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Installer and Integrator Solutions for Better Cell Reception

Apr 15, 2020

Let us look at some of the top commercial grade cell phone signal boosters in the wireless industry. Let us focus on top SureCall in-building kits for homes and office buildings that offer solutions which deliver more reliable in-building connectivity and 24/7 cellular uptime. Watch video below or scroll down to see solutions we suggest all cell amplifier installers and integrators. 

Integrators and installers have solutions to cell coverage problems.

A surge in consumers need for constant cellular connectivity is leading homeowners and business owners to turn to wireless coverage solutions that can deliver more reliable in-building connectivity and 24/7 cellular up time. Let us get into some of the top boosters in the industry for homes and offices.

Fusion-5x 2.0.

We will start off with the popular Fusion5x 2.0 series uniquely kitted antenna combination kits. They amplify voice, text and 4G LTE data signal for all North American carriers and can cover two times more area than its closest mid-sized building competitor. A must-have for building owners, managers and installers, it provides top-tier signal boosting performance. It is compatible with award-winning Surecall Sentry remote monitoring system that automatically sends an alert if the cellular amplifier system encounters an error. This can be very helpful because the problem can be fixed remotely as well in most cases. Rarely, however, it may require the technician to visit the site to adjust exterior antenna if there's a new building development or another carrier tower that has caused the disruption.

How does this booster with remote monitoring work?

As stated above, Sentry can be added to any Fusion 5x 2.0 kit to monitor the cellular amplifier's performance, set up alert notifications, adjust attenuation and gain from anywhere and anytime using the free smartphone app or desktop web portal.

An optional cellular modem is available as well for those wanting to enable remote monitoring without the use of a facility's Wi-Fi. Sentry is also a great installation tool that helps optimize performance during setup. With more than 16 dB downlink power and built-in Sure IQ technology, Fusion 5x 2.0 balances incoming signals and maximizes performance when outside donor signal is strong. Multiple kitting options are available and offer the flexibility to customize installation inside any building. It comes with Surecall's industry-leading support suite and three-year warranty.

Force-5 2.0

Now, let us talk about the SureCall Force 5 series kits. They amplify voice, talk and wireless data signals for all North American carriers. It is the suggested booster for largest residential and business buildings. Force5 2.0 has Surecall's Sentry remote monitoring system built directly into the cell booster main unit. It is best suited for large and very large buildings. With a configuration of multiple Force 5 2.0 boosters and antennas, it can provide coverage for buildings up to 500,000 square feet.

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  • If I had to install a commercial cell phone booster, I’d probably go with the remote monitoring feature. Why would I want to run to the office to check on the cell phone booster if I can do so from home (or anywhere BUT the office). I wonder if they have this remote monitoring for home boosters also.

    Jennifer Hunter on
  • I appreciate the video. It’s pretty straightforward and easy-to-understand. I never quite understood how something like this works — until now. Thanks!

    Mark H. on
  • Couple things here. These are commercial boosters right? Can you put one in your home if you have a home office and it’s a large area? I thought commercial boosters were for zoned commercial or industrial areas? Also, that cellular modem sounds good as it means you don’t have to go to where the modem is to check on it if it’s not working?

    Daryll K. on
  • I keep hearing more about these boosters and they seem like they’re becoming more common in businesses since everyone seems to be using cell phones at work. Two questions I have are 1) is there a cost for when a technician adjusts an antenna and 2) I seem to read the blog as saying one booster will work for all carriers. Is that right?

    Edwin W. on
  • I don’t know too much about the Fusion Force 5x 2.0 series but I do know SureCall has been around for a long time and they’ve got a good reputation. Sometimes a brand will live off its reputation and phone it in (LOL) after several years on top. I don’t know if that’s the case with SureCall, but so far, I haven’t heard anything negative about them.

    Brian Davidson on

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