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Compare SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 / Max, N-Range 2.0, FusionTrek Boosters

Aug 01, 2019

Compare SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 / Max, N-Range 2.0, FusionTrek Boosters

Compare SureCall Fusion-2-Go 3.0 (SKU SC-Fusion2Go3), NRange 2.0 (SKU SC-NRange), and Fusion-Trek (SKU SC-FusionTrek):

SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 booster / Fusion2Go Max booster are "wireless" in-vehicle cell phone booster kits meaning they boost cellular reception of multiple mobile devices simultaneously in car, truck, suv, etc. The N-Range booster and FusionTrek booster are for boosting only a single device' signal strength. That device can be any mobile device such as a smartphone or mobile hotspot (Mi-Fi). That boosted device can then help other devices achieve strong connectivity. The way that can be done is by creating a mobile hotspot in it. Other cell devices such as smart phones, laptops, MiFi, Tablet computer, etc. can then tap into that mobile hotspot for fast high speed Internet access thanks to strong signals close to full five bars - on the original device placed on booster holder.

The second major difference between Fusion2Go 3.0 & Max verses N-Range & FusionTrek is amplification increase strength called, "Signal Gain". It is measured in Decibels (dB Gain). That means how much a signal amplifier can increase existing outside signal strength measured in dBm (Decibel Milliwatts). They offer different amounts of uplink power (transmission of signal from mobile devices sent to cell towers) and downlink power (transmission of signal from cell tower to mobile devices).

Fusion2Go 3.0 & Max offer up to 50 dB max Gain. N-Range & FusionTrek provide up to 23 dB maximum Gain. Before you jump to a conclusion about these two types of vehicle signal boosters, please note that while 23dB Gain may seem quite small increase when compared to 50dB Gain - Every 3dB increase amounts to double the signal strength power. Every 6 dB (back and forth) will approximately double the coverage distance from antenna (or cell tower). Therefore 23dB is still quite a lot of amplification compared to what your cell phone can do on its own. Nevertheless, maximum 50dB Gain offered by Fusion2Go 3.0 & Max can help reach farther away cell towers and be very helpful in extreme circumstances with extremely low signal strength such as in most rural areas and very remote highway/ freeway stretches.

Lastly, let us see how the output compares between Fusion2Go Max and earlier versions Fusion2Go 3.0, 2.0, 1.0:

It is important to note that only the SureCall Fusion2Go Max and N-Range incorporate the new ERT Extended Range Technology which provides clearer wireless communication, from cell towers farther away. All include the DPT (Double Power Technology) which provides longer range to reach cell towers farther away.

Please visit Compare SureCall Vehicle Boosters chart for more details on these or other vehicular cell phone signal boosters.

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  • This piece of information from this article is key: “Every 3dB increase amounts to double the signal strength power. Every 6 dB (back and forth) will approximately double the coverage.” Not only is it important to understand how decibels (dB) relate to your phone’s signal strength, it’s important to understand how what might seem like a small increase in cell phone signal strength amplification is actually a large one.

    Hank Christopher on
  • I’m a little hesitant to see cell phone boosters in cars. I think we need cell phone suppressors in cars because I see more people using their phones in cars, despite laws banning this. The biggest offenders are people who text and drive, yet I still see people using their phones to call when there are a variety of hands-free options.

    Kent Pennysfield on
  • Carter, you bring up an excellent point. What are my needs for a booster? Unlike you, I plan on having more than one person in SUV using a cell phone (and there are road trips involved) which means I’d want a multi-person booster. The fact I can move the booster to another car makes it even more appealing.

    Brad Oligarth on
  • I don’t know whether to get a booster that amplifies cell signals for everyone in the car or one just for my individual phone. I do have passengers in the car from time to time but I’m usually not in a situation where I carpool or have a family with me on a long trip. I think in those situations I’d get one of the SureCall Fusion products mentioned here.

    Carter Allen on

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