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Nextivity Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Remotely Managed Repeater for AT&T Wireless

Nextivity Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Remotely Managed Repeater for AT&T Wireless

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    Free Lifetime Support. SKU / Model: 591NK13GWUS5ATUS7TF1/K13-200-100

    Best Price Guarantee [1 2 3]

    Smart signal booster boosts multiple simultaneous AT&T cell phone & cellular device signals inside homes, offices, buildings, etc. for 5,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. indoor spaces.*

    Expand coverage indoors even more by purchasing add'l 50 Ohm in-building antenna kits that include required cables and splitter to connect to this 50 Ohm signal amplifier kit.

    *For all Cel-Fi brand products only: 30 days return policy.

    For areas that suffer from extremely poor outdoor signal, the new high gain Cel-Fi LPDA Antenna is available for purchase, separately.


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    Product Description

    Nextivity Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Remotely Managed Cellular Repeater for AT&T Wireless Bands 2/ 4/ 5/ 12/ 13. Cel-Fi GO RMOE is a high reliability, ruggedized and remotely managed cell phone signal booster solution that leverages Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO product combined with a cellular modem (sold separately) to establish an Internet connection to Nextivity’s WAVE management platform.

    Similar to a portable antenna tower trailer, Cel-Fi GO-X RMOE is designed to extend the mobile network to provide wireless coverage to remote and rugged locations that are not readily accessible to service technicians, or any area where remote management of the system is desired. CelFi Signal Amplifier SKU # 591NK13GWUS5ATUS7TF1. This Cel-Fi Go Remote purchase is model # K13-200-100, K13200-100, K13-200100, K13200100 which supports North American bands 2, 4, 5, 12 and 13. Other model #'s available (not this purchase) are K13-100-100 and K13-100-200 which support international bands 3, 5, and 28.


    • Remote Management: Users can access the Cel-Fi WAVE portal remotely through the dashboard interface.
    • Performance Management: Easily control systems and ensure optimal performance.
    • Remote Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot and support systems remotely using real-time data and performance metrics.
    • WAVE Portal: Cel-Fi WAVE remote device and asset management, enables data modeling and reporting, and globally trusted carrier-grade security.
    • Web Based Applications: Easy to connect to other web- based services for a fully integrated and remotely managed site solution.
    • Ease of Installation: Cel-Fi GO RMOE intelligently and automatically senses and adapts to its environment — including Operator network changes, or those caused by other nearby Cel-Fi devices or boosters.

    Benefits Summary:

    • Monitor and Manage Devices Remotely.
    • Device Connectivity.
    • Interface Systems and Sites.
    • Carrier-Grade Security.
    • DIN Rail Provided for Modem Mounting.
    • Modem Support Platform.
    • Power Supply Module.
    • Multiple Web API Options.
    • Network Safe.
    • Ruggedized NEMA 4 Rated.
    • Configurable for Up to 2 Cel-Fi GO Stationary Smart Signal Boosters.


    1. Install Product to Wall or Pole using provided wall-mount or pole-mount mounting hardware to securely mount the system.
    2. Mount Modem. DIN rail provided to mount modem. DIN Rail can be rotated 90 degrees if required for modem mounting.
    3. Connect Modem Antennas and Power to Modem. Connect, Validate, Check. Attach modem antennas to SMA connections provided on NEMA 4 enclosure.
    4. Connect Donor and Server Antennas to Cel-Fi GO RMOE.
    5. Connect 12V Power to Enclosure. Use provided NEMA 4 power connector to interface site power to Cel-Fi GO RMOE.
    6. Check LED Status on PSU PCBA to Validate Power, Repeater, and Connectivity.
    7. Check Remote Management. The Cel-Fi WAVE app can help you optimize your system's performance. For more Cel-Fi GO features, go to the App Store or Google play and download the mobile Cel-Fi WAVE app.

    This version of the CelFi Go is programmed to work only with AT&T cell phones but it provides an amazing amount of gain at 100dB. As it is not a multi-carrier device, the FCC does not restrict its gain to 70 dB. The Go Repeater is NEMA 4 certified, making it weather resistant and suitable for installation outdoors.

    Nextivity Cel-Fi GO AT&T Band 2/4/5/12/13 provides additional 30 dB gain compared to other models and therefore makes the Cel-Fi Go ideal for buildings where outdoor coverage is weak (-80 dBm RSRP or less than 3 bars).

    It is ideal for boosting 3G, 4G, LTE signals within urban residential and business structures like small buildings, apartment complexes, and skyscrapers with poor signals inside. It is also ideal for housings in rural and remote places such as cottages and cabins with weak signals inside.


    • Works for all AT&T cell phones & cellular devices.
    • No monthly fees and no broadband Wi-Fi service required.
    • Industry-leading design and performance by Nextivity Cel-Fi.
    • Boosts 3G and 4G LTE signals in any type structure - Home, Office, Apartment, Building, Cabin, or Warehouse.

