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What is Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 & 2000 Signal Booster System?

Cel-Fi Quatra is a single or multi-carrier in-building 3G, 4G, LTE signal enhancing solution called hybrid active distributed antenna system (DAS) providing up to 100 dB Gain which is up to thousand times stronger than what a cellular device can achieve on its own. Prefessional system design and installation required by certified installers.

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What is Cel-Fi QUATRA?

Cel-Fi QUATRA is an active, hybrid enterprise DAS cellular system for use within buildings, solving the problem of poor coverage on the 3G and 4G LTE networks. The following are its key differentiators:

  • Active hybrid DAS all-digital scalable Cat5e PoE designed for middleprise.
  • Achieve a signal up to 1000 times stronger.
  • Maximum gains of 100 dB.
  • A solution for multi or single carriers.
  • 3G and 4G LTE data and voice connections.
  • Approved by all carriers and unconditionally safe on all networks.

What are Cel-Fi Benefits?

The occupants of middleprise buildings continue to suffer from dead zones, dropped calls, poor voice quality, and spotty cell phone coverage. Thankfully, the Cel-Fi QUATRA solves the problem. A DAS hybrid active solution, Cel-Fi QUATRA is all-digital yet surprisingly affordable. Guaranteed to be safe for all networks and approved by all carriers, the Cel-Fi QUATRA is scalable to fit different size requirements and provides a high-quality uniform cell signal within any building.

Unlike previous DAS passive technology and outdated analog boosters, Cel-Fi QUATRA provides a cell signal up to 1000 times stronger than before by utilizing ethernet power and Cat5e RF cabling. This means no attenuation of signals, even as close as the building's perimeter. Installation takes just days: A welcome relief when compared to the months of installation required by rival products. Perhaps best of all, the price point of the Cel-Fi QUATRA easily meets the sometimes-limited restrictions of a middleprise budget.

What are Cel-Fi Features?

The following are few of its unique and differentiating features:

  • Active to a maximum of 100 decibels.
  • 1000 times strength hybrid DAS.
  • Solution for multiple or single carriers.
  • 3G and 4G LTE data and voice connectivity.
  • Unconditionally safe on all networks and approved by all carriers.
  • An all-digital Cat5e PoE solution designed for middleprise scalability.
  • WAVE platform provides remote management and monitoring.

The Cel-Fi QUATRA Solution for constant wireless connectivity.

Cell phone networks may live outside, but the vast majority of cell phone calls occur indoors. It is a sad fact that as much as 80% of business users experience dropped calls or shady coverage inside buildings. One of the main reasons for this is that the materials used to construct buildings are chosen to improve energy efficiency. However, in doing so, they tend to inhibit or even block cell signals from the outdoor network. This issue has been exacerbated in recent years as cell coverage has become a business necessity rather than an optional convenience. In many instances, regulatory requirements mandate sufficient levels of cell coverage for safety reasons. But what can building owners do when the majority of middleprise solutions can take a year or more to install?

Thankfully, carriers and integrators are now working together to partner with to create Cel-Fi QUATRA: A solution for middleprise buildings. The QUATRA BOM estimator assists installers to choose the right equipment during the planning stages, drastically reducing the time and cost that this stage normally takes. The PoE Cat5e by Cel-Fi is scalable, all-digital, and equally suited for multi, or single carrier workplaces. This new category is designed to deliver a hybrid active DAS which was created with installers in mind, combining the architecture and core technology of an active DAS into one new solution.

All of this means time and cost savings, higher quality than ever before, and ease of installation. It is no wonder why IT professionals, facility managers, and building owners are making the move to's offering of Cel-Fi QUATRA technologies and its deployment in large buildings.

It is a solution for the Carriers.

Cel-Fi QUATRA has been designed to increase signal coverage indoors without risking cell network interference. A safe solution on any network, Cel-Fi QUATRA delivers network protection on multiple levels.

  • Network desensitization is prevented through uplink power controls.
  • Feedback controls and echo cancellation are included.
  • Undetected handsets (UE) prompt uplink muting.
  • Individually qualified channels prevent poor signals and noise interference from being amplified and causing network degradation by way of signal qualification.
  • Optimization control and insight are provided through the Cel-Fi WAVE cloud-based platform which enables network and equipment KPIs to be monitored, including system gains, SINR, RSCP, RSRP, and channel configurations.

