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Differences in SureCall Force5 2.0, Fusion5X 2.0, Fusion5s Boosters

Aug 02, 2019

Differences in SureCall Force5 2.0, Fusion5X 2.0, Fusion5s Boosters

Compare SureCall Force-5 2.0 (SKU SC-PolyO2-72), Fusion-5X (SKU SC-Poly5X-72), and Fusion-5s (SKU SC-PolysH/O-72):

From a layman's perspective:

The main difference between SureCall Force5 2.0, Fusion5X 2.0 and Fusion5s boosters from layman's perspective is the square footage coverage they can provide based on outside signal strength. They basically offer different amounts of "Gain" measured in Decibels (dB Gain). That means how much that signal amplifier can increase existing outside signal strength measured in dBm (Decibel Milliwatts). They offer different amounts of uplink power (transmission of signal from mobile devices sent to cell towers) and downlink power (transmission of signal from cell tower to mobile devices).

From a geek's technical perspective:

Uplink power: Expressed in decibel milliwatts (dBm), uplink power is output that the booster provides to communicate with cell towers. Higher uplink power translates to greater ability to communicate with distant cell towers.

  • SureCall Force5 2.0: 24 dBm estimated average across all bands.
  • SureCall Fusion5X: 22.1 dBm estimated average across all bands.
  • SureCall Fusion5s: 20.2 dBm estimated average across all bands.

Downlink power: Also measured in decibel milliwatts (dBm), downlink power is output that the booster provides to communicate with cell phones and other mobile devices in the vicinity.

  • SureCall Force5 2.0: 17 dBm estimated average across all bands.
  • SureCall Fusion5X: 14.9 dBm estimated average across all bands.
  • SureCall Fusion5s: 9.2 dBm estimated average across all bands.

The Bottomline:

These variances dictate how much amplification of signal can occur to increase indoor signal strength reception. For example, Force5 2.0 can potentially increase signal strength over spaces 25,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. It is intended for large size buildings. On other hand, Fusion5X 2.0 is for mid-sized buildings boosting coverage up to 20,000 sq. ft. In descending order, the final one - Fusion5s is for large homes and offices up to 10,000 sq. ft.

What you need to know:

Please note that weaker the outside signal strength where exterior antenna can be placed, the more powerful booster will be required to extend larger inside coverage space. Therefore, for example, although you need to cover only up to 10000 sq. ft. home (offered by Fusion5s) but have extremely weak outside signal strength, you will need the next more powerful booster (Fusion5X) to extend indoor cellular coverage for the whole home.

Please visit Compare SureCall In-Building Boosters chart for more details on building cell phone signal boosters.

SureCall Fusion5s vs Fusion5x

SureCall Fusion5s versus Fusion5x 2.0 - which one will you buy?

SureCall Force5 requires professional installation - request installation quote. Thank you.

In 2023, SureCall has launched SureCall Fusion 5X Max - check it out.

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  • Uplink and downlink power are something geeks and everyday consumers should know about because they can help you pick the right cell phone booster for your situation. Sure, you can rely on customer service or a pro installer but why not familiarize yourself with cell phone booster essentials. As a local clothing store used to say “an educated consumer is our best customer.”

    Rachael Harper on
  • I wouldn’t know where to start with getting the right size cell booster. Is there a customer service number I can call for help? The products look helpful, but I don’t want to spend money on the wrong one.

    Francine Chase on
  • Sounds like people have some cool picks when it comes to these boosters. Can someone tell me if they have smaller models for an apartment? Even more important, can you get one without having to drill any holes in anything? I don’t want to lose my security deposit and my landlord can be a real jerk.

    Mr. Smith on
  • So if I understand this right, the big difference between the different SureCall boosters is how much power each booster has when it comes to amplifying the cell phone signal coming into your structure. These suckers look like they’re all powerful, but like anything in life, some are stronger than others. A simple, but effective explanation I think.

    Marley S. on

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