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Large Area Smart Phone Signal Boosters for Buildings (USA)

Jul 26, 2021

Large Area Smart Phone Signal Boosters for Buildings (USA)

When a large area needs to be covered with cell phone signal in your large USA home or office building, you need a large area smart phone signal booster that has the power to rise to the challenge. The gain of the smartphone booster should ideally be as high as possible for maximum reach, but additional antenna gain will also make a huge difference. The large cell boosters discussed below will provide coverage of between 25,000 and 100,000 square feet depending on the model, kitted configuration (number of interior and exterior antennas used), and exterior signal strength. Please note that professional installation by certified installer(s) is required for installing commercial and industrial grade cell phone signal boosters and amplifiers.

SureCall Fusion5s Home & Building 3G 4G LTE Smart Phone Signal Booster for up to 7k Ft².

The SureCall Fusion5s Home & Building 3G 4G LTE smart phone signal booster for large areas boosts voice, text, 3G, 4G reception of all USA cell providers. Thereby, it reduces dropped and missed calls and improving 3G and 4G data speeds. The device supports multiple wireless devices such as cell phones and mobile 3G and 4G connected tablets at the same time and will cover between 5000 and 7000 sq. ft. of indoor space, depending on antenna options selected and strength of cellular reception available at the best spot outside. It is somewhat comparable to weBoost Connect 4G-X of weBoost Connect series signal boosters.

SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 Building 3G 4G LTE Smartphone Signal Booster for up to 20k Ft²

The SureCall Fusion 5x 2.0 smart phone signal booster for large area including mid-sized buildings and big residences in USA has higher downlink power than previous versions and will not be affected by an excessively strong outside signal which may cause other signal amplifiers to shut down. The device improves 3G and 4G data speeds by boosting voice, text, 3G, 4G reception of all U.S. cell providers, thereby also reducing dropped and missed calls. This product features maximum uplink and downlink power, and reception strength gain, as well as automatic dB gain / attenuation optimization. The stated 20,000 sq. ft. is dependent upon outside mobile reception strength at the best location within peripheral of the large house or building where it is installed.

SureCall Force 5 2.0 3G 4G LTE Smart Phone Signal Booster for 25k to 100k ft².

The SureCall Force 5 (2.0) smart phone signal booster for large areas is the first smart phone signal booster that can be controlled via mobile app. It can improve signal coverage for 25,000 sq. ft. in typical conditions and up to 100,000 sq. ft. in ideal conditions with well-designed system by our certified installers. Each band can be configured independently to function in the most challenging environments. It provides a maximum downlink power of 17 dBm for superior performance. This is the kit with all the bells including built-in remote monitoring system that gives alerts for adjustments needed which can be done online remotely using SureCall's smart phone application.

Wilson Pro 70 465134 (50 Ohm) Heavy Duty Smart Phone Signal Amplifier.

Wilson Pro 70 is a heavy duty commercial large area smart phone signal amplifier kit for very large homes and business office buildings in USA. It is Wilson Electronics' most affordable commercial business signal booster. It is a good alternative in scenarios where less coverage area than industrial grade standard is needed. This 50 Ohm Pro 70 cellular amplifier kit boosts signal for up to 25,000 square feet depending upon strength of wireless reception outside and type of kitted design installed. It comes complete with all the components required for a basic yet complete installation.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus 463127, 463227, 463327 (50 Ohm) Heavy Duty Smart Phone Amplifier.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus is a large area smart phone signal booster for very large homes or commercial buildings. It boosts cell phone signals for in-building coverage up to 50,000 square feet. Signals of all cell providers in USA are boosted by this 5 band amplifier. Cellular coverage can be expanded to more spaces indoors by adding additional 50 Ohm in-building antenna expansion kits suitable for connection to this booster.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select 462127, 462227, 462327 (50 Ohm) Smart Phone Booster Kit.

The Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select (50 Ohm) Commercial Grade Signal Booster Kit is a large area cell phone signal booster for extremely large homes and high square footage tall skyscraper buildings in USA. It has an uplink and downlink power meter and adjustable gain controls for each band. This booster will work with all cellular network providers in USA on all frequency bands. It can boost 2G voice, 3G voice and data, and 4G LTE voice and data. It has been approved by the FCC, and is the most powerful 4G booster currently allowed by the Federal Communication Commission.

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  • One of the salient points here is planning for what happens down the road with your signal. I think most savvy business owners are aware of the importance of preparing for the unforeseen. That includes if you have a passive DAS array installed. As this article explains, you should plan for future unavoidable signal degradations. Otherwise, you won’t get everything you expected with the DAS.

    Irving Schilling on
  • Cell phone signal boosters can do all that with large buildings? I thought they were only for homes and cars. I think it’s time to read some of the other articles here and brush up on this technology.

    Alvaro Allen on
  • There are just so many out there and I don’t know which ones to buy for my home and which ones to buy for my business. As you mention, there are a number of cell phone signal boosters for a number of purposes. All cell phone signal boosters boost existing cell phone signals up to 32 times, making for much better call quality, less or no dropped calls, and other benefits. There are interior cell phone boosters for home and business and exterior cell phone boosters for cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more. Normally, a cell phone booster for your home is going to be just a question of how big your home is and where your signal is the weakest. After you figure that out, you buy the booster for the size of your home and install it. It’s similar with businesses, but you’ll need a professional installer because of FCC requirements. The professional installers can also help you with figuring where the best place is to install the booster, antennas, etc. You’ll find these boosters will help you with your cell phone needs, but check things out, do your research, and you’ll know what’s the best device for your situation.

    Vinnie Torella on
  • How do I know what kind of signal booster to get? There are just so many out there and I don’t know which ones to buy for my home and which ones to buy for my business? Someone care to help…

    Kenny Wallace on
  • Indoor cell phone boosters can range from basic ones for your home to industrial cell phone boosters for factories. There are various cell phone signal boosters for large buildings and it often comes down to your building’s size and layout. From what I’ve read, a professional installer comes in handy here because they know how to survey your site and account for any problems such as certain building materials interfering with a signal, other electronics interfering with a signal, etc. If you plan to purchase a 4G cell phone booster for a building, make sure you get an installer who is familiar with their craft (including government regulations), and has a good reputation.

    Sam Eglington on

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