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2000 mW USB Wi-Fi Booster (2.4 Ghz) w/14 dBi direc. indoor/outdoor antenna for Building, RV, Marine

2000 mW USB Wi-Fi Booster (2.4 Ghz) w/14 dBi direc. indoor/outdoor antenna for Building, RV, Marine

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Product Description

2000mW USB Wi-Fi Booster (2.4 Ghz) with 14dBi directional indoor or outdoor antenna plus 16 ft. USB cable. Get long range Wi-Fi reception at home or in RV, boat, etc.

How does it work?

Run the CD included to run software. Then plug-in USB cable to USB port of your computer. Then point the receiver in direction of wifi network you need to connect. It scans the networks and so you can confirm by picking the network you want to choose for connecting. Included sixteen feet cable makes it easy to put this wifi booster and antenna kit near, or even outside the window for best reception.

Special Feature:

Compared to similar earlier models, this USB Wi-Fi adapter features an impressive reception range thanks to its powerful amplifier. This USB Wi-Fi adapter can transmit and receive on 2.4 gigahertz bands.

Expand three times farther:

When you combine the powerful USB Wi-Fi adapter with high power wifi antenna, you will find that you can access signals from three times the distance when compared to seemingly similar internal Wi-Fi cards included inside newer laptops today.

What is included in this kit?

When you receive your new USB Wi-Fi adapter, you will receive a wifi usb adapter (2.4 GHz), 14-dBi directional indoor or outdoor antenna, plus 16 feet USB cable. The part model: WIFI-USB+14DBI-ANTENNA. SKU: N893070AFC. UPC: 697691016290.


This Wi-Fi adapter is suitable for any PC with one spare USB port and running Windows system.

While fully compatible with older USB 2.0 ports, you will find your speed will be limited to 480 Mbps when running on USB 2.0. If you have an available USB 3.0 port you will be able to achieve optimum transfer rates.

Product Features:

  • 802.11n: 150 mbps High-Speed Transfer Rate.
  • Fully compatible with the 2.4 gigahertz networks.
  • Backward capability with USB 2.0, 1.1, and full USB 3.0 compliance.
  • Enjoy enterprise-level WEP encryption (64/128), and support for 802.1X, WPA-PSK, WPA, and WPA2.
  • 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

Increased Wi-Fi Signal Penetration:

With unmatched Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage, it not only has maximum WiFi range, but it helps to penetrate walls, and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in your living space easily.

WiFi Signal Booster Specifications:

WiFi Frequency Single Band 2.4GHz.
Antenna Connector RP-SMA female x 2.
Antenna Type 2.4G One-Band 14dBi unidirectional antenna.
Wireless Security 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPS.
Interface USB 3.0.
OS Requirement Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, and Mac OS 10.5 thru 10.9 using included CD. It is not compatible with newer versions of Mac OS. Plug and play with some newer Linux versions, but for others, drivers may need to be downloaded and installed.

More 2000mW Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi USB Adapter And 14 dBi Directional Antenna Details.

If you need long range Wi-Fi reception, we're happy to advise that this Wi-Fi indoor/outdoor, all-in-one, long range, high power (2000mW) Wi-Fi USB receiver is now available starting December 2020.

Whether at home or on the go, this is an all-in-one solution for accessing long range Wi-Fi reception. It features an integrated 14 dBi directional antenna, a sensitive chipset, and an inbuilt power-loss shielded 5 meter (16-feet) USB cable.

How Does This Device Work?

  • Using the CD included, run the installation software.
  • Next, the USB cable should be plugged into your computer with the receiver aimed towards the network you wish to connect to.
  • Start scanning for networks, choose your desired network, then connect to it.
  • Using the 16 foot inbuilt USB cable makes it easy to place your device near a window or wherever you will achieve optimal reception.

In What Locations Will It Work?

For optimal reception, this solution can be placed outdoors, or can be used near a window indoors. It comes with a detachable stand that can also be used as a wall mount. There's a special water sealant on the back of the case, making it weather resistant.

Please note that this is NOT a 3G/G 4G cellular device that is capable of picking up Internet anywhere; you need to be within range of an accessible WI-FI hotspot, either one where you know the password (like a home network) or an open working one like at a RV park.

How Far Can Wi-Fi Reception Be Picked Up?

It really depends on the environment, but generally it can pick up between 2 and 4 times the distance of standard Wi-Fi cards in laptops. This makes it the ideal device for picking up signals from access points on the far side of a campground or RV park or a property with detached buildings.

You may be wondering why there are similar-sized products boasting 50 (even 80) dBi gain integrated antennas. What is so good about this 14 dBi antenna?

When products are being shipped directly from China or Hong Kong, we're seeing a lot of gain inflation, probably because there is no simple way of independently verifying antenna gain. In order to make their product appear superior we're constantly seeing sellers inflating the gain number. At, however, we don't inflate this figure – we only advertise an antenna's true gain.

If you should come across a product with dimensions similar to ours – 4 inches by 8 inches excluding the stand – you will find the gain will be similar. If this item is larger, you could find a 16 or 18 dBi gain antenna, but an antenna would need to be larger or several feet wide for 24 dBi and above like our 26dBi Parabolic grid antenna.


This device is compatible with:

  • Windows 10.
  • Windows 8/8.1.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows Vista.
  • Mac OS 10.5 through to 10.9 using the CD included.

Please note that this device is not compatible with newer versions of Mac OS. It is plug-and-play with some newer versions of Linux; however, drivers may need to be downloaded and installed for other distros (a distributor or distributed version). Currently, we do not provide support for Linux.

Omni Directional Versus Directional Antennas.

This device has an integrated directional antenna. Gain is concentrated in a specific direction with directional antennas, improving reception in that direction, as well as reducing band interference (noise) coming from other directions.

While there will be better reception in that direction, there will be fewer networks than if an omni-directional antenna is used. An omni-directional antenna will work best when you are mobile in a vehicle and you're not sure where signals are coming from. You can rotate a directional antenna to locate the best placement.

Additional Features:

  • This device comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Enterprise-class 64/128 WEP encryption - WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, 802.1X support.
  • High powered adapter- 2000mw maximum output power.
  • 150 mbps High-Speed Transfer Rate for 802.11n.
  • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant (forward compatible with USB 3).

Dimensions and Size.

Without the stand, the unit measures 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide. It measures 12.5 inches tall with the stand. The height of the stand is 4.5 inches tall. The USB cable is 16 feet (5m) long.


Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • Will the 2000 MW USB WIFI booster boost the signal on a Verizon Orbic Speed hotspot? We have two laptops operating off the hotspot but the signal is frequently dropped. Our residence is a steel clad building. Perhaps you have a better suggestion.

    It can boost the range a Microsoft Windows PC can get from that hotspot. It will not help the hotspot get a better signal from Verizon. It will also only work with the PC to which it is connected, so you would need one unit for each PC, or if the PCs are Windows 10, you could get just one and relay the WiFi signal to the other laptop using the Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot feature shown at this link:

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Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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