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2020 Top Rated Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home & Office

Nov 29, 2017

2020 Top Rated Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home & Office

If your residence or workplace has bad cellular reception, we know that the easiest way to improve cell signal strength within a house, office, or apartment is to install a cell phone repeater or amplifier. These're powerful devices which capture the weak signals from outside the house/building, amplify the signals many times and rebroadcast the same inside for stronger connection to cell towers.

With 2020 already here, we take a look at the latest cell phone boosters for home & office. If you're not sure which to buy, head over to our cell booster recommendation tool!

Here are the Top 5 Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home in 2020:

  1. FlareDB+ Signal Booster For Houses, Apartments, Offices Up To 3500 Sq. Ft.

    This is the perfect cell phone repeater for those that live in apartments or condos with no access to the roof to mount an exterior antenna. It improves LTE cellphone signal strength over an area 2,000 to 3,500 sq. ft. depending on outside signal strength. It amplifies data, voice and text for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile frequency bands 12 and 13 which is practically all LTE frequencies. This is a popular best seller in its category of affordable cell phone signal extenders.

  2. Flare Signal Booster For Up To 2500 Sq. Ft.

    Costwise, this is a very cheap cell phone repeater from SureCall which is ideal for small houses or apartments with just 1 or 2 rooms of up to 2,500 sq. ft. It is very easy to set up and use. It costs only $299. A Canadian version Flare booster is also available with meets Industry Canada requirements.

  3. Fusion4Home 3G & 4G Signal Booster For Up To 4,000 Ft².

    This is a device which enhances cellular signal strength over an area 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. It boosts voice, text, 3G & 4G LTE data and is compatible with all phones and carriers in North America. This is a more powerful version than SureCall Flare discussed earlier. It is available in various versions depending upon the types of exterior and interior antennae bundled with the kit. A useful lightning surge protector is included free with higher-end signal booster model versions.

  4. Fusion-5s 3G & 4G House & Building Signal Booster For Up To 7000 Sq. Ft.

    This is a reasonably priced cell booster from SureCall which increases wireless reception strength over an area of 6,000 sq. feet. It works very well with all cell phones and carriers in North America.

  5. Home MultiRoom & weBoost Installed Signal Booster For Whole Homes.

    These wireless service boosters from weBoost are the best sellers in their class. They are priced right for their power strength gain capability and the fact the latter includes professional installation service by experienced installer. They are powerful enough to cover practically all homes with good signal strength outside. weBoost Installed for homes is similar but slightly more powerful than Home Multi-Room for homes and businesses, but its purchase also includes professional installation service!


Any of above booster kits may be applicable to you based on your needs and your budget. Call us if you need any assistance. All of above kits boost service by all carriers in USA such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint. They also boost service by all providers in Canada such as Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Telus, and Freedom Mobile.

Being a full service reliable provider of top cell phone repeaters for home, car and commercial use, we handle all medium scale and large scale installations for commercial applications. We have a team of experienced professional installers working for us – all trained and certified to install within the most complex and intricate structures. Our professional installers carry out a site survey and come out with a customized solution based on your requirements.

Either way, installing above DIY installation signal booster kits yourself or having us install commercial grade signal boosting systems - does wonders for your call quality. It also boosts mobile Internet or wireless data speeds. You certainly won't have to worry about your phone conversations getting interrupted in your residential self-owned or rental property, and commercial or industrial workplace.

Call for FREE consultation:


Or submit request for cell phone booster installation which includes site survey, equipment, and installation.

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  • I want a mobile phone signal booster for home because I am sick of dropped calls, feedback, and poor call quality. I’ve been reading home cell phone booster reviews and came across this one. I want a cell phone booster that’s plug and play because I don’t like dealing with antenna (the less work the better). At one point I was looking for the best cell phone booster for rural areas because a close friend was moving to a very rural area. That changed, so now I just want to know about the best cell phone booster. I know there are apps and I’ve read reviews about the best cell phone signal booster apps, but I want a device I can count on, not a flakey app.

    Wayne Thomas on
  • SureCall is known for its ease of implementation and affordability. An increasing number of users are expected by the company, and just as I would always say, it is important to choose a device that is compliant with industry standards.

    Michael Jens on
  • Yes. The attractiveness of these cell phone signal boosters is they work on all cellular carriers. That way, you don’t have to buy a new one if you change your carrier.

    Fred Banko on
  • Great post! Do these work for all cellular carriers?

    Thomas Warren on

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