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2 in 1 Cell Phone Signal Booster and Cradle Holder Auto Accessory

Mar 27, 2018

When you're in your vehicle, it is very handy to have a cradle holder for your cell phone. This automotive accessory will allow you to operate your cell phone hands-free. It is a lot safer than trying to use the cellphone while driving. Another problem often experienced while using your cell-phone while in your vehicle is that reception is often bad. That results in a bad quality connection, or even dropped calls. This is very frustrating, especially if you use your driving time talking to customers and doing business wirelessly. Fortunately, there are various combination cellular signal booster and phone holders available to solve both these problems simultaneously.

2 Kinds & Brands of Combination Cellular Signal Booster and Phone Holder Available:

Both are UNIVERSAL - Holder fits ALL phones and boosts signal of ALL carriers.

Fix two in-vehicle problems with one auto accessory - Cell phone cradle signal booster. When you're in your vehicle, it is handy to have a cradle holder for your cell phone. Reception is usually weak too, and this device serves as a cell phone antenna booster as well to solve that problem by boosting cellular signal so you can enjoy strong wireless signals. Shown below are more details of each of the two kinds shown above:

SureCall Fusion Trek.

The first type that we will be discussing is the SureCall FusionTrek. One advantage this unit has is that it does not require an exterior antenna on your vehicle. This is great because you won’t have any loose wires on the roof of the vehicle and no antenna sticking out on the vehicle roof.

The SureCall FusionTrek was introduced to the market very recently. As mentioned, this 3G, 4G and LTE signal booster for vehicles is different from other boosters - It does not need an antenna outside the vehicle. While exterior antennas needed for most vehicle signal boosters can be installed relatively easily by some, especially if you're an experienced DIY enthusiast, it still involves lifting a rubber door seal to insert an antenna cable and make it look professional. This task is however simply beyond many ordinary people, making this an ideal feature for people who want a unit that they can install and operate with the minimum hassle.

A second advantage of not having an external antenna is that when you travel on unpaved roads in rural areas, or like to visit undeveloped areas where low shrubs and tree branches could hook onto an external antenna, this won’t be a problem. Automatic car wash will also be no problem because no exterior antenna to remove so it does not fall off or get damaged. The SureCall Fusion Trek might also be the right model for you if you often move the signal booster kit between vehicles. With no external antenna to worry about, this operation becomes simple and easy.

Donor antenna (meaning antenna that catces outside signal to send it to signal amplifier to amplify it) can be mounted on the glass from inside vehicle at the back of a car, RV, boat, or truck (on rear facing glass). The magnetic cell phone cradle is mounted in the front with its power adapter. This creates a system that resides entirely inside the vehicle and is easy to install. The FusionTrek comes with a three-year warranty and the power adapter and cable are included.

Only one cellular device can be placed on or attached to the cradle / plate of this signal booster kit. The plate we're referring to, is basically any size mobile hotspot or cell phone holder. It can be attached to vent in any vehicle dash board (with magnet attracting adhesive provided to be stuck on the back of the device). That cellphone holder with attached device can also be placed elsewhere that is convenient without the vent connection prongs - Such as inside cup-holder in center console, or a cell phone caddy placed anywhere within vehicle. The system provides a hefty signal boost with a maximum signal gain of 23 dB. This cellular auto accessory also features an automatic signal gain adjustment.

Numerous types of mobile devices are supported including smartphones, mobile hotspot devices such as Mi-Fis, Jetpacks, etc. It is suitable for all cell service providers in the USA, including Verizon Wireless, ATT Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. All mobile service carriers in Canada are also supported including Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Freedom Mobile and Bell Mobility.

SureCall N-Range.

N-Range is also made by the same manufacturer, SureCall. The difference is that it has an exterior roof mount antenna like the weBoost Drive Sleek that will be discussed next. While SureCall N-Range provides the same amount of Gain as FusionTrek, it offers more uplink and downlink power thanks to its Extended Range Technology (ERT). This kit also has similar phone holder as others discussed in this blog, with built-in signal boosting antenna.

weBoost Drive Sleek.

The second type of combination cellular signal booster & phone holder that we will be discussing is the weBoost Sleek (previously popular as Wilson Sleek). This unit comes with a magnetic antenna that can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle. If you are not happy with this option due to the loose wire that will be on top of the vehicle, a drill-mount antenna is available for purchase separately here:

The weBoost Drive Sleek is manufactured by Wilson Electronics. This company has an established track record of innovation and excellence. Like the SureCall FusionTrek, the Drive Sleek vehicle cell phone booster will boost 3G, 4G and LTE for cars, RVs, trucks and boats. Although the Drive Sleek uses an antenna that is on exterior of the vehicle, the aerodynamic design of the antenna will largely prevent it from being damaged by obstructions outside the vehicle. The antenna does look aesthetically pleasing. This unit is suitable not only for those who live and drive in rural areas, but also for people that want to escape the busy cities, but have to be connected to work or home at all times.