    CelFi GoX can be used in numerous applications, including:

    • Businesses.
    • Homes.
    • Hospitals.
    • Retail outlets.
    • Industrial facilities.
    • Warehouses.
    • Outdoor facilities.

    Note that this model Cel-Fi GO X can only boost signal for AT&T. If users in the building use multiple networks, you will need multiple GO devices or a multi-carrier booster such as these: Small Space Signal Boosters for up to 4000 sq. ft., Medium Space Signal Boosters for up to 7000 sq. ft., Large Space Signal Boosters for up to 20,000 sq. ft., or Very Large Area Signal Boosters for up to 100,000 sq. ft.

    Cel-Fi WAVE Mobile App.

    The Cel-Fi WAVE app for Android and iOS devices makes it easy to optimize and monitor the GO X by allowing users to connect to the device via Bluetooth to view detailed diagnostic information, including signal quality (SINR), gain, and measures of signal strength (RSRP).


    The coverage area of the Cel-Fi signal amplifier kit depends on the signal strength at the location where the outdoor antenna is positioned and the number of indoor antennas it is paired with.

    Outdoor Signal Estimated coverage area
    Strong (5 bars) up to 15,000 square feet
    Medium signal (3-4 bars) up to 10,000 square feet
    Weak signal (1-2 bars) up to 5,000 square feet


    How many antennas are required?

    In general, the coverage area of a system increases with the number of antennas used. Signal does not pass through walls and air that easily, so adding antennas helps expand the coverage of a signal amplifying kit.

    As a general rule, one antenna should be installed for every 750 to 1000 square feet of space in a typical office or home that is split into smaller spaces. For more open environments, including warehouses or open office floors, one antenna is needed for every 1,500 to 2,000 square feet.

    Which type of exterior antennas should be used?

    Yagi or the more correct term, Log Periodic Antennas are suggested for outdoor use because they are most powerful in acquiring weak signals from outside to feed to the signal amplifier indoors that boosts and then broadcasts that amplified signal through indoor antenna(e).

    Outside antenna used with the Go X most often is a SureCall SC-230W Wide-band Yagi Antenna. This powerful antenna can reach cell towers at a distance of up to 30 miles and it has a gain of about 10 dB across all wireless frequencies. As it is it is directional, it needs to be installed pointing in the direction of the cell tower. Mounting equipment to attach to a 1 to 2 inch diameter pole is included. The white fiber-glass portion of the antenna should be installed above the roof line and must not be obstructed in the direction of the tower for best results.

    Which type of interior antenna(s) should be used?

    Three different types of internal antennae can be used with the Cel-Fi Go X: A Panel Antenna, an Ultra-flat Dome Antenna, and a Standard Dome Antenna.

    Panel Antennas.

    A panel antenna has a narrow beam-width and directs signal in a specific direction.

    Panel antennas can be installed on walls, which is easier in certain environments. Antenna's cable comes out at the bottom, making it possible to install without needing access to the wall's interior. A panel antenna is often the easiest to install in the first floor of a 2-story building, as putting a dome in the ceiling would be difficult. Being unidirectional, Panel antennas can also be mounted on ceiling in instances when multi-level coverage is required because it would then improve signal in the floor level below.

    Standard Dome Antennas.

    Standard dome antennas are installed in ceilings. It is used in office buildings with ceiling tiles, or in single story buildings with access to the crawl space. The cable comes out of the back of the antenna, so access to other side of the ceiling is needed in order to install it correctly. Unless you choose to purchase our unique surface mount dome antennas.

    Dome antennas spread signal in all directions. They should be installed throughout the building to provide adequate coverage because they do not support multi-level coverage.

    Ultra-Flat Dome Antennas.

    Ultra-Flat Dome Antennas are basically Standard Dome Antennas that are flat for aesthetic reasons - They can barely be seen once installed.

    Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Remotely Managed Repeater for AT&T Wireless Contents:

    • Cel-Fi Go Signal Amplifier.
    • Power Supply (15 Volt, 1.5 Amp).
    • NEMA 4 Enclosure.
    • Modem Support Platform.
    • Quick Start Guide.

    Yagi Outside Antenna & Standard Dome Inside Antenna Kit (591NK13GWUS5ATUS7TF1+YAGI-DOME) Also Includes:

    • Directional Outdoor Yagi Antenna (SC-230W).
    • Omni-Directional Indoor Dome Antenna (SC-222W).
    • Qty. 2 x 30 ft. SC400 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable with N-Male Connectors (SC-001-30).
    • Qty. 2 x SMA-male to N-female Pigtail Adapter (SC-CN-07).
    • FREE bonus lightning surge protector to protect amplifier from lighning strike.
    • FREE bonus adjustable J-Pole pipe for mounting exterior antenna.

