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Public Safety BDA Installer Certificate

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SureCall Public Safety BDA Installer Certificate PDF file should display above. It certifies completion of SureCall's Public Safety Booster Certified Installer Program. If PDF file has not loaded above, please reload because it is a large file which may prevent loading initially. If the training certification does not display above despite re-loading, please check to ensure that your Internet browser supports such files. If no PDF viewing solution is available, please visit about us page for the rest of information.

Install Public Safety BDA Booster System in Building with has decades of experience.

If you're searching for the best public safety bi-directional amplifier or booster system installation company to install your coverage enchancement system in buildings, you need look no further. Our installation teams are certified and have an excellent reputation and decades of experience in installations of such systems in buildings that are both high quality and cost-effective. Our installers undergo extensive training on both safety and installation. Our customers know that they can trust our expertise and skill in installing in-building wireless coverage expansion equipment. Simply send us your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation to survey, design, and install bidirectional amplifier kit in your building(s).

Apart from having the technical knowledge, our installers have ample experience to perform site surveys correctly, determine the proper signal booster solution for a customer's needs, and troubleshoot problems associated with a specific installation. They know all our repeater products, connectors, cables, antennas and amplifiers, and can install these in buildings to accomplish maximum boosting performance. These teams have done training and have been tested before being qualified as in-building installers. We can use iBwave Design, the industry standard for designing the most cost efficient and effective in-building wireless networks. We use PCTel public safety grid test system to detect and eliminate coverage lapses within grids of any structure. We also offer public safety grid testing service with reports required for AHJ to confirm required in-building coverage. is Bonded and Licensed.

We have a nationwide in-building installation team consisting of certified, insured and licensed Wi-Fi, cellular, public safety bands signal booster installers. They have the ability to install any booster system in your building(s) professionally. Our installers have the know-how needed to install in-building booster equipment correctly and professionally, and will minimize disruptions to your business operations and processes. These experienced individuals are able to design public safety radio signal boosting systems for buildings that enhances reception to diverse types of spaces where the signal is either limited or blocked. Their skill and expertise is unparalleled in the public safety industry.

Site Surveys Performed and Product Benefits Demonstrated.

Give us an opportinity to do a site survey and demonstrate how our systems can help you densify public safety wireless network coverage in your building. Site surveys enables us to provide the best product for a specific in-building application, including professional and effective installation. The objective of a site survey is to determine the best location for external antennas, identify the type of external and internal antennas required, and to determine which wireless amplifying system would be most suitable. Customers are urged complete the Installation Questionnaire to make the right location information available.

All Installations are Clean.

The survey of the site is done to determine the right solution for the building by using the information to design the best boosting solution required to totally address signal reception challenges. Our certified in-building signal booster installers will identify where to mount the cellular boosters, while also looking at AC power requirement and allowing for access for occasional maintenance should this be required. Once the quote has been accepted, the installation will be completed in the shortest possible time, depending on the square footage that needs to be covered. Certified installers will install and deploy the system. Our expert RF technicians will make sure signal amplification is achieved in all designated areas. All installations are done cleanly by subtly camouflaging wiring and blending it to maintain the original aesthetics. Provides Excellent Support.

Once the mobile repeater kit has been installed in the building, we will ensure acceptable signal transmission and carrier compliance. Remote monitoring and carrier registration will also be provided if needed. In addition, we also guarantee installations performed by us.

Required Approvals Obtained with Certified Installation and Equipment.

Our boosting equipment used for installation in buildings is certified and approved by Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The cellular amplifiers provide fast LTE and 4G speeds, and boasts a return rate of less than 1%. We will help obtain required approvals from Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). You will also have access to a responsive tech and sales support team. is your best choice for affordable yet fast and effective booster installation at your building.

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