The signal booster's antenna uses a powerful magnet, making it portable and suitable to be moved easily between vehicles. The kit includes a disk that can be mounted on non-metallic surfaces such as aluminum or fiberglass. The charging port of the booster has specifically been designed to charge faster than normal. The cell phone cradle is extremely flexible and will allow virtually any mobile device to fit snugly.

weBoost or Wilson Drive Sleek is suitable for use with all mobile service providers in the USA, including Verizon Wireless, AT T Wireless, Sprint and Tmobile. The major mobile service carriers in Canada are also supported, including Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Bell Canada, and Freedom Mobile. Installation of the equipment is almost as easy as it is for its SureCall equivalent.

Any size cell phone or mobile hotspot device will fit into the magnetic vent mount mobile holder or adjustable cradle. The cell phone cradle is held in place with a removable vent clip mount. The vent holder can be inserted into any convenient vent and the cradle attached to it magnetically.

Instead of using dashboard vent holding option, it can also be placed with mobile device in center console section cupholder, cellphone caddy elsewhere, or anywhere else you normally store your phone within your car, truck, RV, or boat. This magnet-back cellular cradle (with mobile device fitted on front of it) will also attach to any other make & brand phone holder like a magnetic windshield glass mount holder.

With the Drive Sleek, installation does however have an extra step to mount an exterior antenna. Although its antenna wire can be mounted under the door rubber if you wish, the wire has been designed to be strong enough so that it won’t be damaged if it is not run under the door’s weather stripping. It comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty which should be fine for practical purposes.


weBoost Drive Sleek vehicle signal booster uses an outside antenna, resulting in installation requiring an additional step. Its phone cradle holder can be adjusted to hold most mobile devices. It boosts cell signals by giving a gain of up to 23 dB, the same as the SureCall FusionTrek.

SureCall FusionTrek vehicle signal booster does not require an exterior antenna, making it a bit easier to install. The cell phone cradle consists of a flat surface and any device can be attached to it by using the magnetic adhesive provided. The magnetic adhesive needs to be attached onto each device's back.

The price for these two combination cellular signal boosters & phone holders is the same, and both have a maximum antenna gain of 23 dB. Wherever you are, purchasing one of these models will give you improved coverage, even in areas where cell phone signals are very weak.

Both models discussed here can boost signal of a single cell device, which can be a smartphone, or a mobile hotspot device such as Mi-Fis, Jetpacks, etc. Devices from any cell phone carrier in the USA and Canada are supported, as both devices boost signals for all frequencies and bands of all cell service providers in USA and Canada.

If the gain of these units are not good enough for your requirements, or you need to boost reception of multiple devices in a vehicle simultaneously, you might want to think about buying the wireless versions of either manufacturer. weBoost Drive Reach and SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0) both have a maximum gain of 50 dB and can boost multiple devices simultaneously.

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  • I saw this and thought to myself “who needs a cradle holder?” but then I remember all the people I see driving around holding their phones. There are a lot of ways to go hands free but not everyone does it. Not only is this a good place to place your phone, but it’s a signal booster. I like it and might get one for my younger relatives who I know don’t go hands-free and who are constantly driving. Two big safety concerns out of the way.

    Henry Fontenot on
  • Now that 4g cell phone boosters are becoming common, I hear people not only asking what are the best cell phone signal boosters for cars, but what are good rv cell phone boosters. I’ve seen at least a couple blogs on rv cell phone boosters, but let’s stay focused on the ones here. The WeBoost drive Sleek reviews sound impressive. If I invest in a cell phone signal booster for my car, I want something powerful so I don’t get dropped calls and so I can make crystal clear calls. I’m not positive but the WeBoost Sleek 4g may be the one for me.

    Chris Peterson on
  • Stan: What factors can limit the 3G signal your device receives? These can include the structure you’re in (a building can have materials such as glass and concrete that block cell phone signals), geography (being in a valley may make it harder to get a signal than say being on a plain), or even minor things like the way you hold your phone, or whether your phone has an interior or exterior cell antenna.

    Vic Rivers on
  • Nice looking device. I was wondering what factors could limit the 3G signal your device receives?

    Stan Eisen on

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