Unmatched Intrinsic Details - Cellular Coverage, the Smart Way:

Delivering cell coverage in buildings in middleprise venues, Cel-Fi QUATRA is a hybrid active DAS solution that combines Cel-Fi technologies with the positive features of active DAS. Adopted by carriers all around the world, it can either operate in an off-air mode or can be used to create a Supercell by operating in small distributed cell modes by integrating it with small cell carrier equipment. This smart technology can be configured for multi or single carrier environments.

  • Maximized coverage. Offering gains of more than 1000 times stronger than competitors' products, it promises a larger coverage area and maximum strength signal even in areas of weak incoming signals, allowing for best possible signals to be delivered to the indoor antennas.
  • Maximized downlink power. The downlink power of the Cel-Fi QUATRA is up to four times stronger than competitors' products, offering the greatest possible footprint of coverage and a strong signal delivered to indoor antennas.
  • Maximized uplink power. Strong cell signal transmissions increase cell site range and maximize the capacity of users. This is achieved by offering up to twice as much uplink power than competitors' products.
  • Multicarrier support. Cel-Fi remains the only cell coverage solution offering support for multiple carriers for 3G and 4G LTE data and voice, with up to 100 dB of gain off-air. Since limited bandwidth is not shared between carriers, every carrier can enjoy maximized levels of gain enhancement.
  • Supercell mode. As illustrated in the video provided above - By connecting the Cel-Fi QUATRA to multiple smaller cells or even one small cell, a coordinated Supercell can be formed. These provide even and uniform access to the small cell's capacity and can be particularly useful in areas of high traffic or dense population.
  • Cat5e Poe all-digital solution. Gone are the days of expensive fiber or signal-losing coaxial. Today, Cel-Fi QUATRA systems use dedicated Cat5e connections: either existing lines or those created without the need for trenching or permits. An all-digital, easy to employ solution, Cat5e is also responsible for power delivery from CU to NU.
  • Catered for installers. It includes tools for installers to simplify the process of planning and the selection of equipment. In addition, the chosen antennas automate the RF planning process and completely do away with the former complexity of specifying unique venue system requirements.
  • Remote management, maintenance, and set up. The WAVE Portal app allows for simple management, provisioning, and easy set up via the cloud portal or smartphone, allowing you to assist your customers and provide easy installation access.
  • Carrier approved and network safe. All CelFi products are created using the advanced Intelliboost technology, which delivers maximum signals as needed. Cel Fi technologies change in line with changes to the environment, without interruption or shutdown. Cel-Fi's partnerships with worldwide carriers goes a long way towards the provision of consistent and reliable coverage.

How Does It Work?

Scalable Solution:

Depending on the size of the environment, Cel-Fi QUATRA can be set up using multiple or only one network unit, making it a completely scalable solution. Each network unit can be connected to up to four coverage units for maximum distribution.

Off Air Mode:

Cel-Fi QUATRA allows for off-air installation for wireless in-building high-quality connectivity using an omni donor antenna or a MIMO panel antenna. Since no specific RF engineering qualifications or skills are required, the Cel-Fi QUATRA can be installed by IT personnel or professional installers.

Supercell Mode:

When a Cel-Fi QUATRA is connected to one or more small cells, a Supercell is formed. By connecting multiple Cel-Fi QUATRAs to single or multiple smaller cells, a coordinated Supercell is formed. Doing so vastly improves the efficiency of the individual small cells, without causing interference between the Cel-Fi QUATRA's individual Coverage Units (CUs).

Cel-Fi Configurations:

Two versions of the Cel-Fi QUATRA are available with components that coordinate, allowing multiple types of configurations by band and region specifications.

Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000:

An active hybrid single carrier MIMO DAS with supercell or off-air (using MIMO panel antennas) configurations available, Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000 is completely scalable and can be used in conjunction with other similar setups to deliver coverage on a dual carrier basis.

Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000:

Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 can be configured in an off-air mode using a donor antenna and can deliver coverage on a multi-carrier basis by deploying multiple solutions side-by-side.

Cel-Fi Quatra Installations.

