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How to improve the signal on my iPhone in an apartment setting?

Did you know we have kits that are plug and play and require no complex installation? Cell phone boosters with no exterior antenna are great for apartment setting where you don't have access to the roof to mount exterior antenna. However, they require some signal inside atleast in one spot such as near a window, etc., (atleast -110dB 3G, -120dB 4G - check by putting your phone in field test mode).

Most of them consist of two small handheld units whereby you place one unit near a window or wherever there's best signal and plug its power cord to an electrical outlet. Then you place the other unit farthest away and the whole space in between will have great cell signal.

Another limitation with some of these is that they work only for one Carrier so you must choose this easy install kit designed for your carrier, or purchase multiple - one for each Carrier you need boosted indoor coverage.

It can work great regardless of the cell device you have (cell phone, or tablet computer) and for any operating system whether Apple iPhone OS or Android.

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