    Yagi Outdoor Antenna & Panel Indoor Antenna Kit (591NK13GWUS5ATUS7TF1+YAGI-PANEL) Also Includes:

    • Directional Outdoor Yagi Antenna (SC-230W).
    • Directional Indoor Panel Antenna (SC-248W).
    • Qty. 2 x 30 ft. SC400 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable with N-Male Connectors (SC-001-30).
    • Qty. 2 x SMA-male to N-female Pigtail Adapter (SC-CN-07).
    • FREE bonus lightning surge protector to protect amplifier from lighning strike.
    • FREE bonus adjustable J-Pole pipe for mounting exterior antenna.

    Yagi Exterior Antenna & Ultra Flat Dome Interior Antenna Kit (591NK13GWUS5ATUS7TF1+YAGI-FLATDOME) Also Includes:

    • Directional Outdoor Yagi Antenna (SC-230W).
    • Omni-Directional Indoor Ultra Flat Dome Antenna (314407).
    • Quantity 2 x 30 ft. SC400 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable with N-Male Connectors (SC-001-30).
    • Quantity 2 x SMA-male to N-female Pigtail Adapter (SC-CN-07).
    • FREE bonus lightning surge protector to protect amplifier from lighning strike.
    • FREE bonus adjustable J-Pole pipe for mounting exterior antenna.


    The Cel-Fi GO X can be installed by persons who are comfortable running cabling and doing simple home repairs. You might however consider asking a friend or finding a local electronics installer or handyman. Or reach out to us with details for a quote to install Cel-Fi signal booster.

    Cel Fi Go X Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Set-Up Diagram


    Supported Phones. Cellphones, hotspots, and any device that uses cellular data.
    Uplink Frequencies. Band 2, 1850-1910 MHz; Band 4, 1710-1755 MHz; Band 5, 824-849 MHz; Band 12, 699-716 MHz; Band 13, 777-787 MHz.
    Downlink Frequencies. Band 2, 1930-1990 MHz; Band 4, 2110-2155 MHz; Band 5, 869-894 MHz; Band 12, 729-746 MHz; Band 13, 746-756 MHz.
    Max Gain. Stationary Unit: Up to 100 decibels (dB).
    Power supply. 12 to 15 VDC via external supply.
    Ambient operating temperature. -20°C to 55°C.
    Storage temperature. -25°C to 65°C.
    Relative humidity. 0% to 95%, Non-condensing.
    Versions. NEMA 4 and Stationary Cel-Fi GO unit.
    Remote Management. Cel-Fi WAVE.
    Antenna Requirements. 50 ohm antenna matching. Antenna cables require: A) N-Type connectors (Donor/Server). B) SMA-Male connectors (Cellular Modem).
    Antenna Requirements. 50 ohm antenna matching. Antenna cables require: A) N-Type connectors (Donor/Server). B) SMA-Male connectors (Cellular Modem). VSWR <2:0. antennas="" should="" support="" appropriate="" device="" band="" frequencies="" td="">
    Physical Specifications. 300mm(W) x 340mm(H) x 240mm(D). 6 kg. Pole & Wall mount in kit. N-Type Jack Donor Antenna Connector (50 ohm). N-Type Jack Service Antenna Connector (50 ohm). SMA Jack Modem Main Connector (50 ohm). SMA Jack Modem MIMO Connector (50 ohm). SMA Jack GPS Connector (50 ohm).
    Standards. R&TTE 1999/5/EC, R&TTE 1999/519/EC. EN 301 489-17, 23, EN 301 908-1, 11, 15. EN 300-328, EN 62311. Bluetooth BQB, RCM Mark, CE Mark. 3GPP TS 25.143 Rel.10, 3GPP TS 36.143 Rel.10.
    Provided. Cel-Fi GO RMOE Unit. 12V Power Supply.
    Installer to Provide (or can be purchased optionally). External Cables, Donor/Server Antennas, Modem.
    Models. K13-100-100 [G31-3/5/28] and K13-100-200 [G31-3/5/28 (2)].
    Illustrated Content: Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Spec. Sheet | Cel-Fi GO-RMOE Installation Guide (Quick)


    From the manufacturer:

    Cel-Fi GO for AT&T, an extreme power smart cellphone signal booster that is set to amplify ATT cellular signals up to maximum possible 100 dB Gain.

    Free Cel-Fi WAVE desktop or mobile application can be used to monitor and optimize Cel-Fi GO X, and switch the device between carriers. This first carrier-class mobile cellular coverage solution with Cel-Fi Carrier Switching makes it work only with one Carrier at a time.

    This NEMA 4 rated weather resistant multi-carrier cellular phone signal boosting solution is ideal for commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses, and large homes.

    Alternate part names:

    • cel-fi go
    • celfi go
    • cell-fi go
    • cellfi go
    • cel-figo
    • celfigo


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    • Can a dome and a flat panel inside antenna be used at same time in different rooms?

      Yes, they can be used simultaneously.

    Data Sheet / User Guide

    Data Sheet

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    Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

    Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

    Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

    Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

    If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

    For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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