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Most Powerful Consumer Cell Signal Boosters for Remotest Areas

Aug 11, 2021

Most Powerful Consumer Cell Signal Boosters for Remotest Areas

Best-In-Class Performance, Price and Value.

SureCall consumer signal boosters are purpose-built for customers who live, work and vacation in the most challenging and remote RF environments. More gain and uplink power means customers can make and hold a call and get faster data speeds at the edge of network better than any other consumer booster on the market in remotest rural areas.

SureCall 2XP Technology:

SureCall 2XP Technology

Nearly all of SureCall's home and vehicle boosters incorporate their patented 2XP technology for twice the uplink transmission power back to the cell tower. This helps maintain a strong connection even in the most remote signal environments.

Fusion4Home - Maximum Gain and Highest Uplink Power:

Fusion4Home - Maximum Gain and Highest Uplink Power

Double the uplink power helps users connect at the edge of the network. Fusion4Home is a powerhouse home and office booster designed for urban, suburban and rural locations with more system gain and more than double the uplink power than the closest competitor. With 2XP, Fusion4home helps users connect in weak areas better than any other booster in its class.

Fusion2Go 3.0 - Maximum Gain & Highest Uplink Power:

Fusion2Go 3.0 - Maximum Gain and Highest Uplink Power

Works further into the fringe than any other vehicle signal booster on the market. Independent testing by CKC Labs confirms that the Fusion2Go 3.0 provides 2X more uplink power and fastest speeds compared to the closest competitor. This means your customer can stay connected in the weakest of signal environments and enjoy better connectivity, call clarity and fastest data speeds.

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  • If I lived in a distant area, I would want a strong cell phone signal for two reasons. The first would be communication in case the landline went down. The second would be to make sure I could do things like video chats, watching videos, and downloading music without any difficulties. SureCall’s 2XP Technology sounds like it’s particularly good for areas where cell towers are far away

    Gladys Johnston on
  • WTF? I don’t understand why cell phones are still incapable of working in situations where people live in remote areas. Why doesn’t the government make cell phone carriers install more cell phone towers? It just doesn’t make sense for people to have to buy something like a cell phone booster.

    Jason Stanger on
  • I think it’s downright cool that people have so many ways to stay in touch if they live out in the country. Rural life shouldn’t leave anyone isolated and it seems like cell signal boosters are fantastic for keeping the lines of communication open via cell phones.

    Fred Durante on
  • The last time I went camping, I started thinking about what it’s like trying to use a cell phone when you live somewhere remote. My cell signal was bad (I think I had one, maybe two bars) and it was next to impossible to watch any videos. I know you can get a landline but people (including me) use their cell phones for more than talking. I can’t imagine having a home out in the country without a strong cell signal. That’s why I think these cell boosters for remote areas are useful.

    Meredith Hill on
  • These cell signal boosters for homes out in the country sound like a good gift for my parents because it’s ridiculous trying to talk to them on their cell phones at their farm. I thought it was a situation where they had poor quality phones, but it sounds more like they have trouble getting a good signal.

    Mitchell Campbell on
  • Move to the country and get away from it all. It sounds good but then I started wondering if moving to the country meant getting away from my cell phone. I thought the problem was that there aren’t any cell towers out in the country but someone explained to me that it wasn’t the case. The problem was a combination of hilly terrain that weakened or reduced signals and other factors like windy weather. Glad there are options like boosters because I don’t think I could live without my phone.

    Dora Huntley on
  • Bad cell phone reception—the bane of anyone who lives in a rural area. Yeah, cell phone reception can be bad anywhere, but I’ve always had the majority of problems in the outlying areas. I could see why someone would want a booster, especially in a rural area. I know there are some hot deals right now with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Heather Benefield on

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