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WiFi Signal Booster, Repeater, Wireless Range Extender

WiFi Signal Booster, Repeater, Wireless Range Extender

WiFi Signal Booster, Repeater, Wireless Range Extender

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Splash-Proof, Long Range, Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Antenna, Receiver, Router.
Wifi signal amplifier booster repeater extender

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Product Description

Splash-Proof Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna, Receiver, Router (Fully Integrated In One Unit).

Complete Universal Plug and Play WiFi Signal Booster, Repeater, Wireless Range Extender kit increases public hotspot coverage. This is a complete signal booster kit integrated fully in one unit. This high power indoor and outdoor wireless wifi extender has built-in Wi-Fi antenna, router, and receiver for strong and consistent internet reception anywhere. Great for homes and buildings or cars, trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats.

It is easy to install with no software installation required! It can be used in homes, buildings, cabins, etc. It can also be very helpful outdoors in recreational vehicles. Being water resistant, it is good for marine vessels such as boats, yachts, and ships. However, for marinas and marine vehicles, we recommend our heavy duty metal WiFi antenna version signal booster kit because it has even higher weather proof rating (waterproof). However, this model is water resistant (splash-proof) when installed as instructed. Nevertheless, it must not be installed where it may be subject to continuous water sprays or submerging.

WiFi Signal Booster Antenna Installation Options.

It may be connected to any standard wireless access point or wireless router (Option 1) to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless internet access from a mobile device like a phone, tablet, or laptop. It may also be connected directly to a laptop through the ethernet port to access internet only on the laptop (Option 2).

WiFi Signal Booster Antenna Installation Options

The Wi-Fi signal booster connects to any wireless router. It provides access for internet through ethernet cable, as well as by wireless connectivity. The WiFi network can be managed through any device with a web browser. See label under the device with the end cap removed for MAC ID.

WebWhip Wi-Fi extender / bridge / ethernet converter features a powerful 28 dBm receiver providing long range WiFi reception indoors, on road vehicles, or marine vessels on the seas offshore. It has a built-in router that connects directly to any computer through a standard Cat5 Ethernet cable.

It easily creates local Wi-Fi hotspot by synching to any wireless router. It boasts Power over Ethernet (PoE) meaning it has single wire for power and data. Therefore, no power is consumed from the device that is connected to it. 

This WebWhip is our fully integrated Wi-Fi antenna, receiver, and router for hassle-free internet reception on your RV, boat, cabin or anywhere else. This complete Wi-Fi Booster Kit includes Shakespeare Receiver Antenna, Power Injector, 25 feet Ethernet cable, DC Power Cord, AC Power Adapter, Mounting Kit (Mounting Rail size 7/8 inch to 2 inches). Easy to follow instructions included explain how to set it up and get it working and running, quickly and easily.


Frequency and Wireless Standard. 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n.
Radio Power. Up to 28 dBm.
Antenna Gain. 5 dB.
Range.* Up to 7 Miles.
Throughput. 100+ Mbps.
Wire. 25 feet Ethernet cable.
Connectors. N-Female (Antenna), Ethernet (Device).
Power Supply & Consumption. 12V DC & 110/230 VAC, 600 mA Max at 12V DC.
Wireless Approvals. FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE.
RoHS Compliant. Yes.
Kit Weight. 38.8 oz.
Dimensions. 19.5 inches x 3.1 inches x 1.5 inches.


*Range may vary based on hotspot strength, obstacles in line of sight, etc.

If you have more questions about this product and need more explanation, please read a blog on this integrated wifi signal receiver antenna modem kit, ask us a question under the "questions and answers" tab above, or please contact us.

Mounting the Wifi Antenna.

Includes mounting assembly including 2 U-bolts so you would not really need to buy a separate mount.

Mounting Options:

  • Horizontal rail: Assemble the U-bolts and brackets vertically as shown in image.
  • Vertical post: Square bolt-hole pattern on L-bracket allows U-bolts to be assembled horizontally to allow mounting on a vertical post.
  • Flat vertical surface: Mounting on a flat vertical surface can be done through screwing the L-bracket directly onto the mounting surface using screws (not included) to match the 1⁄4” (6.35mm) mounting holes.

Note: Always mount the device such that the antenna is pointing vertically upward and is in clear line of sight with the transmitting Wi-Fi hotspot. Mount away from other transmitters to avoid possible interference.


Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers


Ask a Question
  • We have a vacation home in a mobile home park that supplies free WiFi. The signal is not strong enough to work at our property. Would any of your products help boost the signal to our house? We would like to hook up a Nest thermostat so we can turn on the A/C prior to arriving at our property. We cannot get WiFi installed at our property.

    I would recommend the WIFI Signal Booster, Repeater, Wireless Range extender. It searches and gets you access to wifi available from afar, and provided elsewhere. There is a link to the product:

    With this, you can plug it into your own router then set up the Nest product.

  • Hello SignalBooster, I live in a small apartment above a barn and would like to connect to the DSL internet in the main house about 200 ft away. Would this work for me? There are pine trees in the line of sight. Phyllis

    That should help you even with the trees in line.

  • can you use the wireless router in laptop with this WiFi Booster, and how do you set it up?

    Yes, all you need to do is to connect this device to your laptop with an ethernet cable. This device has an ethernet port and so should your desktop computer. If your laptop computer does not have one, ethernet cable converters are available to connect ethernet cable from this wifi antenna device to the type of port available on your laptop to connect to. 

    If you have more questions, please read our blog post highlighting this wifi signal booster product: How does our WiFi Signal Receiver Antenna kit work?

  • Id like to know more about installation, you know, do you need a nearby AC outlet, will the signal go thru hard walls, things like that. I am not good at electronic things, but I have only 5bps (supposedly) and the router is connected to the computer in the last room of the house and the signal does not reach my smart TV in front of the house. I would appreciate your comments

    Yes, connect the power supply of the device to an AC outlet that can be situated close to the router or computer. Ethernet connector of the power injector should be connected to the Ethernet port of the router.   Your device such as laptop or Smart TV is then connected to the other side of the Ethernet cable supplied. This arrangement means that the actual device does not need to be close to the AC outlet.   Although the signal will go through hard walls, how far it will travel depends on the exact structure surrounding it. Once the power injector has been connected as described above, connect Ethernet cable to the power injector and route it to a point closer to the TV in the front of the house. Connect the device to other end of the Ethernet cable and check if the signal reaches the TV before mounting the device.

    Please see the user manual and answer to all your questions: WiFi Receiver User Manual

    If you have more questions, please read our blog post highlighting this wifi signal booster product: How does Long Range WiFi Signal Receiver + Antenna + Router Kit Work?

Data Sheet / User Guide

User Guide

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