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WiFi Long Range USB Adapter for 2.4 & 5 GHz + 9 dBi Omni Antenna Kit

WiFi Long Range USB Adapter for 2.4 & 5 GHz + 9 dBi Omni Antenna Kit

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Product Description

Long-Range Dual-Band 5/2.4 Gigahertz 802.11ac USB Wi-Fi Adapter With 9 dBi Omni Directional Antenna.

Dual Band Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz Long Range USB Adapter plus 9 dBi Omni Antenna Kit is a wifi signal booster.

Alfa Tube-UAC2 is a new long range outdoor 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi USB adapter/client for Microsoft Windows computers.

Perfect for RV and marine application, this long-range dual-band USB Wi-Fi adapter includes a 9 dBi omnidirectional antenna that connects directly to the adapter by way of an N-male antenna.

Access both 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz networks.

Today, many public networks (including RV parks) offer Wi-Fi signals of 5 gigahertz, and there are multiple advantages of connecting to these bands particularly while they are less trafficked than lower range bands. This adapter and antenna combination kit will give you access to both the 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz networks at the same time.

It is important to note that dual-band radios are subject to power restrictions by the FCC, which means that our single band long-range USB clients can achieve much greater signal connections on the 2.4 gigahertz network. Dual-band products such as this Wi-Fi adapter with packaged antennas may achieve a lesser signal on the 2.4 gigahertz network compared to comparable single band long-range USB clients; however, they will also achieve much stronger signals on the 5 gigahertz and 802.11ac networks.

Most popular wifi booster & antenna package.

This wifi booster and antenna kit includes a 9 dBi omnidirectional antenna to save you money if you intended to buy both products; however, it is certainly possible to purchase the USB Wi-Fi adapter without the packaged antenna if you already have a suitable antenna to use that fits the booster.

Until support for R36A is widely available, this product must be plugged directly into an available USB port on a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system and will provide boosted signals for that system only.

However, if your computer has an inbuilt Wi-Fi card, you can set up a mobile hotspot on your Windows 10 system to share your boosted connection from your computer to nearby devices.

How to set it up?

At just 6.5 inches in height and weighing only 4.5 ounces, this Wi-Fi adapter is lightweight and easy to mount. The package includes two mounting ties for easy fastening to infrastructure of any type. This product has been specifically designed to be used outdoors and features weatherproof casing and a 16 foot USB cable which has been specially shielded to prevent power loss. Easy to attach to outdoor posts or poles like those found on your RV or boat, you can achieve high-strength signals by mounting the adapter as much as 16 feet away from the location of your computer.

What more does the kit include?

The package includes a DVD-ROM with drivers, manuals, and installation software, all of which can be downloaded online if preferred. This USB Wi-Fi adapter is suitable for use on systems running Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista, or Windows 8 or 8.1.

Peripheral Products Connectivity Options:

You can connect any type of antenna to this product that has an N-male connector on it (the Tube-UAC2 comes with a N-female connector, which is different from previous generation Tube models). We also sell pigtails and converters if you already own an outdoor antenna with a different connector type.


Chipset MT7610U.
Interface USB.
Antenna Connector N female
Indicator Lights WLAN and Power LED indicators.
Maximum Power Consumption 600 mA and 5 volts.
Operating Temperature Between -40 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius.
Storage Humidity 5 % - 98 % (Non-condensing).
Dimension 1.8 inches by 6.5 inches.
Weight 4.1 ounces.
Standard IEEE wireless 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.
Frequency 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz.
Data Rate 802.11b : 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps; 802.11g : 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps; 802.11n up to 150 Mbps; 802.11ac: up to 433 Mbps.
Amplifier Built-in Amplifier.
Sensitivity -96 @ 11b; -90 @ 11g; -95 @ 11n; -89 @ 11a; -74 @ 11ac.
Wireless Security WPS, WPA mixed, WPA and WPA2, and WEP.
OS Supported Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, 10; Linux.


Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • Is this TUBE-UAC2AFC a long range USB adapter basically an R36A router with a USB interface to the 9 dBi TUBE antenna? Does this adapter have an ethernet port that interfaces to a laptop?

    This Tube-UAC2AFC is not similar to the R36A USB router included in

    TubeUAC2AFC is a single PC range extender designed to extend the range of just one PC to which it is connected.

    So for example, if you Microsoft Windows PC is getting a weak WiFi signal to a 2.4 or 5 Ghz WiFi network, this will help make it stronger.

    Though this only boosts the range of the PC which it is connected to, you can share the reception as your own private hotspot with multiple nearby devices using the Windows 10 Mobile hotspot feature discussed here:

  • Could I attach this antenna to a router? There are 3 antennas on my router, do I need 3 antennas or will 1 antenna work?

    This is actually a WiFi receiver and booster kit for a Microsoft Windows PC. If you're looking to upgrade the antennas on your router to possibly increase the coverage area, please let us know the brand and model router you have and we can check to see anything that will be compatible.

  • How far will this signal go? I don't see anything about that written. I need something that will cover a 3 acre property with the main house (and router) in the middle. I have a cabin on one side of the property and a yurt on the other. I would like it reach both units, ideally. The yurt doesn't have electricity and I am trying to get the signal to reach out there. I have yet to be able to fully use our wifi out there. I have tried extenders and I can get it to the door but not inisde. Thank you for your help.

    Questions about range are very common. There is no specific range that a person will get in every environment.

    For best results, we recommend placing this in a location where you can already see at least one bar of Wi-Fi signal using a computer with a built-in Wi-Fi card. Then it can strengthen the signal. If the signal you are trying to improve cannot be detected at all where you plan to use this product, then you may be too far away or there may be too many obstacles in between.

    Range can vary a great deal on factors not related to the WiFi adapter, including power of the access point transmitting the signal to you, as well as obstacles and interference in the area. Interference is often invisible, some examples are radio waves emitted from Microwaves or other 2.4 GHz devices like cordless telephones.

    On average, in our testing and from customer feedback we can say the general usage range in a normal environment (normal environment being defined as a neighborhood with homes and trees) is about 500-1000 feet.

    In more open areas it can be much further, while in areas with a high number of obstacles or heavy interference it may be less than this. In general we find this picks up from about 2 times the distance as stock WiFi cards built into most laptops.

Data Sheet / User Guide

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Note: For any signal booster to help, outside signal strength must be at least -110 dB or there must be a clear line of sight to a cell tower that is within twenty miles. Before ordering, please check outside signal level in decibels or ensure that you can make and hold a phone call at any good spot outside where you can mount an exterior antenna. Square footage stated in signal booster listings is based on good signal outside. If it is any weaker, the boosted sq. ft. area will be considerably lower, accordingly.

Kevin K. of Anderson, California gave the following review:

Website is easy to use with plain straight forward info but could have had more on testing signal strength to make sure you get a strong enough booster.

Therefore, please note that stated sq. ft. coverage is based on good signal outside. For best results: If outside signal is weak, we suggest choosing the next higher sq. ft. coverage kit. If outside signal is very weak, we suggest choosing the kit with even more higher sq. ft. range bracket. Basically, higher the sq. ft. bracket, the more powerful the signal amplifier with greater Gain as well as higher uplink and downlink output power.

If outside signal is too weak (weaker than -110 dB), submit request for cell coverage solution assessment. Upon receipt of questionnaire, we will perform residential or business site survey. This will help us determine the system that is needed to improve cell coverage. Then, we will create system design using that system such as femtocell, active or hybrid distributed antenna system (DAS), or other carrier feed signal enhancing method available that will work at your signal-challenged location. Finally, we will schedule for installation after equipment and installation service quote has been approved by you, or your company.

For non installation-included kits: Most home / office / building cell signal booster kits only include bracket to mount exterior antenna on outside wall, edge of roof, or existing pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Mounting pole not included with most kits, unless stated specifically that it is included for free. Therefore, a mounting post must be purchased separately if you will require it to mount exterior antenna.

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