Built with the needs of installers and integrators in mind, Cel-Fi QUATRA solutions include a BOM estimator tool to capture basic information, which then delivers a list of required equipment for the installer.

Despite the fact that IBWave is not strictly required, a number of templates can be easily downloaded which will accelerate the design and planning phases. An all-digital solution, Cel-Fi QUATRA eliminates the problems caused by coaxial to manage gain on an intelligent basis and reduce issues related to signal attenuation over distance. Using AntennaBoost technology during the installation process can greatly simplify the antenna pointing and mounting process, causing the installation to occur in a matter of minutes. Installers are able to offer a number of SLAs to their clients through the WAVE software (cloud-based) along with a maintenance and commissioning app.

Cel-Fi tools include:

  • Maintenance and commissioning (WAVE).
  • Antenna mounting tool (AntennaBoost).
  • Design templates (IBWave).
  • Estimator tool (BOM).

Cel-Fi QUATRA Elements:

Cel-Fi WAVE Portal.

Maintain and manage your Cel-Fi QUATRA devices with the Cel-Fi WAVE mobile app platform and facilitate easy on-site use. Alarms and alerts can be customized to the administrator or owner's preferences or used straight out of the box. A remote management, cloud-based platform that allows for the management of various Cel-Fi QUATRA systems, Cel-Fi WAVE includes the following features:

  • Asset and device management.
  • Reporting and data modeling.
  • Computer and mobile applications.
  • Carrier-grade security that is globally trusted.
  • Integrated API access or portal access through the built-in dashboard.

Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit (NU).

The system's hub, the Cel-Fi QUATRA NU (Network Unit) is a scalable solution for up to four units to allow maximum coverage of 5000 square meters or 50,000 square feet.

  • Donor signals can be provided to the Cel-Fi QUATRA.
  • Up to 4 coverage units can be powered.
  • Connect directly to the WAVE app for remote management and monitoring.
  • Single carrier MIMO provided for by the QUATRA 1000.
  • Dual Carrier provided for by the QUATRA 2000.
  • Multicarrier, dual, and single solutions can be configured using multiple QUATRA 1000 and QUATRA 2000 systems.
Model Numbers:
  • Q34-2/5/12/66NU_EXA
  • Q34-2/5/13/66NU_EXA
  • Q34-1/3/8/20NU_EXA
  • Q34-1/7/8/20NU_EXA
  • Q34-1/3/7/8NU_EXA
  • Q34-3/5/7/28NU_EXA
  • Q34-4/5/12/13/25NU_EXA
Physical Specification:
  • 40.8 grams
  • 264 mm x 185 mm x 62 mm

Cel-Fi QUATRA Coverage Unit (CU).

The Cel-Fi QUATRA CU (Coverage Unit) is the system's remote unit that covers the rebroadcasting of donor signals. Up to four CUs can be leveraged in an easy-to-deploy and cost-efficient system by using PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology.

  • A maximum of four NUs can provide full coverage in the Cel-Fi QUATRA network.
  • Deliver power from the NU using PoE.
  • Self-optimization and self-configuration.
  • Full compatibility between QUATRA 1000 NU and QUATRA 1000 CU.
  • Full compatibility between QUATRA 2000 NU and QUATRA 2000 CU.
Model Numbers:
  • Q34-2/5/4/12CU_EXA
  • Q34-2/4/5/13CU_EXA
  • Q34-1/3/8/20CU_EXA
  • Q34-1/7/8/20CU_EXA
  • Q34-1/3/7/8CU_EXA
  • Q34-3/5/7/28CU_EXA
  • Q34-4/5/12/13/25CU_EXA
Physical Specification:
  • 29.2 grams
  • 225 mm x 185 mm x 37 mm

Cel-Fi Technical Specifications:


All systems can be reconfigured to suit the requirements of specific cell carriers.

  • Bands 2/4/5/12
  • Bands 2/4/5/13
  • Bands 1/3/8/20
  • Bands 1/7/8/20
  • Bands 1/3/7/8
  • Bands 3/5/7/28
  • Bands 4/5/12/13/25
  • CE
  • CE_RED
  • cETL
  • ETL
  • FCC
  • ISED
  • NAL
  • RCM
  • SRRC

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