boost 3G signals?

Yes, a 4G LTE cell phone signal booster/ amplifier/ repeater can boost 3G signals too. All cellular signal boosters are manufactured to always be backward compatible with earlier generation mobile networks.

A 4G cellphone booster will boost a LTE 4G signal when it is available. If 4G LTE is not available, or if a 3G service like voice on most North American mobile networks is used, the wireless booster will boost the 3G signal.

If neither 3G nor 4G service is available, a booster will still boost an available 2G signal. On the same note, a 3G signal booster will boost 2G signals as well.

If you still have a 2G or 3G cellular phone booster and wish to upgrade to 4G amplifier/ repeater/ booster kit, read about our cell phone signal booster upgrade policy.

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