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Cel-Fi DUO+ and PRO Smart Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi PRO and DUO+ plug and play smart signal boosters are very easy to set-up. With only two devices that look like black cubical boxes you can carry on your palm, they are anything but complex. Simply place the box marked "network unit" (NU) near window with best signal and plug it to its power supply. Then place the box marked "coverage unit" (CU) farthest away to provide maximum coverage indoors. Necessity and convenience are the reasons why they are great for homes, apartments, offices where outside antenna installation is not an option. A wall plug cellular booster without outside antenna does it all.

How much separation do the two Cel-Fi units require? Every installation is different. The differences depend on the "path loss" between the two units. Every obstacle in the line of sight means that the Coverage Unit and the Network Unit will have to be closer together. The cleaner the line of sight the further apart they can be placed. The more walls, doors, or refrigerators (obstacles), in the direct line of sight, the closer they units will have to be. The average distance for a typical construction home is 60 feet. However, the placement can be as little as 20 feet or much as 120 feet apart. These kits are the perfect solution for apartment buildings, retail stores, homes and offices where there's no access to roof or exterior wall for installing outside antenna.